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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 776: An Easier Way Bahasa Indonesia

  Alex carried the unconscious Tian Chen through the street while people looked at him weirdly.

Those that did recognize the young master of the Tian family couldn’t help but secretly run off to tell people about what they were seeing.

Alex ignored the people on the path and walked for nearly fifteen minutes before he arrived at a green manor with the word ‘Tian’ written on the front gate.

When Alex looked closely at the manor, he realized that the green was mostly just vines growing all throughout the walls, giving it an illusion of actually being painted green.

The men and women at the gate immediately ran to Alex to check on their young master.

”Young master, Chen? Are you okay?” they called him but he was out cold. Alex’s mental strength was way too strong for him to handle right now so he would continue to remain unconscious for another half an hour unless someone used some treasure.

”What happened to our young master?” the servants asked Alex.

”He went unconscious, so I had to carry him here,” Alex said.

”What? How? Why did he go unconscious? Was he poisoned?” the men and women started asking. At the same time, some of them had already left to inform the master of the house.

”No, he was being an idiot, so I made him unconscious,” Alex said with a genuine smile on his face.

Meng Yun’s eyes flashed with a hint of worry. She was brought all the way here and now he was saying things that were just going to make people attack him.

”You hurt our young master?” the servants asked.

”Yes, now where’s your master. I didn’t come all the way here to bring this bastard home. I’m here to talk to his father,” Alex said as he walked through the gate.

The men tried shouting at him to stop and some even pointed spears and swords at him, but Alex simply put Tian Chen’s body in front of him and walked through the weapons.

The servants hurriedly backed away, not wanting to hurt their young master.

”Where’s my son?” a loud voice came from inside. A gruff, middle-aged man with the same hawkish face, but with a messy beard walked out of the manor.

”What are you doing to my son?” the man demanded.

”Nothing,” Alex said as he walked straight toward the man. “I’m just here to talk to you about what your son is doing, senior. Would you mind speaking with me inside?”

Alex didn’t wait for the man to respond as he walked in. Meng Yun didn’t understand what was happening, but she too walked into the manor.

Tian Fuzhen was too confused about what was going on to even begin to stop Alex. Only when he realized that a stranger had entered his house did he finally follow.

Alex’s spiritual sense went throughout the house looking through everything.

’As expected,’ he thought. These people truly were weak. A Merchant house such as this would have True Emperor realm guards at the very least.

A bigger one would have a low-tier Saint realm employed to the job. In the Crimson Empire, the best mid-tier merchant house such as this could afford a low-tier True King at best.

”Who are you? If you don’t answer right now, I will kill you,” Tian Fuzhen started shouting the moment he saw Alex.

”You can try,” Alex said as he dropped Tian Chen to the ground. “Did you know that your son has been going after the Luo family’s girl despite her clear refusal?”

Tian Fuzhen immediately went to check on his son and was glad to find he was fine. More and more members of the Tian family were gathering at the spot, and Tian Fuzhen turned around to speak.

”So my son is trying to find himself a woman. What does that have to do with you?” Tian Fuzhen asked.

”Well, she happens to be my senior sister and she definitely does not want to be his woman. So, I’m here to tell you to keep your son in check. Next time they come by they might end up with broken bones, or at worse, dead,” Alex said.

Tian Fuzhen’s anger was peaking. Meng Yun saw this and didn’t know what to do, but Alex’s words entered her mind. ‘Take a few steps back.’

She immediately did as told and backed a bit giving them some room.

”You bastard!” Tian Fuzhen brought out a spear as he slammed the butt of it onto the marble below him, cracking it into many pieces.

”You dare threaten me in my own house? You are looking to die,” Tian Fuzhen said. At the same time, the people from the house surrounded Alex.

”I suggest you don’t attack me,” Alex said.

”Scared? I’m glad. That will be the last thing you feel before you die,” Tian Fuzhen shouted as his spear started glowing red. Fire Qi entered the spear and a fire serpent moved around the spear’s blade.

The old man Tian then thrust the spear directly at Alex, with all the power that he could muster with his True King 4th realm cultivation base.


The spear struck Alex straight in the chest.

Tian Fuzhen smiled for a second before he noticed no sign of injury on Alex. Yes, his clothes had been pierced but it wasn’t soaked in blood yet.

He tried to pull back the spear to see the wound he had caused. However, before he could do so, Alex directly grabbed the blade of the spear.

He didn’t just grab the flat side, but everything.

”Sigh,” he shook his head. “Brother Shen was right. I tried to make sense with words but sometimes it’s far easier to beat someone and make them understand you.”


The blade crumbled to pieces under Alex’s clutch, he immediately struck Tian Fuzhen in the chest. Tian Fuzhen stumbled back as he clutched his chest in pain.

He barely opened his eyes enough to see that his beloved spear was now fully destroyed. This was a True Earth spear, and somehow it was… Tian Fuzhen started feeling very scared.

”Kill him!” he shouted in his pain and fear.

The men were entranced for a second, but the scream from their master brought them back to reality and they jolted into action.

Alex sighed, but there were too many to simply use Heaven’s impact to knock them all out.

He used Heaven’s impact on the first person that ran at him with a spear. He stepped aside for the man to drop down and at the same time dodged the second person’s sword swing.

At the same time, he punched the 3rd person’s incoming spear and caught the 4th person’s sword with his other hand.

The sword crumbled in Alex’s hand and so did the spear he punched. Alex reached behind the second man’s neck as a sword appeared in his hand.

He slashed the sword through the man’s neck but it didn’t cut him at all. After all, it was a sword created by Alex’s imagination.

Even then the man fell unconscious as if being hit by Heaven’s impact. The spiritual damage the spiritual sword did as it passed through a person’s spine was enormous compared to making the meridians lethargic when it went through limbs.

The sword had no one that could stop it so Alex casually dodged the attacks that were coming after him and danced through the crowd as his fake sword carved its way through the crowd.

Many swords and spears hit him, but the most they could do was cut his clothes.

Tian Fuzhen watched with wide-eyed horror as everywhere Alex moved through, people would fall to the ground as if dead. He saw no weapon in his hand, so he couldn’t tell what technique he was using. Whatever it was, it was horrifying.

He looked at his son that was on the floor too and couldn’t help but wonder if that was what had happened to him as well. He feared for his son’s survival.

Finally, Alex was done with the many people and walked towards Tian Fuzhen.

Before Fuzhen could say anything, Alex used the spiritual sword to cut off all of his limbs so that he couldn’t produce much power from his cultivation base.

Then he let go of the sword and crouched down in front of Tian Fuzhen. “So, senior, about our little talk. Please make sure your son doesn’t bother my sister ever again. I won’t be so kind next time.”


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