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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 934: Leaving the Dao Mountain Bahasa Indonesia

Godslayer was stirred awake inside of Alex as he felt the aura that permeated throughout the world outside.

He could feel the death of Dao slowly settling onto Alex as he learned it and couldn’t help but be both surprised, and confused.

Death was half of what he was, while Darkness was the other half. So, he was very attuned to the Death aura, which only made him question the situation even more.

‘When did this kid learn about death?’. After a while, the aura disappeared, and Godslayer went back to sleep.

Alex opened his eyes to the stunned look of the elders. They were always stunned when he opened his eyes after learning Dao these days, but this time it was a little different.

They weren’t just stunned, they were scared.

“Young man, what did you learn?” one of the ancestors asked.

“I… learned another Dao, senior,” Alex said.

“No bullshit this time please,” Elder Xuan said. “We need to know what that aura was.”

Alex frowned. These people were entirely too serious about this one particular Dao for some reason when they kept their mouths shut for the last 7.

“It’s the Dao of Death, dealing with Death aura,” Alex said.

“Death aura?” elder Xuan asked.

Alex nodded. “It appears around people or animals, or sometimes even plants that are slowly dying,” he said.

“Ohhhh… so that’s what it was,” one of the elders said.

The other ancestors nodded as well.

“What was what?” Alex asked.

“Nothing. We should leave now. The time is over,” the elders said.

Alex thought of further asking some questions but it didn’t look like they would be answering.

“Yes, let’s leave,” Alex said and stood up. Pearl turned into a bunch of light and disappeared back into his beast space.

“How’d you do it?” Liz asked as she got out of the hot spring as well. “How’d you manage to learn 8 different Dao in a single month?”

“I had prepared in the Ancient Battlefield for the last 2 years, and I was waiting for this time,” Alex said.

“Hmm… I see,” Liz said. “Well, congratulations. You’d make your parents proud.”

Liz ruffled his hair and pat him on the back.

The girl who had kept Whisker had stayed behind, waiting for them to come down. Alex thanked her and wanted to give her something in return, but the only thing he could give her was pills, and that was not something he could randomly pull out in this situation.

So, he had to let her leave empty-handed.

They walked down the slope, with the elders continuously trying to make Alex come with them so they could show him how great their sect was, but Alex refused.

For the foreseeable future, he would stay with his aunt in the Blazing Earth sect.

And as it just so happened, the sect was right below the volcanic mountains with the Fire aura and treasures where Alex could improve his Fire Spiritual roots.

And just above that was Silvermoon city, which was just below the Ancient battlefield.

The Blazing Earth Sect was also very close to the Intercontinental Teleportation formation, which he wanted to check out on his own.

When they walked out, the old woman that was his aunt’s master, whom he knew was named Tai Guan, immediately took him and her disciple onto a small flying ship and took off.

She did not want to spend a single moment more in which time the other old foggies would try and dissuade Alex from remaining in the Blazing Earth sect too long or even make him stop going there altogether.

Alex could only chuckle when he saw that. He said his farewell as they were leaving, and soon he was far away from the Dao mountain.

“Alright, tell me now. Where were you all this time?” Liz asked.

Alex contemplated on whether to answer with the old woman watching, but he decided to do so anyway.

“I was in the Western Continent all this time, which is why you never saw me before this,” Alex said.

“Ah, right. You were on the Western Continent? How did you get here?” she asked. The old woman also listened curiously. As far as she knew, there should have been no way for him to travel here.

“I accidentally triggered a teleportation formation while running away from some people trying to kill me, and ended up here for some reason. I’m trying to search for a way back, but the only thing I have come up with is the Intercontinental Teleportation formation, but I’m not sure if anyone can use it or not. I hear it costs a lot of resources,” Alex said.

He looked at the old woman, trying to discern her expressions to see what she thought.

“Oh, people were trying to kill you? Are you okay?” Liz asked with a concerned tone in her voice.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Alex said. “I managed to escape successfully.”

“Good,” Liz said. “You don’t have to worry about them now. You’re here, and you can stay here forever. Forget about the Western Continent.”

Alex gave an awkward smile. “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” he said. “Mother should be waiting for me back in the Western Continent.”

Liz’s eyes went wide. “You found your mother?” she asked.

“Yes,” Alex said. “About 10 years ago. Have you not found anyone?”

Liz’s eyes teared up. “At least you found sister, Helen. Your father would be able to take care of himself, but your mother would have trouble. It is good that you found her so fast,” she said.

Alex looked at his aunt. “Have you not found anyone? What about uncle Rob?” he asked.

Liz shook her head. “I neither found Rob, nor Hannah. I have been stuck here for the last 16 years, with no one. I finally found you. I hope the others are doing well,” she said.

“Hmm, I don’t know about Uncle Rob, but from what I heard, Sister should be doing fine. Apparently, she was doing well enough to appear on a TV show,” Alex said.

“Oh, did she?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, mother told me. She said she watched the TV show multiple times before preparing to come here,” Alex said. “She also said that sister is in the Eastern Continent.”

“What?!” Liz’s eyes went wide. “You know where Hannah is?”

Liz immediately turned towards the old woman. “Master! Can we go to the Eastern Continent any time soon?” she asked.

The old woman, who had been listening to the conversation, frowned. “We can’t,” she said. “You’re too weak, and I’m too old to fly alone. And we can’t take many of the sect members, so we’re not going.”

“But master, it’s my daughter. I need to find her,” Liz said.

“We can’t. It’s just impossible right now,” the old woman said. “You can go when you’re strong enough on your own. Besides, how will you even find your daughter in the Eastern continent? It may be small, but the Eastern Continent is the most densely populated continent of all, with only a small land dedicated to the Kings of beasts. We don’t even know if your daughter is alive or not.”

“Of course she’s alive,” Liz shouted back. “Look at me, and look at my nephew. Do you think my daughter will be any less capable?”

The old woman wanted to say something, but she couldn’t. There was no retort to that, not after what she had seen.

“I’m sorry, Zhumei, I can’t do anything about it. You’ll have to become strong to do so yourself,” the old woman said.

“Don’t worry, aunt Liz. I will soon find a way to go back to the Western Continent. Once I do, I’m certain I’ll find a way to the Eastern Continent as well. Besides, I need to go to the Southern Continent as well,” Alex said.

“You do?” Liz wiped her tears as she spoke. “Why?”

“Because Father might be there,” Alex said.

Liz’s eyes widened. “You know where your father is too?” she asked.

“I’m all but certain at this point,” Alex said. He turned towards the old woman and asked, “Senior, do you know any place that is a desert and also lacks Qi?”

The old woman didn’t even have to think. “No, that’s the Southern Continent for sure. More accurately, the Wastelands. If it’s anywhere, it’s there for sure.”

Alex nodded. There was no information about the Forbidden Fields having any humans appearing there. Alex had even scoured the land not long ago, and found not a single human bone there, aside from the old man that he killed.

His father must’ve been sent to the Southern Continent after all.

‘I need to find a way for sure,’ he thought.

“So you found brother and sister-in-law. And now I know where Helen is too. If only I could find Rob too,” Liz said.

“I’m sure you will find him soon, Aunt Liz,” Alex said. “I will help you find him.”

“Yes, I don’t have any doubts,” she said.

The group flew through the high mountains, before slowly approaching the lowlands with fewer and fewer mountains, which got even more flatlands as it went along.

Alex and Liz talked for a while about their life, before Alex eventually got curious and asked, “Your Dao, it’s time-related right?”

“Yes, it’s time-related,” she said.

Alex had guessed it, but it still came as a surprise. “How did you do it? How did you learn the time dao? I must say, it was very similar to how the Ancient Battlefield feels like.”

Liz chuckled a bit. “Of course it would, silly. That’s where I learned the Time dao after all.”


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