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Since this was the question of wealth, Ace wasn’t bothered anymore.

He asked something about what he just heard, “This beast calling organization tells me about it and what is this Myriad Pill Flame Auction? Is it that big?”

Ace knew this guy’s knowledge was deep and took advantage of it.

Jason was bewildered seeing Javier’s calm attitude even after hearing about the shortage of tame beast and asking this meaningless question.

“You didn’t know about Three Giants?” Jason barks in surprise.

“What, three giants?” Javier confusingly looked at Jason.

“I thought you were from some big noble household and you didn’t even know about three giants?” Jason pursed his lips into a mysterious smile.

“Does it matter?” Javier narrowed his eyes as he wore a confused expression.

“Of course it matters. If someone knows you didn’t even know about three giants, they will laugh at you and call you country bumpkin!” Jason sternly said, “Since we are friends I’ll tell you so you don’t embrace me.”

Javier rolled his eyes.

“Three Giants are three organizations, Pill Flame, Beast Calling, and Nightmare Ghosts!

“These three giants are all around the high and middle lands, especially high lands!

“Pill Flame Organization controlled every medicinal herb, alchemists, crafters, rune crafters. The Myriad Pill Flame Auction is also held by this organization every three years. But only in the high lands. They had little connection below first-grade lands, though.

“However, its auction reputation is so great that almost everyone in the middle-lands knows about it.

“Beast Calling Organization controlled these Beast Tamers. They are as rare as an alchemist, but only this organization has a method to nurture a beast tamer while you can still find techniques about alchemy in the top ten kingdoms.

“As for Nightmare Ghosts Organization, they call themselves the traders of death! Simply put, this is an organization of deadly assassins, and no one knows how to join this organization.

“But everyone knows how to hire an assassin from this organization. This is the scariest organization of three because if they accept the contract, then the target was hundred percent dead!

“No matter where the target hides, they will find it and hunt it down. The target would never even see them coming. That’s why they call themselves Nightmare Ghost.” Jason gravely said.

Ace swallowed hard, especially after hearing about this Nightmare Ghost Organization reputation!

Ace has some shallow knowledge about this Pill Flame Organization because of Vance’s storage ring and knew Vance was an Azure Alchemist. But it was very vague, and he didn’t think this organization was so powerful that it controlled such a force and resources.

He suddenly remembered finding an Azure Pill Insignia in Vance’s belongings and he tossed it to the side and paid little attention to it and thought it was something useless.

However, now, ‘That think might have some great use!’

“Are there any other organizations like these three?” Javier asked with great interest.

“Others?” Jason snorted. “Do you know the background of these three organizations?”

“I won’t be asking you if I know, right?” Javier said impassively.

“Hehe, no one dares to mess with them, you know why?

“Even after Pill Flame controlled the largest resources below royal lands and beast calling controls beat taming techniques and skills. But no one ever attempts to swindle or steal from them.

“Even when Nightmare Ghost once killed an emperor, that empire didn’t even dare to yap!

“This all because these three organizations represent three ancient sects!” Jason’s tone was stiff when he mentions ancient sects.

Ace’s heart sank when he heard it, ‘Didn’t that old ghost say there was only one sect?! Where these three came from and why are they interfering with these mundane affairs?’

Ace has many questions, but no one can answer even one of them. He has thought that the ancient sect would probably be aloof and didn’t interact with lower lands, but it was not the case at all.

Now he even doubted Empty Dream’s story.

If these three ancient sects were active in lower lands, then he has to change his plans completely and thought twice about becoming famous and robbing pill shops!

‘If that old man was from this pill flame organization, he might already disclose the information about the blood rose! And if they found out that I’m still alive, they will hunt me to no end!’

Before Ace thinks it won’t be a big deal if that old man and that woman find out that he was alive, since this land of kingdoms is so big, they can’t possibly find him. But now, if he mixes the organization established by an ancient sect, everything changed!

The important point was he manage to escape the deadly formation which will make them even more determined to hunt him.

‘Damn it, why I am so unlucky!’ Ace thought with a huge grievance in his heart

Jason returned to his cheerful self as he looked at Javier, who seem to be in deep thought, “What are thinking about?”

Ace finally snapped out of his complex thoughts, but his mood was sullen.

“When is the auction?” Javier asked, showing no disturbances.

“In three days, in the Beast Calling Branch because it is the only place that can hold hundred thousand people!” Jason said while smiling, “But we have to buy a token for entering first and it won’t be cheap either.”

“Then, do you know where is branch is?” Javier asked.

Jason nodded, “Follow me.”

‘This guy is quite handy to have.’ Ace thought

The two of them leisurely walk in the direction of the Beast Calling Organization’s branch and the closer they get the crowded it became.

Ace was amazed because he never saw these many people in a single place before and all of them were cultivators!

He also notices this city was at least three times larger than Luminous City.

“Hehe, here we are,” Jason said playfully.

Ace looked in the direction where Jason was pointing and was astonished because there was a giant colosseum in front of him!


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