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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 935: Liz’s Story Bahasa Indonesia

“You learned the Time Dao in the Ancient Battlefield?” Alex asked curiously.

“Yeah,” Liz said. “I went there about a dozen years ago and managed to learn it. Well, I didn’t learn the Dao exactly, but more so just the mysteries. I had to come to the Dao Mountain actually to be able to learn the dao.”

Alex nodded in understanding, but he was still confused. Given how similar both his aunt’s dao was and the Ancient Battlefield’s environment, he came to understand that his aunt did in fact learn the Dao from there.

But the question still remained. How? He wasn’t wondering how she learned the dao, but rather how she understood the aura.

After all, as far as he understood, Time and Space were not something one could easily sense, let alone look into its mysteries.

“How did you sense Time Dao’s aura in there?” he asked. “I never felt anything like that.”

“I’m a special case in that regard,” Liz said.

“Special case?” Alex was even more curious now.

“Yes,” Liz said. “Remember how I never aged?”

Alex nodded. That was after all one of the things his Aunt was rather famous for— Staying in her 20s even when she entered her 40s.

“Turns out, the reason is that I have a special body constitution,” she said.

“I would’ve guessed that even if you didn’t say it,” Alex said. After all, his father’s side of the family was what gave him his current body constitution. “Wait, is your body related to time?”

“Yes,” Liz said excitedly. “The game said it’s called something like Profound Temporal Celestial body. It’s a Celestial grade body.”

“A celestial grade?!” Alex’s eyes went wide. That was quite good. In fact, it was the same grade as his. “Temporal… so you have a connection to time through your body, huh?”

“It seems so,” Liz said. “I only found out after I went into the Ancient Battlefield and could sense that there was something wrong with it. I realized that whoever was responsible for that situation was a very high-ranking Immortal with an incredible understanding of the time dao.”

“And more likely than not, when he was about to die, he used his Dao of Temporal Stagnation to slow down everything around him to a crawl. He was successful, but he must’ve died in the process.’

“So, the world in there is still stagnated, while here outside it’s moving normally,” Liz said. “It should stop soon… but from the perspective of everything caught in the Temporal Stagnation, soon is still a very long time later.”

“I see,” Alex nodded to himself as things started making some sense. He understood why Ancient Battlefield was the only battlefield since ancient times that remained, and he understood why his Aunt was able to learn the Time Dao.

The only thing that still remained unanswered was why he was able to learn Space dao. In fact, now that he thought about it, why were both he and Pearl able to feel the space aura?

Was it really because he spent a lot of time inside the Beast realm, and thus they were both able to sense the aura? Or was there a better answer to his confusion?

Alex had no way of finding out at the moment, so he stopped thinking about it and looked outside the ship at the scenery that passed by.

He called out both Pearl and Whisker, who he introduced to his aunt, and continued talking to her about her life here on this continent. As for his own life, he kept as much as he could to himself. He didn’t want the old woman to learn too much.

The environment changed slowly. From snow-filled mountains to snow-filled plains, the land changed a lot, and as they went further, the snow slowly melted too.

Liz talked about how she came to be where she was.

When she first played the game, she had arrived at one of the southern cities of the State of Re.

After arriving, she had found herself a small sect to join, and cultivated there until she was strong enough.

She took part in a competition under her elder’s orders and was there scouted by the Blazing Earth sect, whose elders were the guest in the competition.

She had then gone to the Blazing Earth sect and had become its disciple for a few months until the old woman had found her during one of her years when she left closed cultivation.

Liz’s body was good, but her talents weren’t that far off either. Even at the worst, being a pure-blooded human, she would be very talented.

However, as luck would have it, she had a Divine grade talent as per the system she checked it through.

With her body helping her too, she was able to quickly rise through her cultivation realms until she caught the old woman’s eyes.

It was only after the old woman properly looked at her cultivation base and told her to stop improving so quickly did Liz finally stop and worked on building her foundation better.

One of the things she had to do for that was to enter the Ancient Battlefield and improve inside.

Fortunately, she was able to gain a rather large insight into a dao, which made the old woman take her disciple to the Dao mountain.

After that, Liz defeated the others to find herself a spot there, entered the Dao mountain until she reached the top, and gained her first-time dao.

After that, she continued to improve. She was given all the resources in the sect, and it didn’t take long before she was ready to break through.

Having had precedence, Liz went to a different section of the sect where no one would be around and broke through to the Saint realm despite her inner demons and the lightning tribulations.

After that, she was the sect’s greatest talent and as such was still spoiled to this very day.

Alex couldn’t help but smile at how easy his aunt had. His mother had it easy as well.

Now, he hoped the rest of his family had it easy too.

The scenery changed even further as the mountains continued to disappear even further, only rarely appearing anymore. The snow was all but patches on the ground, and the sun shined through the clouds brightly.

The more south they went, the hotter it got. As such, after a few more hours, Alex stopped seeing snow completely.

It was at the same time that he realized that he had entered the State of Re, the only state in the entire Northern Continent where it didn’t snow the whole time.

Night had fallen by now, and he could see some volcanic mountains in the distance. In fact, it was a bunch of them. 12 to be exact.

“Is that where the 13th Volcanic mountain lies?” Alex asked.

The old woman didn’t even look as she nodded. “Yes,” she said.

“I hear entering it is free. Do you think I can go in?” he asked.

“Of course,” the old woman said. “I remember sensing Fire dao amongst the ones you learned. You must wish to learn more in there, huh? Don’t worry, after we return to the sect, I will arrange for someone to take you there.”


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