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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 50: Beginning stage of the War [I] Bahasa Indonesia

The enemy had over 100 Ballista and 200+ cannons. Along with 10,000 bowmen that can shoot arrows while hiding behind the cavalry and infantry, the Istarin army was in real trouble this time.

“Where is that bastard? I have been wanting to meet him for a while now.” Sebastian Walker asked while riding a white horse. He was followed by two of his generals.

“Your Majesty, it appears the enemy King is not here.”

“Don’t tell me he got scared and he just ran away leaving his army behind?”

“Your Majesty, shall we start the battle?” The 3rd general of the Zulux Dynasty asked in an impatient tone. Unlike Darren and Dylan, he always covered his entire body in 2-star armor. Holding a 2 meters long black greatsword, Oscar Parry was fiercely looking at his enemy. He couldn’t wait to shed the blood of the enemy.

Among all 4 generals, Oscar is said to be the most brutal and cruelest one. In front of his greatsword, no enemies have ever managed to survive a battle.

King Sebastian did not reply immediately. He pondered for a moment. He was trying to think where the enemy King was. After 5 minutes of silence, King Sebastian raised his silver sword and pointed it at the enemy.

“Today we are here for blood. Don’t let any of the enemy troops escape. Kill everyone single one of them. Now Charge.”


Under their King’s command, 50,000 troops officially started the 3rd and biggest battle that will decide the future of the Zulux Dynasty.

“Your Majesty, what about us?” Asked general Morgan Johnson, who was sitting on another black horse and standing right side of his Majesty.

“I have a feeling that the enemy King is preparing for something to take three of us. For now, refrain yourselves from joining the battle. Our 50,000 troops will easily crush the enemy troops.” The King looked down, from the top of the mountain he could the troops of both sides were about to clash.

[My comrades do not fear death. Just do as you were ordered to do. Hold the defense line. Do not let the Enemy troops break our defense line.] While the Zulux Dynasty was taking offense, the Istarin troops were using huge two meters shields which they got from Asharc city to form a defense line.

The defensive line was formed in a V shape. As the groups of infantry and cavalry approached to defense line, hoping to break their defensive line, the archers who were hiding behind the defense line began shooting their arrows.


“What was that?”



In an instant, hundreds of infantry and cavalries died from rains of arrows. “What’s our soldiers are doing? Shoot your arrows dammit”

“Your Majesty, we can’t. The enemy troops are protecting themselves with shields.” This was the plan Henry came up with. Being a man who already had experience in being a general, he knew the best thing that their troops could do right now is defend.

“It looks like the enemy is not going to send their generals in the battle.” There was a hint of frustration in Tyler’s voice. While they were called the 7 mighty generals of King Aditya, compared to other generals, they lacked power and experience. Tyler was frustrated about his low cultivation. He was the type of man who wanted to go wild on a battlefield. He deeply desired to madly swing his greatsword and annihilate the enemy forces.

“This long last long. Once they began using their 100 Ballista and 200+ cannons, our defense line will break in an instant.” One thing that the Istarin troops lacked was the need for siege weapons. Having a cannon, one can break any kind of defense. The Istarin Kingdom didn’t have time to work on Siege weapons.

While the Zulux Dynasty never shared their Ballista and cannon creation technique with the outside world. Even the Nepoca kingdom lacked in front of the Zulux Dynasty when it came to Siege weapons. The Nepoca Kingdom only had battering Rams which are used to ram into castle gates or walls to destroy them. While the Zulux Dynasty had a powerful siege weapon, Ballista that could destroy a castle wall with 3 to 5 shots. Unlike Battering rams, Ballista was more powerful and faster.

Seeing that the enemy was preparing to use their Ballista, Scott raised his right hand and shouted loudly. “Now, let the shadow take over.” While the enemy paused for a second not knowing what the enemy general meant, the archers who has been shooting arrows, took out a fist size balls that were wrapped in thin jute ropes.

The archers quickly tied the jute rope-wrapped balls to the tip of the arrow and then set the jute rope-wrapped balls on fire. The king and his confused generals watched as the soldiers began to shoot fist size balls.

“What are they doing?”

The enemy forces didn’t have to wait too long to know the answer. Within a few seconds, the fist size balls began to release black smoke all over the battlefield, temporarily blocking the vision of everyone.

“I can’t see anything through the black smoke.” King Sebastian and his two generals also couldn’t see anything while standing at the top of the mountain.

“We have done our part. Amber and Nathan, now everything rests on both of your shoulders.” Without everyone noticing, using her illusion magic, Amber moved through the crowd of soldiers while Nathan used his shadows to move through. Both of them moved at their fastest pace. Time was limited.

Both Amber and Nathan eventually passed through the infantry and cavalry troops and reached the area where the archers were standing while their bows and arrows and the enemy siege weapons are kept right behind the archer troops.

Their main targets were the enemy siege weapons. From the beginning, Henry has warned everyone about the destructive power of the siege weapons. Before he was turned into a slave, he has seen how powerful the siege weapons were. Each weapon was fully capable of taking down 100 of their soldiers. Having a Siege weapon is like having extra troops in a battle.

Just when Amber and Nathan reached the place where the enemy Siege weapons were being kept, Sebastian and the two generals sensed something was wrong. They sensed the foreign presence in their army.

Due to the smoke, Sebastian and the two generals couldn’t see anything from the mountain. Using the black smoke, Nathan and Amber took out a special kind of paper talisman that Aditya gave them before he left.

Explosive Paper talisman is a special kind of talisman that Aditya used previously to cause hundreds of continuous explosions at the Asharc city walls. Each explosive paper talisman was powerful enough to even severely injure a second-order.

“Let’s hope our plan will work.” Both Nathan and Amber used their speed to place the explosive paper talisman on the siege weapons of the enemy without the enemy noticing it.

“Your Majesty, can you also sense the two foreign presences at the back of our troops?” Oscar asked with a relaxed look. The reason King Sebastian and his two 3rd-order generals were too relaxed and not worried was that the power of the two foreign presences was only 1st-order.

“Hmph! I don’t know what they are trying but there is no way a two 1st-order can mess siege weapons. I am sure they are trying to divert our attention while plotting something under the cover of the black smoke.”

“Don’t let your guard down. I am sure King Aditya will attack the two of you by surprise.” King Sebastian also has heard many things about the wyverns that King Aditya bought in the second battle. But so far, they hadn’t spotted the four Wyverns anywhere near the battlefield.

“Your Majesty, I think I should go and scout the area for the Wyverns. We can’t underestimate three Peak second-order and one beginner First-order magical beasts. Their interference could potentially leave a huge blow to our army.”

King Sebastian rubbed his chin with his right hand and thought deeply. He had no idea where King Aditya and the four Wyverns were. The situation looked unpredictable. It would be better for them to be safe than sorry. “Very well, Oscar you can scout the area. While Morgan you stay with me. If anything goes out of the plan, we shall intervene and take matters into our hands.”

What King Sebastian didn’t know was that he has been underestimating the enemy generals. Aditya simply didn’t leave them in charge without knowing about his general capabilities.

And just like that, just because of a single carelessness from the enemy side, Nathan and Amber were able to execute their plans. When the black smoke disappeared, no one found anything out of ordinary. King Sebastian and general Morgan sensed the two foreign presence disappear as the black smoke dispersed.

Minutes passed while the infantry and the cavalry at the front tried to break the enemy defense line. As seconds passed, King Sebastian had this uneasy feeling taking over his heart. He wanted to know what the enemy was doing under the black smoke.

“Good job Amber, Nathan. It’s time to make loud noises.”


With the snap of Scott’s finger, King Sebastian finally got his answer.

Booom! Booom! Booom! Booom!

King Sebastian and general Morgan widened their eyes in shock and in disbelief seeing all of the siege weapons being exploded. Like a chain reaction, with one explosion all over Siege weapons also exploded at the same time, leaving no time for the soldiers who were around the Siege weapons to escape.

The explosion was so intense that the whole battlefield shook. The infantry and the cavalry troops stared at the explosion with their eyes wide open and their mouth wide enough to fit an egg inside.

Just as the explosion ended, without wasting a single second, Henry took over the command. [Everyone this is our opportunity. Now advance. Kill the enemy. Without their siege weapons, we have nothing to fear.]

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