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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 932: Some More Dao Bahasa Indonesia

Dao of Fire gave one a very keen sense of fire. Not only could one understand any and every fire, they could also locate any Fire element treasure that was around them.

Furthermore, it also gave them the ability to create any type of fire they desired.

Alex was amazed when he learned that part of the reason why he had never managed to learn a Dao of Fire, despite working with Fire almost every day was that he never truly understood what Fire as an element really was.

While Fire was a singular element, it was rarely that way in real life. Every treasure, material, or ingredient that was said to have a Fire element in it would always in some capacity hold the rest of the ingredients as well.

Otherwise, if it was just Fire, it would be highly reactive and would combine with whatever other energy was around it.

Pearl’s knowledge of Metal came from his instinct and bloodline, allowing him to know these things instinctively. However, as a Human, Alex had to learn it.

He had known this fact before, but he rarely gave it a thought. However, after learning what he had learned recently, the fresh knowledge helped him understand the intricacies of fire.

And if he was to go by the same knowledge for Metal too then…

The Worldly laws that had left just moments prior returned once again, shocking every single one that was trying to fall into a trance but had to wake up because of the commotion.

Even Liz was surprised when she saw her nephew bring down the heavenly laws twice in a single day.

Alex sat there in a trance, oblivious of the commotion he was causing, and swiftly learned the Dao of Metals because of how similar the two of them were.

His mind naturally tried to move on to Earth, Wood, and Water, but he simply hadn’t had enough interaction with these element or didn’t have enough knowledge about their properties.

So, once he was unable to think much, Alex’s mind wandered once more.

It drifted through the many knowledge, searching for something to grasp onto, some pathway to walk down on.

It wasn’t long before he found one.

His eyes had never seen it, but his mind saw what lay in front of him.

A man stood with a sword in his hands as he dared to cut light in front of him.

This was the scene that Alex had seen back when he tried to look into the intent of the man that formed the famous gorge in the Ancient Battlefield.

Alex started learning about that specific Dao, understanding how one could cut things and what cutting was exactly.

This time, nothing happened instantly, and instead, it took him a few days before he was able to make sense of every single thing he had understood.

And as such, the worldly Dao returned once more and Alex learned the Dao of Cutting.

He proceeded to dwell on his understanding of the new Dao for a while. It was quite simple really. It allowed one to cut things, with or without a weapon.

Alex remembered Shen Jing cutting things with but a thought. He only now understood how he had really done it.

As he was about to fall back into a trance, trying to remember the next set of mysteries to understand, when suddenly the world dropped onto him again.

The worldly laws had descended once more, and Alex quickly learned who it was for.

‘Pearl…’ he thought.

He happily looked up to wonder what Pearl had learned. Anything would be good, but he hoped it was Sharpness since that was what he had made Pearl spend the most time learning.

However, when he felt an aura that fell from above, Alex panicked for a second.

“No… that can’t be right,” he spoke softly. He couldn’t understand how Pearl was learning this Dao at all. After all, neither his primary Metal element nor his secondary Wood element had absolutely anything to do with Teleportation.

Alex felt the Dao of Teleportation fall and settle onto Pearl as he managed to fully learn it in a couple of hours.

When the Dao left for the sky, all that remained was Alex with his stunned face and the other elders that were even more stunned.

“Did… did you beast just learn a Dao?” one of them asked in surprise.

“How can a beast learn a Dao before reaching the Saint realm?” another person asked.

“Dear god, even humans are barely able to do that,” another elder said.

Alex didn’t say anything and continued staring at Pearl who was deep in thought. He wondered when Pearl had possibly learned about Space aura to understand Teleportation.

‘Was it back in the Ancient Battlefield?’ Alex wondered. ‘No, it must be afterward. After I destroyed the Tribulation lightning with the Dao of Teleportation.’

Alex finally felt like he knew what had happened, so after a while, he went back to learning his own Dao.

His mind wandered, going back to the days when he learned to make artifacts.

The metals he put under fire expanded to the point where the solid metals became liquid. To do so, he had to give it a lot of heat. So much heat.

Alex understood that if he did so to anything else, more time than not, those objects would also show the same property.

They would expand, and could no longer remain solid.

They would melt.

A few days later, the worldly laws descended down onto Alex, and he learned the Dao of Melting.

The older folks had all but gone mad. It was surprising that a beast that had yet to reach the Saint Realm could learn a Dao, but what was even more surprising was that in the span of fewer than 2 weeks, Alex had learned 4 different Dao.

4 Dao was almost 4 more than what most Saint realm cultivators knew. It was double what these Saint realms themselves knew.

And yet the young man that had already learned 2 other Dao 2 years ago, and another Dao in the Ancient Battlefield half a year ago, had learned 4 Dao once again.

He had learned 7 different Dao, and that were only the ones that were public.

Lady Xuan knew that Alex had learned a Dao before he had even arrived in their sect 3 years ago. That was one of the reasons why she was so curious about him.

Their shock only increased when a few days later, the worldly daos descended once more, and Alex learned another Dao.

This time, he understood the Dao of Burning. Having learned so many Fire Daos, it was becoming easier and easier to understand the rest of the Dao that were affiliated with each other.

As such, Dao of Burning came quite easily to him.

A few days later, following Burning, he got the Dao of Boiling as well. The elders were numb to the feat at this point.

When Alex learned the Dao of Burning, he felt something unique, something he had never expected to feel before.

It was as if heaven itself was urging him to learn something. ‘What is it?’ Alex thought and continued searching for the answer.

Dao of Fire, Dao of Heat, Dao of Heat Conduction, Dao of Burning, Dao of Melting, Dao of Boiling, and finally, the Dao of Explosion, these were the Dao that Alex had learned, which were all connected by Fire.

So, he started thinking more about fire. He tried to remember what property of fire had he missed. What happened to something when it got hot?

Was it evaporation? Alex didn’t think so. Evaporation happened when something boiled, but it also happened naturally even when there was no extra heat provided to something.

Then what was it? Destruction?

That was just something that was the aftermath of burning something. Besides, a fire wasn’t the only source of destruction.

As Alex thought, he realized that everything he was coming up with was a result or a variation of all the Dao he had already understood.

‘I’m focusing on the wrong thing, ‘ Alex understood. ‘They’re all connected.’ The Daos were all connected to each other. Which meant, in a sense, the Dao he had learned until now could be considered to be a single mystery, a single law of a single Dao.

The world turned tumultuous as the heavenly laws descended with wrathful strength and fell onto Alex as he started combining everything he had learned, and everything he had understood into a single Dao.


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