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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 831 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex devoured Fu Tao.

He had a hard time, and Fu Tao fought back. Still, he devoured him completely, all by himself.

Once he was done, he looked below him coldly and saw that the spiritual sea had grown much denser than before. At the same time, since he had to wrestle with Fu Tao’s spiritual strength while he devoured him, he also had to spend quite a little of his own spiritual energy.

As such, despite improving by nearly half as much as before, his spiritual sea had also depleted by half as much.

“I could’ve done that if you wanted me to, you know,” the artifact spirit said from the side.

“Sorry, that was something I needed to do on my own,” Alex said.

Alex didn’t want Fu Tao to see the mountain floating in his mental space and run away before he had a chance to even get him.

As such, he also couldn’t let Fu Tao see or hear the artifact spirit for fear of him running away.

“It seems you are a bit distr—”

“Sorry,” Alex cut him off. “Can’t talk. Have a few people I need to kill.” Then, he left his mental space.

Outside, less than a minute had passed since Fu Tao had entered Alex’s spiritual sea.

Song Shing, Jin Tengfei, and He Liwei were waiting for Fu Tao to return, but they weren’t sure how long that would take.

The fight got stronger behind them as Pearl fought off the group with all of his strength.

The True Emperors that were fighting him were surprisingly unable to kill him. They had however wounded him quite a bit.

Pearl knew he was only alive because he had been using his Saint Qi, but at a True Emperor 4th realm beast, that wouldn’t last long.

The three that were inside the barrier turned around to look at what was happening behind that took them so long.

“Go kill that beast,” Song Shing ordered one of the other two.

Jin Tengfei shrugged and turned around to leave the barrier when suddenly he felt a deep chill in his body.

It wasn’t just him, but both Song Shing and He Liwei were feeling the chill. A real chill.

The temperature in the surrounding immediately dropped, making the three uncomfortable.

That was when Song Shing noticed Fu Tao’s body grow blue from cold, while the blood constriction he had created around Alex was burning red hot.

“Kill him!” Song Shing shouted the moment he saw that and used the 3 vials of blood floating around him to send 3 different arrows toward Alex.

At the same time, after hearing the shout, Jin Tengfei immediately dropped the 21 sword array onto Alex, disregarding Fu Tao that was in front of him.

As far as they could tell, Fu Tao was dead.

He Liwei didn’t attack in time and only managed to see the other two attacks get thrown at Alex.

Alex immediately pulled away his attention from conducting heat from the surrounding into the blood silently and created a tongue of fire in front of him.

A rather large tongue of fire.

An explosion shook the inside of the barrier so hard that it threatened to shatter from just the shockwave.

All three of the attackers were sent flying far away while Alex’s brunt of the damage was absorbed by Fu Tao’s armor.

Fu Tao’s rest of the body however was destroyed to pieces without his Qi there to protect it.

The heated parts of the blood constriction broke easily under the force of the explosion too, but he was unfortunately not able to fully heat the one around his ankle, so he was stopped from getting away.

Alex grabbed his poison sword and hacked away the blood around his ankle. His leg broke free in time, but just then, he heard the three shout almost at once.

“Plan 2.”

Alex didn’t know what was plan two, and he didn’t want to know what it was.

All he knew was that they were here to get information from him, and as long as they wanted it, they wouldn’t dare kill him. Hurting him though… was something they could possibly do.

A yellow light flashed from in front of Alex, while a white slash flanked him from the side.

Alex tried to teleport away, but the most he could do was flicker a bit, without moving anywhere.

Seeing that he couldn’t get away, Alex sent a palm strike flying towards the sword slash, while he struck the incoming yellow light with his sword.

When he did, whatever he hit exploded in a brilliant light.

He Liwei stood far away, proud of the little artifact he had devised of and had others create.

Alex wasn’t hurt from the explosion at all, but he was still disoriented.

“Pearl! Run!” he shouted through the smoke at Pearl who was still trying to fight the True Emperors all alone.

Unfortunately for him, Pearl couldn’t hear him. The barrier kept the sound from leaving, so Pearl didn’t know Alex was calling out for him. Even if he could, he was too distracted in the fight to listen to what he was saying.

“Pearl, Ru—”

Song Shing, Jin Tengfei, and He Liwei all flew to Alex at the same time. They launched attacks one after another, and the volley of 3 attacks was too much for Alex to fight against, especially when the formation stifled his teleportation skill.

He was getting sick of formations by now.

He thought they weren’t going to kill him, but they clearly were. Did they not want the information anymore?

Another attack came and Alex parried it, but just then, he heard Pearl’s screams from outside the barrier.

And that one moment distracted Alex.

A crimson blade formed from the blood of a Saint beast slammed against Alex, strong enough to pierce his heart through and through.

But of course, that didn’t happen.

The barrier around Alex shattered while a golden barrier appeared around him as silver light with a teleportation aura started grabbing onto him.

The three attackers suddenly stopped, smiled, and started waving him goodbye.

Alex’s mind raced to know what that meant. Why were they happy that he was getting away? Weren’t they going to get information from him?

That was when Alex realized that sending him out was most likely plan 2.

If they were happy to see him leave, then that was only because there was someone else out there waiting for him.

And the only ones out there waiting for him would be saint realm elders in the Saint foundation and Saint Core realm.

Even as the silver light embraced him, Alex knew he couldn’t leave. If he did, he would fall right into the jaw of the tiger.

He struggled against the teleportation aura, trying to get it to stop somehow. But, space had already wrapped its hands around him and it was taking him away.

Alex was moments away from being teleported away when he heard Pearl scream in pain again.

That was when he remembered. If he left, Pearl would be all alone here. Then, these bastards would definitely kill him.

Fury blazed in Alex’s heart and he thought he knew what he had to do next. He instinctively reached out to the space around him that was grabbing him. Then…

“No!” Alex said, and the silver light vanished. The space untwisted itself from around him, and he was no longer being teleported.


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