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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 832: Space Bahasa Indonesia

The three men in front of Alex frowned when the teleportation aura collapsed around Alex and he was left on the ground.

They were confused. They weren’t the only ones feeling that way as Alex too was confused.

Alex didn’t understand what happened, or how it happened. However, perhaps the only difference between them was that he did know what happened.

He called upon space, and space responded.

Alex knew that if he wanted to repeat the same thing again, he would not be able to do that.

But for some reason, he had done it once. Why? How was he manipulating space when he hadn’t even learned any Dao regarding it?

It was something that happened due to him being extremely emotional for sure.

Emotional… “Pearl!”

Alex looked at the 3 dazed men and then at Pearl behind them. The barrier formation had already shattered under the attack of these 3 men, and so now Pearl could sense his message.


Pearl heard the words through the bond, and he ran… towards Alex.

Jin Tengfei was the first to react as he turned around to slash at the incoming Pearl.

The bloody Pearl flickered into two different beasts, but the slash could hit both at the same time. With their power difference, Pearl would die at once.

Alex appeared between the two. He immediately took Pearl into his beast space and slashed back at Jin Tengfei.

Alex used the momentum from this hit and flew back away towards the True Emperors that had hurt pearl. At least 6 of them were cut on their bodies as the poison slowly started to kill them.

Killing them outright would only cause their escape talisman to start up, so Alex didn’t want that.

The pain they felt was great, but Alex would make sure these were the ones that died in the least painful way.

Alex stood straight and pulled something from his storage bag while the True Emperors started scampering behind the other three.

A vial landed on Alex’s hand.

Before anyone could do anything, Alex crushed the vial as the deep purple liquid flowed out from his palm, and he grabbed onto the poison sword.

Alex swiped his palm across the blade as he doused the poison sword with the Hammerhead Snake’s poison that was his reward for winning the alchemy competition.

At the same time, a white mask appeared on Alex’s left hand.

“Attack!” Song Shing shouted.

A sun appeared behind Alex at the same time, and he vanished.

Alex’s shadow landed on Hi Liwei, so that was where he arrived before anyone else.

He Liwei tried to attack, but Alex dodged and his left hand fell on He Liwei’s face. The white mask landed on his face, and it immediately turned black.

Alex activated Stage 9 of the Mask of the Spirit’s Hell, and He Liwei’s mind crumbled to pieces like an egg hurled at a boulder.

The young man immediately collapsed on the floor with his body still alive. However, his spirit was already dead.

A blood disc and 21 different swords working together came to attack Alex, but he teleported behind some of the True Emperors and cut them on the various parts of their body.

This time around, the talisman on them likely recognized the severity of the damage the poison was doing and immediately activated to teleport them.

Alex didn’t care about them. They were already dead anyway.

Heaven’s Intent fell like a boulder on Jin Tengfei’s body as his defensive mental artifact rang violently, bringing terror throughout his body.

At the same time, Alex dodged Song Shing’s attack and defeated the last remaining few cultivators that had hurt Pearl.

When they teleported away, the only two remaining on the battlefield were Jin Tengfei and Song Shing.

Song Shing frowned. He knew he could win against Alex if he wasn’t able to teleport around so freely, but he wasn’t confident enough to do so when he could.

Even if Alex couldn’t hurt him, Song Shing couldn’t keep Alex occupied for sure. If he ran away, they would have to start looking for Alex from the very start.

Given what he knew about Alex if he let him run away, he didn’t doubt that it would be incredibly hard to look for him.

A long bloody sickled appeared on Song Shing’s hand, formed entirely from the blood on his right shoulder.

He propped the sickle up high and drove it onto Jin Tengfei’s chest.

Jin Tengfei took a deep breath when the sickle hit him, but he wasn’t hurt at all.

A barrier had saved him.

The escape talisman activated and a silver light wrapped around Jin Tengfei to take him outside.

“It’s time for plan 3,” Song Shing said. “Go out and tell the elders to come in. We need their he—”

Alex appeared next to them and sliced Jin Tengfei through the neck mid-teleportation. With Saint Qi behind his attack, there was nothing that could stop him.

Alex was a little surprised that it had worked, and that he had cut someone that was already teleporting. But that was something he was capable of doing years ago.

He simply didn’t know what he was capable of at the time.

Now, he knew.

He wasn’t a master at it or even a little proficient. It was hard to tell if he had even started walking its path or not, but what he did know was that he could, at some level, interact with space.

Alex understood instinctively however that he could only do so when space was already being interacted with, to begin with. However, that alone was able to give his highs he could never hope to get.

Jin Tengfei’s body dropped to the floor. Unlike last time, the body hadn’t left the secret realm.

Alex understood why. Last time, he had cut someone that was hidden in space. This time, he had cut both the person and space itself.

Space fixed itself immediately, but a dead man could not hope to do the same.

Blood sickle fell on Alex, but Alex struck back with his poison sword as hard as he could.

Still, fighting someone with what was basically a Saint-ranked item with a True-ranked item was not something Alex could possibly hope to do.

He backed away and immediately put away the sword.

Then, a whip appeared in his hand.

Song Shing frowned the moment he saw the whip. Even without knowing what it could do, he could tell from its aura that it was a Saint Ranked item.

Alex struck with the whip and Song Shing hit back with the sickle. Neither of the two was pushed back and were on equal grounds.

Song Shing looked shocked to learn that Alex was on his level despite being a True Emperor 4th realm cultivator. Even though he knew Alex could skip realms to fight someone stronger than him, surely he couldn’t overcome the gap between the True Realm and Saint realm right?

However, he couldn’t ignore the fact that Alex did.

Alex smiled like a maniac when he realized that Song Shing and he were equals. In fact, he might even be a little stronger.

Still, just to be safe, Alex reached into his storage ring and pulled out a bunch of pills.

Then he ate them.


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