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Eternal Thief – Chapter 120: Ace’s Dilemma Bahasa Indonesia

It was already night, but the zander city was still active as day because of the upcoming auction.

After getting the token, Ace simply wanted to rest since he was traveling nonstop and now he has three days before the auction. As for anything else, he would think about it after recuperating.

But Jason has a completely different plan in mind. “Little Brother Javier, how about we go to Jade Pavilion and enjoy their fine wine? Trust me, this wine is famous throughout the lower lands.”

Ace couldn’t help but think, ‘This name sounds kind of familiar.’ He finally remembered.

Javier asks with a bewildered look, “This wine you talking about is called the Jade Wine?”

“Oh, you know about the jade wine?” Jason was surprised, “If you know about the jade pavilion then you ought to know about the pill flame organization, after all, this jade pavilion is their business.”

“What?” Javier showed a dumbfounded face. “This jade pavilion is also theirs?”

“Why, of course!” Jason said. “You’ll find a jade pavilion in every large city like Zander.”

Ace was now really confused, ‘Why is this organization open a branch in low lands? Is it because of Luminous Kingdom? No, there is something more than meets the eye.’ He mused.

“It seems little brother has some encounter with the jade pavilion but didn’t know their actual origin,” Jason concluded with a smile on his face.

“Yes, I had once dined there.” Javier nodded.

Before Jason would speak any further, a raucous voice sounded at this moment from behind.

“Little runt, I finally found you!”

Both of them turn around and saw it was the same short temper man they had encountered at the city gate or, more precisely, the man whom Jason make fun of.

“Oh, if it isn’t uncle.” Jason beam as if he didn’t notice the sharp glance of that man.

“Still acting cockily, eh.” The man sneers while coldly looking at Jason. He shifted his eyes to Javier. “Boy, are you with him?”

“I’m not.” Javier coolly answered as he walked away from Jason without turning back.

“It seems your friend has already abandoned you.” The man scoffs disdainfully at Jason. He didn’t have any intention of stopping Javier, though.

Jason pursed his lips. “Hah, Uncle, are you going to cause trouble in the territory of beast calling colosseum?” He didn’t seem to phase by Javier’s departure.

The man’s expression stiffened. No matter how bold he was, even he didn’t dare to show his temper here.

“No matter what, boy, you’re coming with me, or I don’t mind dragging you.” The man smiles coldly with narrowing eyes.

If it was someone else at the fourth qi gate realm, they would be scared silly after seeing an early foundation realm expert blocking their way, but it was not the case for Jason.

“Fine, let’s have a chat somewhere else.” Jason shakes his head helplessly and casually walked away with the angry man.

Ace watched all this scene play with his heavenly sense and his lips curled, ‘Poor guy.’

Now that he was alone again, he found an inn to recuperate. As for going to the Jade Pavilion, it would be a lie if he said he wasn’t tempted to go when he remembers the taste of jade wine.

But restrain himself since he was not at an optimal condition and didn’t want to take risks just because of mere wine.

On his way, he saw many inns, but to his surprise; they were all full, and this made me a little irritated.

‘This auction is a huge matter, I wonder if I should steal their qi stones?’ Ace truly wanted to because the amount would be huge, but shake his head bitterly, ‘It’s too soon to alert anyone, especially when these three giants are present.’

First, his soul-shattering eyes skill was a double-edged sword, and he still knew little about rune crafting.

Second, the qi stones were probably low-level qi stones, and they were of little use to him, even if he stole them. The only thing he would get from all this is TP.

Lastly, he would alert too many big shots and also gain a colossal enemy, Beast Calling Organization!

Ace didn’t want to tangle with these three giants, not until he was confident in escaping from them or it was necessary, and he had no other choice.

‘Damn it, I also need EXP!’ Ace sulkily thought, ‘Let’s mull it over before reaching the capital.’ He was in a dilemma.

In his thought, Ace finally found an almost full inn.

He didn’t get a lavishing room, but he didn’t care about this plain one either.

Ace sits comfortably on the soul bedding and sighed with satisfaction, “Finally some peace.” He mumbles with a smile on his face.

In a dark alleyway of Zander City,

Two silhouettes were standing there. One of them was tall and slim while the other one was a head shorter but sturdily built.

These two were exactly Jason and that man who lead him here with no concern for Jason’s will.

Jason coolly looked around and ask with a smile, “Now what uncle? Wanted to kill me inside an Earl’s City?”

“I don’t know just where that cocky attitude of yours came from, but I’m not afraid of killing you even if this is the capital city!” The man answered coldly.

“Ah, another one of those rotten noblemen, I presumed,” Jason asserts.

“Boy, you dare to call a noble rotten?” The man instantly released his cultivation base aura.

But to that man’s surprise, Jason didn’t even flinch despite his meager cultivation.

“Sigh… So, what if called you nobles rotten? It’s not a lie.” Jason sighed in disappointment, “You even let my scapegoat go, that’s why your punishment is death.”

The man’s eyes contracted as his heart sank to rock bottom because he suddenly felt a mountain-like pressure coming from non-other than the young man in front of him!


Before he could speak a full word, a silver beam brush past his jaw, and the next moment half of his head was rolling on the floor!


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