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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 51: Beginning stage of the War [II] Bahasa Indonesia

[Everyone this is our opportunity. Now advance. Kill the enemy. Without their siege weapons, we have nothing to fear.]


[Kill the enemy]

The Istarin troops who previously has been on defense now finally got their chance. Without the siege weapons, they had nothing to worry about. The infantry and the cavalry used this chance to take charge while the archers retreated back.


[Watch out for the enemy]

[Kill the Istarin troops]

[Don’t be distracted]

King Sebastian and general Morgan both were still in shock and in a daze. Everything that just happened felt like a dream to them. Never did they think that underestimating two 1st-orders would cost them this dearly.

“Archers, prepare your arrows and rain down the enemy troops with arrows.” Even since the Istarin troops have managed to trick everyone and have managed to destroy their siege weapons, the Zulux Dynasty forces still have 10,000 archers in their army.


10,000 arrows covered the entire sky. Scott’s face turned pale seeing the sky being covered by 10,000 arrows.

[Everyone, take cover from the arrows.]



Not everyone in the Istarin army was able to react quick enough to dodge the 10,000 arrows that rained down on them. Many troops didn’t even have shields to protect themselves. However, it was not just the Istarin troops that died in the rain of 10,000 arrows, many Zulux Dynasty infantry and cavalry troops also died from the arrows that rain down from the sky.

However as the fight continued, everyone realized that the Istarin troops were at disadvantage. The Istarin troops were rapidly dying while the Zulux Dynasty troops were still more than 45,000.

“Henry, I think it would be better to call the Wyverns now. At this rate, our troops won’t last long.” The Zulux Dynasty army is simply too big compared to the Istarin troops. In front of such a large number, formations did not matter at all.

“But if we call the wyverns I am sure King Sebastian would order his two generals to join the fight. We have to hold on until his Majesty arrives. Only his majesty has the power to take on their generals.” Having fought multiple battles under King Aditya, all troops and generals believed in their hearts that with their King, they will never lose a battle.

The trust that Aditya’s troops and his generals had in him was more like blind faith. If Aditya told them that they could win a battle against the continent’s greatest kingdom, no troop would doubt his words. They believed in their King’s words to the point where they didn’t doubt the fact that their King was capable of taking down two Mid 3rd-order generals while still being a beginner 2nd-order.

Another 10 minutes passed, by this time the Istarin troops had lost almost 10,000 of their army while the Zulux Dynasty only lost less than 5,000 troops. As minutes passed, the Istarin troops were being pushed back as the Zulux Dynasty troops attacked them from three sides, slowly pushing the troops backward.

“This battle is entering its crucial stage yet their King still hasn’t appeared. I am starting to think that King Aditya has fled, leaving his army behind with false hope.” After 10 minutes, Oscar also returned. After scouting a 10 km area around the battlefield, he couldn’t find the location or even small signs of the Wyverns that were King Aditya’s pets.

“I am also starting to believe that. Let’s wait for another 5 minutes. If King Aditya doesn’t arrive by then, the two of you can join this battle and end this whole battle quickly while keeping our casualties to the minimum level.” King Sebastian’s heart ached in pain whenever he looked at his destroyed siege weapons. Each siege weapon took him more than 1000 royal gold coins and a half year time to build.

And just like that, another 5 minutes passed, and King Sebastian ran out of patience. “Oscar, Morgan, both of you can go wild. Crush the enemy forces. Also if possible don’t kill the enemy generals. I will take my sweet time in torturing them.” With all the humiliation that King Sebastian had faced, he wouldn’t leave the Istarin troops just like that. He wanted to wash the shame that his Dynasty suffered with the blood of the Istarin troops.

“Yes, your Majesty.” Oscar had a crazy smile on his face. He currently looked more like a bloodthirsty beast who couldn’t wait to cover his entire body in the enemy’s blood. Compared to Oscar, Morgan was calmer.

Both of them disappeared from King Sebastian’s side and appeared in front of the Istarin troops. “Let’s get this party started. Morgan, you can take the left side. Leave the right side to me.” Female general Morgan simply nodded her head as she cast a 3-star dark spell.

The air around Morgan turned black mist. The 10 meters area around Morgan was covered in black mist. When the black mist dispersed, hundreds of skeletons holdings swords, spears and bows stood surrounding Morgan.

Morgan, 4th and newest general of the Zulux Dynasty. It has been only 9 years since Morgan become the fourth 3rd-order in the Zulux Dynasty. After reaching the 3rd order, king Sebastian made her the 4th general. Unlike the other three generals, Morgan’s class was more special. Her class was Necromancy. It is said that she could summon 10,000 skeletons capable of killing any Peak 1st-order.

Unlike Oscar, Morgan was a Magical cultivator with dark nature affinity. It is believed that Morgan is the best dark magic user in the whole Zulux Dynasty. She specializes in darkness buff magic.

Meanwhile, Oscar simply grabbed his greatsword and jumped at the Istarin troops. Under Morgan’s orders, 10,000 powerful skeletons rushed at the Istarin troops.

“This is bad. The whole situation just got worse.” Scott’s face turned pale seeing two 3rd-order generals slaughtering their soldiers like killing sheep. Each multiple Istrian soldiers was being slaughtered without any mercy.

Just as the situation was starting to look direr, all the Istarin troops suddenly relaxed when they heard a powerful roar shaking the battlefield.


The crazy and bloodthirsty look on Oscar’s face changed after hearing the loud roar that for a split second caused the entire battlefield to tremble. “So they finally decided to show up.” From the distance, King Sebastian was standing at the top of the mountain two 4 Wyverns approaching the battlefield.

Upon a closer look, he found a handsome young man standing on the back of the largest Wyvern. Seeing those pairs of red dragon wings, he immediately recognized this young man. Even though both never saw each other in real life, both knew each other so well that even from a distance of kilometers both were able to recognize each other.

“Aditya” King Sebastian’s eyes flashed in hatred. Today no matter what happens, he will settle the debt of humiliation.

“It’s the Wyverns”

“His Majesty is here”

“Thank God. Now we have nothing to worry about.”

“With his Majesty, our victory is confirmed.”

It was strange for the Zulux Dynasty troops to see the Istarin troops smile and relax even though they were currently being pushed back by an army of 45,000. The confidence that the soldiers had on their exhausted faces, left many including general Morgan confused. Scott, Amber, Tyler, Henry, Eleonor, Josh, and Nathan all had smiles on their faces. Their King had the power to turn the whole tide of this battle. Now that their Majesty was here, they no longer had anything to worry about.

What kind of man king Aditya was? Just his appearance on the battlefield was enough to give willpower to his exhausted soldiers. Just his name was enough to make the injured soldiers who previously were lying on the ground stand up. Even though the number of Istarin troops number has been reduced from 25,000 to 11,000, just hearing that lord’s name they looked more confident than the Zulux Dynasty army who were actually pushing the enemy. “What kind of ruler King Aditya really is?”

For the first time Morgan, the Necromancer class holder general asked herself this question. Compared to king Aditya, their King Sebastian was lacking in many places. The difference between the two Kings was simply too huge. One fought for his reputation while the other fought to win. While one cared was arrogant, the other was confident. In front of King Aditya, Sebastian was simply not worthy enough to even call himself the ruler.

“Is this what a true ruler is supposed to be like?” Morgan joined the army when she was only 15 years old. The army was the best place to get resources that could help her in progressing. Morgan’s goal simply was to stand at the top. She never cared about her social standings, her reputation, or her public image. She was very different from the other three generals who were greedy and ambitious.

Morgan simply served King Sebastian without any respect in her heart even though she never showed King Sebastian any disrespect. As a warrior, Morgan only respected a strong warrior who was ready to fight a battle to death without caring about their life. When she looked at the young man standing at the back of the 3rd-order Wyvern, her heart immediately started respecting that man.

“King Aditya, you finally came. I have been dying to fight you. Now that you’re here, let’s dance.” Aditya glanced at the man who was slaughtering his soldiers while looking at him with a blood-thirsty grin on his face. Aditya had heard about general Oscar who was known for his ruthlessness in the battle.

“Sure let’s dance till death stops us.” Dark blue lightning constantly flickered around Aditya’s body as he spread his Crimson wings and flew off. The next moment, under the gazes of thousands, Aditya’s whole body became a blur to the point where the normal soldiers were only seeing Aditya as red light with blue lightning flickers.

“He is fast.” King Sebastian’s face turned pale as he realized the difference in both of their strengths. Previously he was foolishly thinking of fighting Aditya and defeating him. But he realized he was how wrong he was. King Aditya can kill him within a few seconds. This man was out of his league.

Holding the Crimson Dragon’s wrath, Aditya appeared in front of Oscar and swiftly landed a kick on his stomach that sent him flying all over the way.



Like a cannonball, Oscar was sent flying more than 200 meters away with a powerful kick from the Dragon king.


Oscar, the general crushed a giant boulder of 15 meters in size. The boulder inevitably cracked from the impact as Oscar coughed out a mouthful of blood and groaned in pain.

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