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Eternal Thief – Chapter 119: Beast Calling Colosseum Bahasa Indonesia

Ace looked at the gigantic edifice covered almost a mile, with bewilderment. He never would have thought there was such a structure in this city.

“Hahaha, little brother Javier seems quite surprised.” Jason chortled. “Isn’t it majestic?”

“It is.” Javier answer subconsciously.

“Rumor has it, the headquarter of beast calling organization is a hundred times larger than this branch.” Jason chuckles. “And you’ll find this kind of colosseum in every large city like Zander.”

‘These ancient sects are filthy rich.’ Ace’s eyes were opened today.

“Wait until you see those tamed beasts. You’ll understand why they need such a structure.” Jason pursed his lips in a mysterious smile.

They walk towards the Colosseum entrance, which was rather packed.

“They are taking advantage of us!”

At this moment, a heavy yell sounded from the large entrance.

The middle-aged man was short and wearing lavish garments and had a proud bearing. He was noble.

“Shh… If you want to die than die alone, why are you dragging me!?” The man next to him quickly put some distance from that man while sweating.

“So, what? They’re charging one thousand low Qi stones… just for a seat in the auction!” The angry man didn’t back down at all and raised his voice further.

Now even the passers-by quickly put a large distance from that man’s post hastily.

“He’s dead,” Jason whispered with a hint of confidence in his voice.

Javier’s eyes narrowed in a slit as he looked at the man.

“Oh, did this friend have any complaints?” A jeering, high pitch voice sounded at this moment.

Everyone looked at the owner of this voice and saw a tall sturdy middle-aged man in his forties, dignifiedly walking out from the entrance.

He was wearing a light blue uniform embroidery with a Golden-Winged Snake insignia. There was also a silver horn on the snake’s forehead.

‘What kind of beast it is?’ Ace wonder. He never sees this kind of beast in books.

“See that man in the unique robes and that winged snake? This is a beast tamer, and that symbol represents the Beast Calling Organization.” Jason murmured, “The show is finally starting.”

“Damn right I have a problem!” The angry man didn’t seem to notice everyone’s dreadful expressions.

“Oh, please elaborate freely.” The beast tamer smiles genteelly even after reprimanding by that man.

But Ace instantly senses a well-hidden Qi fluctuation from that gentle middle-aged man and grimace, ‘An Empty River Cultivator!’

Ace vigilance towards these giants rose another level because a Qi River cultivator was very rare in middle lands and most of them were in the first-grade kingdoms or Kings of third-grade kingdoms!

But this mere branch in the third-grade kingdom has one. How could he not be stunned?

The man was about to shout again, but something happened that stunned everyone. A white foam flows from that man’s mouth as his eyes lose their luster.


The sound of that man collapsing on the floor resounded in the silent area.

“Oh my, this friend seems ill. Someone please escort him out and treat him. Our organization will pay all the expenses.” The middle wore a surprised expression as if he was shocked.

Everyone in the crowd knows this dreadful beast tamer has killed this man mysteriously without lifting a finger, but no one dares to say anything. They didn’t want to end up like that corpse.

The beast tamer glance at the man, who has come with that ‘sick’ man as he smiles knowingly.

That man was ashen and knew what this smile means. He quickly took his friend’s corpse and even thanks to the beast tamer as he wore a forced smile.

“My name is Aden Peter, and I’m the Beast Master of this Beast Calling Colosseum.” Aden introduces himself in a gentle tone. “I was just passing by when I heard the ruckus, but that friend wasn’t able to tell me his grievance. Such a pity.”

Aden shakes his head as if he felt sorry for that ‘sick’ guy, “But don’t worry we’re a fair and upright organization and if you have any complaints, anyone can come to me directly I’ll make sure you get justice.”

Aden solemnly said, “Now, please continue to your business and the first auction will start in three days as planned.”

Aden left nonchalantly after speaking his piece.

Everyone in the area takes a massive sigh of relief. That guy was a maniac and who would dare to complain after seeing the result of the first one.

“What did I tell you.” Jason chuckles lightly, “He just kill a chicken to scare the monkeys”

‘More like displaying his prowess.’ Ace thought. He might be the only one who felt what has happened.

Everyone knows what that man just did, but no one dare to speak up and they even force themselves to believe in that man’s lie. This is what power means.

‘Sigh…’ A sigh escaped Javier’s mouth.

“What are you sulking about? Let’s go. We have to get those seats, or do you want to complain as well?” Jason joke.

Javier rolled his eyes and follow Jason.

Just as Jason said after Aden killed that man, no one complain about the sky-high price of the seat in the auction.

The price of one thousand low Qi stones was quite high for folks in this place, but there were still buyers.

After all, the chance of getting in the test was much greater than this insignificant price and this was only the first auction out of three.

There were a hundred thousand seats and only forty-thousand of them left when Ace and Jason’s turn come.

The receptionist was a beautiful girl in the same light blue uniform they saw early.

Jason also has a storage ring, and he pays with fragment qi stones, the same goes for Ace.

Ace was looking at the palm-size square token in his hand. It was light blue and had the same winged snake logo on it and a seat number was engraved on his token. He also felt something different.

‘This token is not simple.’ Ace couldn’t help but use his runic eyes and just as he thought, there was a mysterious array engrave on it.

‘Rich bastards..’ Ace smiled bitterly.


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