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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 777: Justice Bahasa Indonesia

  Alex returned back to the Luo family manor in a good mood.

He was really happy about getting to test how strong the Spiritual sword was on humans now.

’Well they were weak, but it’s still a good test,’ he thought to himself.

Meng Yun had no idea what to say the whole time she walked behind Alex and didn’t plan on saying anything either.

The two of them then arrived back in the manor and walked in.

”Where were you two? We searched around everywhere,” Luo Mei asked.

”I went out for a little something,” Alex said.

Luo Mei’s eyes narrowed. “What did he do?” she asked Meng Yun.

”Young lord threatened the Tian family to not let their son come after you again,” Meng Yun said without hesitation.

”What? Did you go to those bastards? Are you okay? They didn’t hurt you right?” she asked.

”I’m fine. They can’t hurt me,” Alex said.

”Still, they have True King realm culti—”

”I know,” Alex interrupted her. “They can’t hurt me.” He smiled at her. “You guys finished talking right? Come on, I have a few things I need to talk to you about.”

Luo Mei went along with her junior brother to the other room where they talked about more things. Luo Mei wanted to see how the little cat had grown, but unfortunately, Alex had to leave Pearl back before coming here.

Alex then tested Luo Mei’s spiritual roots and was glad to find that she did indeed have some weak Earth roots. So, he handed her the pill to improve it.

That was the final pill he had, and after this, there would be no more unless he found a Corrosive Willow tree or something that had similar energy as the bark.

As the group talked with each other, night fell soon and they all retreated to their quarters.

Alex and Du Yuhan were led to their own guest room where they rested overnight.

The next morning Alex opened his eyes to come knocking on the door. He quickly unlocked the door to see Meng Yun’s panicked face in front.

”What’s wrong?” he asked.

”Old man Tian is here,” she quickly told him. Alex spread his spiritual sense and saw him in the backyard, sitting opposite Luo Mei and Shi Nangong in the garden. Not only that, there was someone else next to them that he didn’t think he had seen before this.

”I’ll go there,” Alex said and hurriedly left. Not long after he was walking out of the door into the garden.

Tian Fuzhen flinched a little when he saw Alex walk out. Due to his reaction, Shi Nangong and Luo Mei also noticed him walk out.

The final man turned his head to look at Alex. This was a younger man, around the same age as his elder disciple brother.

He had a thin line of mustache but no beard. He also had a prominent nose that stuck out beyond the normal amount.

Alex sensed his cultivation base and realized he was at the end of the True King realm.

’A strong one,’ he thought. ‘A guard?’

He walked up to the group and sat down on one of the empty seats. “I didn’t expect to see you so soon, senior,” Alex said.

”You think you won’t see me after what you did?” the old man Tian sneered at Alex.

Alex ignored him and turned to the young man next to him. “And who is this senior?” Alex asked.

”This it City lord Fu,” Shi Nangong introduced. “City Lord, this is my daughter’s disciple brother, Yu Ming.”

”So you are the young man that wreaked havoc in the Tian family yesterday?” he asked.

”Not intentionally,” Alex said. “He attacked first. I only went there to talk.”

”Nonsense. You hurt my son first,” Tian Fuzhen shouted out loud.

”Who was being extraordinarily rude to my sister. Is that how you’ve taught your children to act, senior?” Alex asked.

”Young man, you went to his home and attacked him. You will need to face punishment for this,” the city lord said.

”Yes, city lord. Thank you,” Tian Fuzhen said. He was still afraid of Alex, but not when the city lord was around. After all, who could offend someone from the royal Fu family?

”City Lord, you can’t do this. My brother was not in the wrong. It was Tian Chen that came to our house first and was rude to me and others. Why isn’t he being punished here?” Luo Mei asked.

”This is not about him,” Tian Fuzhen spoke up. “Its about this bastard coming to our house and—”

Alex’s cultivation base suddenly exploded as it fell upon Tian Fuzhen. “Just because I call you senior doesn’t mean you get to walk all over me and call me a bastard. Next time you say anything that offends me, see if I don’t break your arms.”

”You!” Sweat started appearing on Tian Fuzhen’s forehead.

”Are you willing to talk now? ” Alex asked. “Or do you still want justice?”

”Young man, you—” the city lord was just about to speak up when he suddenly felt something powerful crash upon him.

Alex had let his cultivation base fall upon him too. “I’m not talking with you.” Alex didn’t even look at the man as he continued staring at Tian Fuzhen.

”Make an oath to the heavens that you will never let your son interact with my sister again.”

Tian Fuzhen only glared at him and did nothing as he waited for the city lord to help. However, the City Lord himself was in trouble as he couldn’t move or even begin to use the power of his cultivation base despite it being so much better than Alex’s.

Seeing Tian Fuzhen not speak up, Alex decided to act to make him speak. He suddenly grabbed his arm by the wrist and brought it up to his eye level.

”Say the oath that you will never let your son come close to my sister,” Alex said. “Or else.”

Alex didn’t need to say any further. Tian Fuzhen remembered the sword from yesterday and knew what would happen if he refused.

He didn’t really understand what Alex wanted, but he did it anyway.

”I swear…”

”To the heavens,” Alex reminded.

”… to the heavens that I will keep my son from ever approaching you sister,” he said.

Alex felt the slight disturbance in the air as Qi moved into the old man Tian.

”Good,” Alex let go of the arm. “Now you can go.”

Tian Fuzhen looked dumbfoundedly as he felt the subtle tightness in his chest.

”What did you do?” he shouted.

”What do you mean? I did nothing. You were the one that made an oath to the heavens,” Alex said. “If you break it, the Heaven will punish you. At that time, you will either go through Qi deviation, be crippled, or worse simply die. How’s that for justice?”

Tian Fuzhen remained in his seat completely horrified at what he had been just made to do. He didn’t know if what Alex said was true or not, but in his heart, he could tell it was true.

Alex finally lifted his cultivation aura from the city lord and turned. “Do you have something to say?”


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