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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 830: Final Wish Bahasa Indonesia

“What’s he doing?” He Liwei asked from the side. Being someone who had only recently come to the Western Empire, he had a relatively low amount of knowledge of everything that was in the Empire.

“He’s trying to enter his mind and directly get the answer from his memories,” Jin Tenfei said. The Fu Family’s secret arts weren’t much of a secret.

“What? You can do that?” He Liwei looked with awe. “I’m surprised the Fu family isn’t stronger than the royal family if they can steal all the secrets.”

“Look at him,” Song Shing said. “Whenever they use this technique, they leave and go into the spiritual space of the enemy along with their spirit. They will now clash until he nearly defeats this guy, and then he will get us the information.”

“He’s vulnerable on the outside while he gets that information. So the Fu family can’t just go and take away others’ secrets,” Song Shing said.

“Well, anyway we should have done this from the beginning,” He Liwei said with his hands behind his head, in a relaxed manner.

“That was the plan from the very beginning,” Jin Tengfei said. “Plan 1 is getting the information ourselves.”

* * * * *

Fu Tao arrived on the vast, cold sea that was the spiritual sea. He was surprised at how easily he had penetrated Alex’s mental defenses.

‘Am I that strong?’ he thought and looked around the sea.

“Is this worth it?” Alex asked from the side.

Fu Tao turned around and saw a solemn Alex fly not far above the sea.

“There you are,” he said and slowly drifted down.

“If anyone asked me if I knew you, I would’ve said you were my friend, a close brother I knew. Turns out, I was wrong,” Alex said with a cold expression on his face.

“Yeah, yeah. Can we get this over already? Come, let’s fight. I want to get that information in your head,” Fu Tao said.

Alex smiled mockingly. “You want the information? Come get it,” he said.

Fu Tao got ready to attack when he realized Alex wasn’t fighting at all. “What are you doing?” he asked

“What? I’m letting you take a peek into my memories. I told you, come get it,” Alex said.

Was there some sort of trick here? A trap perhaps? He should sense something if there was with his superior spiritual strength. But he couldn’t.

Fu Tao saw no reason to believe that he was being lied to, so he slowly flew towards Alex, while obviously being on guard.

Even as he got close, he expected Alex to suddenly attack him, but Alex did no such thing. He stood there, unmoving as a rock, and waited for Fu Tao to arrive.

Fu Tao cautiously arrived next to Alex and saw Alex show his head towards him.

He frowned.

“You’ve done this before?” he asked.

“Yes, I’ve had my memories stolen before. I know how this goes,” Alex said. He did know how it went.

Fu Tao would place his palm on his head, then he would ask questions that would evoke memories from Alex’s mind which he would then try to make sense of.

Fu Tao became reckless after seeing an opportunity and placed his palm on Alex. He realized that he shouldn’t have been so hasty and was ready to face an attack, but no attack came.

Alex really was letting him read his memories.

‘Weird kid,’ he thought.

Alex knew there was not much pain involved in this process, so he let Fu Tao read his mind.

Fu Tao asked about Alex’s life, and he saw the memories of Alex back when he was a kid. Back when he was on the farm, back when he watched TV and helped his mother in the kitchen when he could.

Fu Tao couldn’t help but be surprised a little. He wasn’t as surprised as Zexi had been, however, as Fu Tao was completely in the knowhow about players that seemed to have come from another world and had great talent.

He saw Alex’s memories as a child and knew that Alex was a player too. Rather he had already known it for nearly a year after the glory sect had made the knowledge public to the great houses and sects.

Fu Tao saw Alex waste 18 years of his life and got angry. He had cultivated since childhood and was beaten by a kid that hadn’t even cultivated for a dozen years?

He saw Alex come into the world and see the world in a form of the game. Then, he saw something that made his eyes go wide.

He saw a book with the title ‘Alchemy God’s Knowledge’. Anyone who dared call themselves an Alchemy god would have to have the best alchemy knowledge in the whole world, even the immortal worlds.

He saw the book getting destroyed and frowned. Now the only memories about Alchemy were in Alex’s head.

A few more questions and he had a general idea of what had to be done to improve a pill’s recipe. Of course, he wasn’t an alchemist, so he would have to depend on Zhou Tianqiu to decipher what his memories said.

Memories flickered as Fu Tao’s questions changed. He asked how Alex’s spiritual sense was so strong.

He saw Alex pick Spirit Cleansing lily, eat some pills, and for some reason saw a lot of yellow fog in his memories.

‘So he really did eat pills?’ Fu Tao thought. He needed to ask other questions, so he moved on to asking why his Qi was so dense.

Fu Tao saw the pain Alex suffered each time he ate a Yang Jade. Felt the heat of a sun radiate not far away from him, and then saw coldness that would even dare freeze time itself.

These memories made no sense to Fu Tao. How could ice and fire ever make a person’s Qi strong? If anything it would make a person’s body strong.

Which was when he remembered to ask about his physique.

Fu Tao saw Alex train with Pearl and immediately understood that his physical strength was from no physique, but rather pure physical strength of his body.

A body cultivator.

There were many body cultivators in the Luminance empire, but none could ever go above the common realms.

How did he— Fu Tao saw Pearl’s image.

‘It’s the cat!’ he realized. Only now did he understand, or thought he understood, just how important pearl was.

Next, he needed to ask questions about his sword Qi.

The moment he asked the questions, Alex’s memories flickered to the time when he got his sword Qi.

A crimson barrier surrounded him, and a crimson-robed lady stood on the other side. He fought against the mental pressure and found his Sword Qi.

Not long after, he killed her.

Fu Tao’s eyes went wide. “You killed Xinyi?” he asked. “You killed my cousin?”

“Yes, are you angry?” Alex asked.

Fu Tao fumed with anger but quickly calmed himself as there was one more question he needed to ask.

About his blood aura.

Fu Tao felt the suppressive aura of the White Tiger emanating from the single drop of blood that hovered in front of Alex.

He felt the blood strike Alex and go inside his mind. He then saw a flicker of a screen where something was written.

Sun God’s Divine Yang body.

A body constitution. Was that why his blood aura was so thick? Fu Tao had gotten the answers he had wanted. Some were helpful, others not so much.

Still, he needed to go out and tell them everything.

He lifted his hand off of Alex’s head, and Alex grabbed it immediately.

“You’re not done looking,” Alex said and placed his hand back on his head.

Fu Tao wanted to stop his technique, but the very first thing he saw shocked him.

A big white cat stood in the sky as deadly lightning fell on top of her. She was an immortal, and yet the lightning was powerful enough to completely defeat her.

Memories flickered and he saw Alex walk through the poison swamp with no protection. In fact, he was poisoned many times, but he survived them without any pills.

“How?” Fu Tao couldn’t understand.

Memories flickered even faster as many different things passed by Fu Tao’s head.

The White Tiger’s Palace was in the beast realm. Pearl was the next lord of the western continent. The players came from the Central continent. Alex learning Dao.

The immortal techniques he learned. The many spiritual roots he had improved. Shen Jing’s teaching about the Dao. Shen Jing threatening the Emperor.

The many gods he knew about. The sword that killed those very gods.

The corpse of the Undying god in the timeless palace. The talismans and medallion he got from that very corpse.

The location of the inheritance. The inheritance that would make one Undying.

More and more memories flickered through that shocked Fu Tao to the deepest core. The thing he had seen, the things he had learned today. There were secrets here that he wouldn’t dare reveal to anyone.

The saint experts had been worried about the jaguar, but the jaguar wasn’t even the strongest being Alex knew.

‘I need to tell them,’ he thought, but Alex didn’t let go of him.

“So? How was it?” Alex said.

“What?” Fu Tao asked with a confused look.

“Were you satisfied with your final wish being fulfilled this way? I hope you learned everything you wanted to learn about me,” Alex said as yellow fog emerged from his palm.

Fu Tao recognized that yellow fog as the thing that killed so many beasts, and deep dread filled his heart.

“Now that I’ve helped fulfill your final wish, I think it’s about time you die.”


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