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Eternal Thief – Chapter 123: Beast Calling Auction (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone’s eyes were locked on the very front row of the colosseum.

There sat a youth in lavishing golden robes with black embroidery. He has a very handsome pale face with brown eyes full of vitality and a slim frame.

He was precisely the person who just bid 10,000 low qi stones in an overbearing manner.

“That’s Victor Zander, the youngest son of Earl Patrick Zander!”

Someone in the venue quickly identity the teenager and everyone exclaimed.

“Hehe, the young master of the Zander city is also here, eh.” Jason snickers.

Ace also measured this Victor with great interest and a peculiar glint flash past his eyes.

“Fools, it’s your honor to even laid your eyes on Young Earl. He is the most talented youth in Zander County and he will pass the upcoming test with flying color.” The man who was sitting behind them disdainfully spoke. He was also the one who ridicule the commoners before.

Some nobles also snickered, hearing him as if they were agreeing with him, but the eyes of the surrounding commoner were icy. But no one rebuke him since this was Zander City and it would not be wise to offend them.

“Hehe, bootlickers.” Jason chortled at this moment without looking back.

“Hah.” Now it was the commoners’ turn to sneer.

“Little shit, what did you say??!” The man’s complexion darkens as he released his early foundation cultivation aura.

“Old Uncle, this guy is causing trouble.” Jason instantly yell at the old man who was in charge of their row and still didn’t look at the man.

“Oh?” The old man instantly shifted his eyes on the man.

“M-misunderstanding… I… I-It was just a misunderstanding!” That man quickly becomes a dog from a lion.

“Seat number 6, has bid 10,000 low qi stones, any higher biddings?” Rachel’s voice rang at this moment and everyone looked at the stage again.

“10,000 one, 10,000 two… and…” Rachel scan the crowd but no bid came.

No one wanted to offend the young earl of the city.

“10,000 three! Congratulation for winning the first set, please hold your token high.” Rachel smiles sweetly at Victor.

Victor, who was smiling triumphantly, redded a little seeing the beauty was smiling at him and do as she asks and held the beast’s token high.

Rachel’s smile widens seeing Victor’s reaction. ‘Just a brat in the end.’ She thought.

With no put-off, she pointed her finger towards the beast token, and a white streak rushed towards it.

In the watchful eyes of everyone, a yellow number appeared on Victor’s beast token after absorbing that streak. The token has recorded his purchase!

Ace was astonished and used his runic eyes. Because of Jason, he didn’t get the chance to use them before.

Ace saw many glittering symbols around the colosseum, but they were not as many as the border’s formation that he saw. They were clearly of inferior quality but for him, even they were quite profound!

“It seems they had put quite an effort in this auction.” Jason chuckles. He may be the only one who was not surprised by this.

“Please show it when the auction is over and you’ll receive what you’ve won.” Rachel clarified.

“Now, on to the set number 2 of the fast category. Starting bid is… 1000 low qi stones. Every bid has to be increased by 100 low qi stones or more.” Rachel announced and the second bidding started!

“2000 low qi stones.” Someone instantly raised the price by a thousand.

“10,000… Hah, I’ll be taking this set as well.” Victor didn’t wait this time, and again call a high bid while proudly smiling at Rachel.

Everyone’s expression turns a little ugly, but no one bid.

“Idiot.” Jason comment.

“Indeed.” Ace couldn’t help but agree with Jason on this one, and he was not the only one.

Everyone has guessed that this guy’s age has got the better of him in the end.

‘Heh, how childish.’ Rachel didn’t let her contempt surface as she smiled back at Victor, “This gentleman has again bid 10,000 low Qi stones… any higher bid?”

No further bid was made, and Victor wins the second set as well.

“If you bid again, I’ll break your legs. Don’t embarrass yourself anymore!”

A sweet whispering voice sounded in Victor’s ears just when he was enjoying the glory as he looked at Rachel with eyes full of lust and desire.

All his fantasies immediately shattered when he looked sideways and saw a veiled girl was coldly looking at him with her beautiful watering eyes.

“B-big Sister Skylar, why?” Victor resentfully complain like a scary mouse; all his arrogance was nowhere to be seen anymore.

“You dare to question me?” Skylar coldly said with a threatening look as if she would break his legs.

Victor shook his head and, with a huge resentment shone on his face as he agreed in the end.

“Besides, we didn’t need those fast beasts anymore and father can use them to recruit enough youngsters. We need those fastest ones so save your showing off for them.” In the end, the coldness in her eyes softens as she cheers her brother up, who looked depressed.

Victor might hail as the top genius of Zander county but he knew this was not the case at all. The actual genius was his big sister Skylar Zander, beside him!

But this information is kept secret because some rival household might try to assassinate her and Victor was the scapegoat. His talent here was astonishing, but it was just above average in the capital. However, his sister was different because of her secret!

That’s why the earl doted on her the most and sent her here in his place since she was quite sharp and can handle the situations. Like the one that she just managed.

Some people who were observing Victor also noticed his attitude shifts and astonished while looking at the veiled girl beside him.

One of those observers was Ace as well. He also notices the change in Victor’s mood because he was in the range of his soul sense and turned his focus on the veiled girl.

‘Oh, this soul fluctuation.’ Ace narrowed his eyes as he looked at the girl, ‘What an interesting place this truly is.’

A smile creeped out on his face!1


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