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Eternal Thief – Chapter 121: Auction Begin Bahasa Indonesia

The vague golden sky was clouded today as the wintery winds were at their peak. It was probably going to be a stormy night.

But the weather didn’t affect the excited masses of Zander City because today was the day of the Beast Calling Auction.

The organization has announced these kinds of auctions in every part of the middle-lands. Because there were many places like zander city which are quite far from their capital and they organize these auctions solely for the seats available for one round trip.

They decided this time precisely because the distance was too great and almost impossible to cross in the remaining time. Well, if they didn’t have any tamed beast that is. Furthermore, staying in the royal capital was not cheap either.

The Beast Calling Colosseum’s entrance was packed, but no one dare to mess around because there were many guards in the organization’s unique uniform and all of them were at the high stage qi foundation realm.

“Please, show us your beast token and you can enter the colosseum. As for the people without a beast token, please don’t block the entrance.” A beautiful slender lady announced with an enigmatic smile on her face. However, a peak qi foundation pressure spontaneously released from her.

Instantly, everyone settles down, and they entered after showing the beast token successfully.

In this vast crowd, there was a young man with plain looks and average height and he was slowly moving towards the entrance of the colosseum.

This young man was certainly Ace in the disguise of Javier.

Ace was full of energy as he gets to relax for three days, but he didn’t neglect his cultivation and rune crafting in these three days.

Besides doing his daily routine, he also strolls around the city and enjoys the jade wine every day since he could only get one bottle per day because of his ‘low’ cultivation.

One thing worth mentioning was Ace now also had a very clear understanding of the middle-lands because there were many historical books on it, three giants included.

Ace felt some relief after confirming; these three giants’ headquarters are in high-lands. This somewhat help him in his dilemma, but he was still hesitant.

“Your beast token, please.” A beautiful lady smiled at Javier.

Javier impassively shows his token to the lady.

“Seat number 64,034, please go straight…” She quickly gives some simple directions to Javier.

Javier nodded and finally enter the large entrance.

Ace had imagined that there would be just a largely empty field in the center, with seats around it, but to his shocked, this was not the case at all.

The colosseum was quite cozy, completely different from the cold climate outside, and the center field was divided into hundred platforms.

There were different numbers on each platform from one to a hundred and inside these hundred platforms, there were different species of flying demonic beasts! These platforms are more like cages.

‘Isn’t that Bloodthirsty Hawk?!’ Ace was shocked when he spotted a thirty-meter completely crimson hawk.

Because this bloodthirsty hawk got the name bloodthirsty because it killed even its kin. This kind of beast in Ace’s eyes was impossible to tame.

‘Ssss… That’s Lightning Wisp Sparrow, Sky Roaming Eagle…’ Ace identify the beasts one by one and was thoroughly shocked.

‘This organization is worthy of its name.’ Ace deemed.

After observing the grand display, Ace quickly follow the directions and finally saw the lane in which his seat was.

In every row of seats, there was a guard of organization.

“Your token?” An old man coldly demands since he was the guard in Ace’s row.

“Here.” Javier again showed it.

“Go, don’t cause any trouble or you’ll be thrown out.” The old man warns with an unfriendly face.

Javier coolly nodded and headed to his seat.

“Here little brother Javier…”

Ace heard a surprisingly familiar voice.

Javier quickly spotted Jason who was waving his hand towards him and didn’t need to find his seat anymore because it was right beside this guy.

Since they have purchased these tokens at the same time, their seats were also together.

Ace wasn’t surprised seeing Jason fine after his encounter with that ‘uncle’.

Jason was in high spirits seeing Javier again.

“Little brother, you’re very cold the other day,” Jason complained after Javier sit beside him.

“It’s a pity you’re still fine.” Javier cussed.

“Hahaha, you jest little brother.” Jason laugh, he didn’t seem to be upset by Javier’s curse, “I have to give that old uncle some ransom to escape…”

Jason explained how he got away from that ‘uncle’ of his.

“You two keep it down or they’ll throw you out.” An old lady sitting beside them warn with a serious face.

“Oh, sorry for causing you trouble.” Jason quickly apologized.

That old lady nodded with a smile and mind her own business after.

‘What an annoying fellow.’ It truly irritated Ace. ‘I wonder what his true goal is.’

“Little brother, what kind of beast do you want to ride?” Since Javier didn’t seem to listen to his story, Jason change the topic with still in high spirit.

“I don’t care as long as they can fly.” Javier coolly replied.

“Heh, little brother’s thinking process is unique.” Jason chuckles. “But first, we have to get a seat. Remembered there are only five thousand of them and there are hundred thousand bidders. If you didn’t have enough qi stones, don’t hesitate to borrow from your brother here.”

Ace wanted to sneer but held himself back after hearing Jason’s generous offer.

At this moment, the whole venue fell in silence, and he found Jason has also shut up.

Because at this moment in the platform that was newly made, enter three people.

One of them was a dignified middle-aged man, as he wore a gentle smile on his face. He was Beast Master of this branch, Aden Peter.

Beside Aden were two beautiful girls in their teens.

“See those two beauties beside that maniac? They are his disciples.” Jason whispered to Javier.

Ace was speechless. ‘How did he know?’

Aden spoke at this moment. “Ladies and gentlemen, the auction is officially starting!”


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