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The Saint realm cultivators were scared. The aura they felt was not something they had ever felt before, and it terrified them.

They tried to peek into the mysteries behind the Dao that fell, but what they instead ended up with was doubt as to if the Dao they had learned themselves was real or not given that it was nowhere as vast as the mysteries behind the one Alex was learning.

Even Pearl was forced to wake up and move aside as the Dao all fell on Alex.

His clothes whipped, his hair astray, and yet his face remained calm and in deep thought. He found out questions he hadn’t even known existed, and understood the answers to them too.

Slowly, the wall that stopped him from peering fully into the Dao crumbled and now he was thoroughly looking at the major dao.

The world remained as it was for many days before it finally started letting up.

A small smile formed on Alex’s face as he learned the amalgamation of all fire-related Daos, the True Fire Dao.

Alex let out a deep breath as the worldly laws finally left him and the world returned to normal. He then took a deep breath and continued understanding the True Fire Dao.

He now had the ability to create, use, manipulate, and destroy fire and anything related to fire as he wished, and the world would help him do so.

Once he learned the dao, he mulled on it for a bit longer.

The saint elders looked at him and got abnormally serious all of a sudden.

“He’s learned 7 dao in a single month,” one of them said using their spiritual sense. Every one of the ancestor-level figures heard him.

“Even this little girl doesn’t have that much potential,” the red-robed female ancestor replied back.

“Do you think that perhaps he can help us?” another elder asked.

“This is something we will have to seriously consider. If we hide him well, he could be our savior,” another elder said.

“He’s only entered the Saint realm recently. It will take a long time for him to successfully help us,” another elder said.

“Brother Wu, does your Heaven’s Frost sect have any good alchemist that can help us? The young man will need a lot of help,” someone said.

The man named Wu frowned. “Our Alchemists aren’t the best. They can barely make any good pills,” he said.

“We don’t have any alchemists either,” another person said.

“Sister Xuan did the same as us and outright forbid Alchemy from being passed down, so we don’t have any good alchemists either,” the green-robed elder said.

“The young man doesn’t need any good alchemists. He only needs good resources. I’m sure he can grow on his own,” elder Xuan said.

She was frowning on the inside now that she had seen the terrifying potential hidden in Alex. ‘Why the hell did he have to be an alchemist? Such a good one at that too?’

“Send him to our sect. We will help him grow,” the elder from the Nether Poison sect said.

“Later,” the red-robed elder said. “He’s my disciple’s nephew, so I assume he’s going to come with us for now.”

“Speaking of which, why is he wearing a black robe, sister Xuan? Is he not your disciple?” Another elder asked.

“No longer,” Elder Xuan replied. “He left the sect 2 years ago. He’s only been using our name to remain out of trouble.”

“So, we can have him join our sect right?” another elder said. Suddenly, everyone’s eyes narrowed with greed.

Having a unified aid to help him grow so he could help them was one thing, but if they could also keep him afterward… that was just the cherry on top.

Alex slowly opened his eyes to see 7 different pairs staring back at him.

“What did you do, young man? That was quite the commotion” the Blazing Earth sect’s woman asked.

“I… learned a dao, of course,” Alex said.

“Yeah, but which one? I’ve never seen such an intense Dao before,” Another elder said.

“It was a sort of combined Dao,” Alex said. “Made by mixing two different Daos, which was why you probably found it the way you did.”

The saints desperately wanted to know what two Dao Alex had combined, but they didn’t voice it as that was not something one could ask so easily.

“Somehow, our time here was both wasted and worth it this time around,” one of the blue-robed elders said.

“Yeah, I haven’t even managed to fall into a trance yet,” another elder said.

“Still, we did get to see what is it now, 7 different Dao at the same time,” the next elder said.

“Well, it’s time to leave now,” elder Xuan said.

“Yes, it is,” the others said. “Would you like you to leave with us, young man?”

“Is it time already?” Alex asked. He had been so invested in learning Dao that he had forgotten every concept of time.

“It’s been 28 days. We only have 2 more days, so we are leaving,” Liz said.

“28 days… I didn’t realize,” Alex said. He felt amused at how easily time had passed. “We still have 2 more days right?”

“Yes,” the elders said. “But there is not much scent remaining in the pool anymore, and it’s impossible to learn a Dao in just 2 days.”

Alex smiled. “I would like to stay until the very end then. If seniors are going to leave, then farewell.”

The Saints that were about to walk out, stopped. “Wait, what do you mean you want to try again? There are only 2 days left. Do you think you can learn more Dao?” one of them asked.

“I can always try,” Alex said. He wasn’t confident about most Dao, but he was confident regarding a single one he had been pushing back for a long time.

“If that is so then we will wait and see how far you go,” the elders said and didn’t leave.

“I am really curious if you can learn 8 Daos at once now,” another elder said and sat back down in the hot spring.

Alex closed his eyes and began his process to learn another Dao. This time, he had a hard time falling into an assisted trance as there was almost no scent remaining in the mountain anymore. It had all been used up.

However, Alex didn’t need a scent to fall into trance for this one. Previously, thanks to the scent and assisted trance, his mind had wandered on its own, thinking of whatever it wanted to.

However, now that he was without any trance, Alex could think of whatever he wanted. And he knew exactly what he wanted to think about.

His mind fell into a trance on its own as Alex began thinking about the day 3 years ago.

The day when he died 100 times.

This was a traumatic event for Alex, one that he had tried to keep at bay ever since he had obtained the Undying inheritance.

The pain he felt when his body burned alongside the lava, the horror of suffocating under molten rocks, and the terror of death was a feeling he would rather never remember feeling.

Or at least, that was his thought previously. His will had strengthened from the repeated deaths, such that he could hold on to his thought even when multiple memories invaded him.

Still, the thought of having died had terrified him, and what terrified him more was that he understood it.

He understood what death was. To lose your body, to lose your spirit, to lose your soul.

Death was the end, and he has seen it. Both by himself, and through the memories of the First Undying god.

He avoided thinking about death as much as he could, as that was not something he thought he could handle thinking about. However, after improving his Intent for so long, his will had improved as well, and he knew he could handle it all now.

So, he revisited the night he died, he revisited the memories of all the Undying gods and their constant death and revival.

Half a day later, the Saint realm cultivators remained stunned as the worldly laws dropped once again, dark and terrifying.

The few ancestors felt the aura that to them meant the signal for something. When the worldly law left after some more time, Alex had done it.

He had learned the Dao of Death.


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