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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 778: Making Memories Bahasa Indonesia

  The city lord froze there in fear. He was sure that tucking his tail and walking away was the logical thing to do here, but would someone of the Fu family really do that?

”I’ll give you an out,” Alex said after seeing the man fall into a dilemma. “As we’ve been telling you. This man’s son has been harassing my sister, coming into the house uninvited, and has been in general very rude.”

”This is your chance to do something about this situation.” Alex looked at him.

The city lord gave a small self-mocking smile as he said, “you’re right. I should get to the root of this problem. Thank you for showing me the way.”

He then stood up and apologized to the mother and daughter duo for ruining their morning. “Let’s go.” He took the dazed Tian Fuzhen and left the house.

Luo Mei looked at Alex with a blank face. “What’s your cultivation now?” she asked.

”True King 7th realm,” Alex said nonchalantly.

Both Shi Nangong and Luo Mei gaped in surprise. “That high?” she couldn’t believe it.

Alex talked to them for a bit, making them understand that their annoying rival wasn’t going to cause problems.

He told them about the oaths and how they worked. That was one more thing he could teach to this empire, but he didn’t want to as that would probably cause more trouble around here.

Luo Mei couldn’t help but feel amazing starting that day. Her love life was fixed, the annoying childhood friend no longer came, and her junior brother who hadn’t come home in over 10 years was back.

She couldn’t be happier.

That day, she took both of them around the city, showing the various landscapes and scenic places around the city.

She took them to the market where the Luo family’s merchant group was situated. She then took them to a small auction that was held in the open market every day.

There was nothing to be found there, but Alex did manage to find some good memories.

They returned back after traveling some more and then came the most important question that Du Yuhan had been meaning to ask after Luo Mei told him to hold off on the marriage.

”Will you come back to the sect with me?” he asked.

”The sect?” Luo Mei hesitated. “But… I left so abruptly. Will they even accept me back?”

”You forget that you are one of the best students of the sect. Not to mention I’m the sect master’s disciple. They will have to accept you back,” Du Yuhan said.

”Don’t worry, sister,” Alex told her. “If all else fails, I will just take over the sect and have you join it.”

”That…” Du Yuhan didn’t know how to respond to that. That was an open threat to the sect and the elders.

Alex chuckled a bit. “I’m joking. Geez, you guys think I’m some blood-thirsty demon now?”

”Sigh, I think it’s time to go rest,” Du Yuhan said.

”You guys go. I don’t think I want to rest tonight,” Alex said.

”What will you be doing?” she asked.

”Oh, you know. Ingredients gathering and such,” Alex explained. “I doubt anyone has really disturbed this side of the forest, so I might find some rare plants.”

”Who knows, I might even find a Spirit Cleansing lily,” Alex said. “See you tomorrow.”

Alex left the manor. He really did plan to go to the forest, but first, he decided to take a detour and see how things were going.

He turned invisible and flew directly over to the Tian family. Once there, his spiritual sense spread in all directions as he looked to see how the people there were acting.

Tian Fuzhen seemed to be in an incredibly bad mood, while Tian Chen was practically grounded for a while. It seemed the city lord had in fact done his job.

Alex still waited for a bit. The oath he had made Tian Fuzhen had no clause about not attacking the Luo, so Alex waited to see if they planned something like that.

Fortunately, the old man wasn’t that stupid and was trying to forget his embarrassment with alcohol.

”Well, that’s that then.”

Alex flew over to the forest after that and spent the entire night searching for ingredients.

Since he directly went over to the area where the True realm beasts roamed, the ingredient he found were also ones that had been growing for a while, so he had a really good chance of finding rare ingredients.

To his surprise, Alex did find 3 extra Spirit Cleansing Lily in the entire night he was there.

One of those had to be for his mother, he thought. The other two, he decided not to give anyone else one as they would already have it.

’I’ll keep it for the future,’ Alex thought.

He found some more True rank ingredients, but he didn’t find a single Saint rank ingredient.

That was to be expected. There was barely any Saint Qi on this side of the forest.

There weren’t even any Saint spirit veins in this empire except for maybe one or two here and there. Those spirit veins were mostly occupied by big sects and families.

The Fu family definitely had that as no Saint rank cultivator could progress without it. As for the others, Alex wasn’t sure.

All he was sure that there was no Saint rank Spirit vein in a massive radius around this place, and that meant the inexistence of anything Saint rank.

Alex returned back around 8 am in the morning and talked about his haul from the forest. They were surprised how many ingredients he got from the forest, but they weren’t alchemists, so they didn’t know if that was a big amount or not for a single trip.

Later that day, Luo Keng returned home to find his benefactor back.

”Nephew Yu? You’re back?” the man was surprised. He wasn’t told anything about any of this during his trip so it was understandable.

However, what shocked him, even more, was what his wife told him about what had happened in his absence.

”That bastard Tian dares?” Luo Keng got angry.

”It’s already settled. Your nephew took care of it,” Shi Nangong told her husband while trying to get him to not get worked up for nothing.

”Still, I’m surprised how strong nephew Yu has come to be. He’s stronger than me right?” Luo Keng asked.

”Of course he is. He spent 10 years in a foreign empire. How could he not come back strong?” Luo Mei said.

”Yes, yes, you’re proud of your junior brother, we get it,” Luo Keng said, and made Luo Mei sit back down.

The group talked for a bit before Luo Keng took Du Yuhan away to talk on his own.

”You told them about leaving?” Alex asked.

”Yes, I told mother yesterday and she’s okay with it. Hell, she’s happy I’m not staying around doing nothing,” she said.

”Great, when do you plan on leaving then?” Alex asked.

”Whenever you want,” she said.

Alex looked back at Shi Nangong sipping tea alone and said, “let’s stay for 2 more days then. We can leave after that.”


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