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Alex felt the powers inside the pills immediately coarse through his body.

The healing energy went all over his body looking for wounds to heal, but it found nothing. However, when it reached his left arm, it sank into the beast space and started healing Pearl.

The Qi strengthening pill slowly improved his True Qi and made it stronger by a bit. The Body strengthening pill did the same for his body, bringing it close to the True Emperor 8th realm in power.

The Pain Numbing pill would make his pain receptors work less often, while the Spirit Expanding pill would help amplify the senses he had, including spiritual sense.

The various pills worked to improve Alex’s body, spirit, and Qi as he got ready to fight Song Shing.

Last time, he had won only because Song Shing had made a mistake. This time, he would defeat him by himself.

* * * * * *

Bodies after bodies piled up outside the monument, caught by the formation that was created there.

“So many dead,” the Han family’s patriarch said with a look of surprise on their face.

“Just what is going on there today to have so many die so early,” Zhou Tianqiu wondered.

“Senior, those are our disciples,” one of them mentioned.

The formation had blocked their spiritual sense from entering or escaping from it, so they hadn’t seen who had died. Now that the extra saint realms that weren’t focused on trapping the jaguar did see that, they relayed the information back to them.

“What?” the old woman from the Song family said in surprise. “Go check on them immediately!”

“Hey, take over for me,” the old man from the Fu family said and had one of the extra saints carry on his burden.

The jaguar saw a weaker saint take over for the old man and hope built up in his heart. This weaker saint certainly couldn’t keep up this much more than a day for sure.

Then… he would definitely have his chance.

The old man walked up to the formation and entered through without any hesitation. However, the moment he saw the dead bodies, his eyes went wide and he walked outside immediately.

“What’s going on?” some of the Saint Core realm cultivators asked.

“Poison! They’ve all been poisoned. I’m afraid I might die if I touch that poison too,” he said.

“Poison? I didn’t see anyone from the Royal family enter today,” The Broken Ravine sect’s nearly-dead sect master spoke.

“They must’ve. Who else could have such potent poison? I could feel how dangerous it is just by being in its presence,” the crimson-robed old man said.

“Wait, didn’t the young man spend some time in the Royal palace?” someone asked.

“He did, as a Royal alchemist, if I’m not wrong,” another one said.

“Do you think he could have learned about poison?” they couldn’t help but speculate

The crimson-robed old man frowned. “I’m worried about my grandson,” he said. “I’m going in.”

“What? You need to sit here to keep the jaguar—”

The jaguar struck the barrier as hard as he could. With people leaving, he needed to make it harder on the ones that stayed.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t you folks worry about your juniors too?” he asked.

They all did. “Fine, go and bring him back quickly. I can’t believe how long these few children are taking already,” the Song family’s matriarch said.

The crimson-robed old man nodded and turned towards the monolith. He had to take care of the formations and burn these poisoned bodies until they couldn’t harm anyone here.

Then afterward, he would go in.

* * * * * *

The whip snapped and struck the blood shield right in the center. The blood armor broke and dissolved into blood, but Song Shing quickly forged it again.

At the same time, the blood on the right thigh of his robe moved out and formed three blood arrows that flew at Alex.

Alex sent a mental attack and the artifact around Song Shing’s neck clearly stopped him. Then, he struck with the whip again and the bloody arrows turned into nothing but drops on the ground. However, he wasn’t done yet.

Then, Alex immediately teleported next to the blood and used his Dao of Heat to instantly make it so hot that it boiled away.

Song Shing couldn’t help but frown when he saw that. He didn’t know what Alex was doing because it didn’t look like a technique. But he was destroying his blood reserve slowly and that worried Song Shing.

He was a blood user, and while he had some other techniques, nothing he had compared to using blood to fight. After all, depending on the aura of the blood he had, there were things he could do with them that would be more powerful than anything he could ever do with normal technique.

Even the most normal of blood aura was usually on par with the cultivation base of the person the blood came from.

In instances where the blood aura was stronger, he could be stronger just because of it. Now that he was using his own blood and the blood of four different Saint beasts, he should have been stronger than a normal Saint Condensation 1st realm cultivator.

Yet, somehow Alex was stronger than him. What was worse, he was now running out of blood because of him.

A vial wrapped around with talisman appeared on his hand. Alex looks at the vial with curiosity as Song Shing peeled away the talisman and a strong blood aura emanated in the surrounding.

It was drilled down into the children of the Song family that using the Blood Aura of someone or something far stronger than you put a strain on your body not just physically, but also spiritually.

Which was why most of them tended to fight with the blood of their own level. However, now that the situation was getting desperate, Song Shing had to bring out his trump card.

The blood essence of a Saint Condensation 3rd realm beast appeared and dripped onto Song Shing’s hand, which he immediately struggled to control.

Alex got cautious and tightened his fist around the whip. At the same time, a sword appeared in his other hand.

Since he was fighting against something so strong, he definitely needed something he knew was unbreakable.

The blood essence turned into a blood whip under Song Shing’s blood manipulation and struck out.

Alex struck back with his own whip and felt the power of the attack from Song Shing. It was quite a lot stronger than earlier.

Song Shing felt pain coursing through his body, but if he could defeat Alex, that would be worth it. At this point, getting the information from him was no longer even a spare thought in his mind.

All he wanted to do was kill.

Alex pulled back his whip and struck out again. Saint Qi rolled into the whip and just as the two whips clashed, a fiery explosion rang out from the center.

Alex immediately teleported and struck with his sword, but Song Shing was ready for him and created spikes from the blood on his robes that shot out at Alex.

Some cut Alex, while some pushed him back. He was hurt a little, but there was still a smile on his face.

Song Shing wondered why he was smiling when suddenly he felt something slip off his neck.

His defensive mental artifact.

Instantly, a massive mental pressure fell on Song Shing as he forced his own spiritual sense to fight against it.

Song Shing had the stronger spiritual sense of the two, just by being in the Saint realm. However, what he did not have was the experience of fighting while constantly being under mental pressure.

Alex put the sword away and another sword appeared in his hand. An illusory one.

He struck with his fiery whip with his right hand and fought against Song Shing’s own blood whip.

Then, he would teleport next to him and try to attack him with the sword.

Even after doing all he could, Song Shing realized that he was going to lose if the fight went on. He was already struggling with the powerful blood essence he had to maintain to fight against Alex. If he kept at it, he would surely weaken to the point where couldn’t fight back.

Song Shing turned around and ran.

The moment Alex saw that, he vanished and appeared next to Song Shing again. Song Shing was obviously expecting him to come, so when he struck back, Alex dodged.

At the same time, a formation plate fell on the ground and a barrier appeared around the two of them.

Being a True rank formation, the barrier couldn’t stop Song Shing at all. But it could slow him down.

While song Shing struck the barrier, Alex cut through his right arm.

Song Shing immediately felt his arm go numb as if someone can cut its connection to his mind.

The blood whip grew duller by the moment, so he quickly changed it to his other hand and struck the whip that was flying at him.

Alex appeared behind him and cut through both of the legs before disappearing away.

Song Shing buckled to the ground with legs that refused to work as he wanted.

Alex struck once again and Song Shing struck back as well, but that was just a distraction as Alex teleported next to him and cut off the last arm.

Bloody spikes flew all around Song Shing as that was the only thing he could do.

But Alex had already moved away.

When Song Shing turned his head forward, the only thing he could see was the tip of the whip flying at him.


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