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“By the way, do you have any pill that can turn off my pain receptors?” Aditya wasn’t some mad lad who liked experiencing pain. if possible he wished to avoid any kinds of pain in this surgery.

“My pills lose their effectiveness when the black heart is put in your chest. As long as the black heart is placed in your right chest, you will feel a new kind of energy. The mana will be foreign to your body. Your body will try to fight against the new foreign mana causing you pain in the process.”


Aditya was now looking a little nervous. Even in his previous life, he had had any kind of surgery. This whole thing was a new experience for him.

“Grandpa Watson, please tie his hands and feet.” Julia handed a golden color rope to Watson. As Watson tied Aditya’s right hand on the right side of the bed, he curiously touched the golden rope.

[Holy rope]

[Mid-4-star artifact]

“What is this holy rope? Where did you get them from?” Aditya asked while looking at the functions of the golden rope.

“I just borrowed these ropes from the guild Master. She was kind enough to let me use these.” After 3 minutes, Aditya’s arms and legs were tied very tightly.

“Open your mouth.” Julia fed him 3 blue pills.

“These pills should temporarily turn off your pain receptors.”

Julia’s right hand trembled for a second before she bit her lip to calm herself. Just like a professional doctor back on earth, she neatly made a long vertical cut on the middle of the chest. Aditya felt no pain or anything.

“Watson, give me the black heart.” From the transparent rectangular container, Watson picked up the Black heart which now had decreased in its size. Before the heart was the size of a fist but now the black heart had shrunk down to half of its original size.

Unlike before, the ice around the heart had melted down. The heart was covered in a dark purple layer of mana, the dark purple mana was constantly flickering. It was like Watson was carrying a dark purple orb flame.

“The extract for which I used your Crimson flame produced this dark purple color and also has caused the heart to shrink in its size.” Under Aditya and Watson’s nervous gaze, Julia took her time to insert the black heart under his right chest. The whole process would have been very painful if she had not fed him those pills.

After inserting the black heart, Julia quickly fed Aditya a 4-star healing pill. As Aditya’s body began to rapidly heal, he felt a cool and refreshing foreign mana entering his body.

Aditya closed his eyes as he could feel a small itching sensation on the right side of his chest. As he kept breathing, the foreign mana in his body kept increasing. Without Aditya even realizing it, his original heart started beating super fast.


Aditya’s entire body jerked up. With each passing second, the pain in his chest was increasing. It was like his body was being burned from the inside out.


Soft moans and grunts escaped his mouth. Aditya tightly clenched his fists, he gritted his teeth, trying to endure the inhuman pain that he killing him from inside out.

‘When will this hellish pain will come to end?’ Tired and frustrated Aditya wanted it all to be over and done with. But Aditya desperately kept himself busy with mindless tasks and chores, but nothing really helped to ignore the pain.

Julia and Watson panicked seeing blood coming out of Aditya’s eyes, nose, and ears. “Julia, what’s happening?” Watson asked in a panicked tone.

“Grandpa, I don’t know. This was not supposed to happen.” At this point, Julia’s entire body was trembling as her voice sounded really desperate.

“Aditya, are you alright?” Julia hurriedly checked his pulses. However, the pain was so great Aditya’s mind stopped working. His brain couldn’t process Julia’s words.

After what felt like an eternity, Aditya finally felt his senses returning. He felt the overwhelming pain gradually end as the foreign mana in his body successfully merged with his original mana.

[Ding! The Blackheart has merged with the host.]

[Ding! The host’s mana has increased. Mana [2,500+]

[Ding! The host’s agility has increased. Agility [100+]

[Ding! The host has learned a new passive skill Lightning dash]

Julia and Watson noticed Aditya’s body had stopped twitching. Seeing this Julia hurriedly went to check his pulses. “His heartbeat is now normal.”

“Thank God.” Watson sighed in relief. For a moment he assumed they had messed up.

Seeing Aditya’s fingers slightly moving, Julia knew that he was about to wake up. Just like she expected, the Dragon King opened his eyes.

The first thing that came to his view when he opened his eyes was the concerned face of the Goddess of Alchemy.

“Where am I?”

“Aditya? Thank God, you’re awake.” A huge smile appeared on the concerned face of the princess.

Aditya got up and looked at Julia with a confused face. “Who are you?”

“What?” In an instant, Julia’s face turned pale. Her entire body slightly trembled as she stared at Aditya in disbelief.

“What did you say?”

“I asked who are you?”

“Milady what happened?” If Aditya really had lost his memories then this would become another huge problem for them.

“I don’t know what went wrong.” Julia murmured in a daze as she sat on the chair next to the bed. Her eyes were filled with sadness, she was trying her best to fight her tears.

Meanwhile, Aditya glanced at Watson and winked his left eye with a teasing smile. Watson immediately understood and a relieved smile appeared on his face. He went along with Aditya’s plan.

“Are you sad?” Aditya innocently looked at Julia.

“No, I am not.” A drop of tear rolled down her right cheek without her even noticing.

“You’re really crying. Do you miss him?” Aditya asked pretending to be the third person while he wiped the tear with his right hand.

“I miss him.”

“Did you love that person?”

“I love…..Wait a minute…” Julia realized who was asking her all these questions. She raised her head to find Aditya smiling at her.

“My wife, I missed you too. Now come here. Let’s me give you a nice kiss.” Aditya closed his eyes and moved his head towards her head.


“You asshole.”


“That really hurts.” Aditya rubbed his right cheek.

“Hmph! I should have punched you a few more times.” Inwardly Julia was very embarrassed. She nearly said the words that she held dearly in her heart.

“Hahaha! You’re cute.” In response, Julia coldly glared at him which Aditya pretended to not see.

“The operation was a success. Though I wasn’t ready for the pain.” Aditya got up from the bed and wiped the blood on his face with a towel.

“Your Majesty, are you leaving? I think you should wait and let Milady do some tests on you.”

“There is no need for that Watson. I trusted the Goddess of Alchemy with my very life. I will be alright.” Hearing Aditya’s words, Julia’s cheeks slightly flushed red. She felt very happy hearing his words.

“I will be going, Watson. If things go according to plan, when this war ends, the Istarin Kingdom will become a 4th-tier powerhouse.” Also now that the Nepoca Kingdom were attacking, Aditya wasn’t going to let them go.

“Good night princess. When I return next time, you better give me the kiss that I owed you.”

“I never owned anyone any kiss. You can kiss the dogs on the streets if you are so desperate.”

“Hahaha!” Aditya laughed and flew off to the sky. Seeing Aditya leaving, Julia suddenly felt lonely. She has been eager to meet him for weeks. If possible, the Goddess wished to spend more time with her husband though she would never admit it openly.

“Don’t worry milady, maybe next time his Majesty will take you with him.”

“I don’t know to go with him.” Watson failed to notice the small smile on her face. Julia began to clean everything and visit a certain guild leader for giving Aditya the heart of a peak 6th-order Lightning Forest deer.

Meanwhile, Aditya was flying twice as faster as his previous speed. “With the black heart, not only my mana has taken a huge leap, but even my speed also has increased.” Dark blue lightning flickered around Aditya’s as his body cut through the clouds and dashed toward. The benefits from the black heart were huge.

“I also got a new passive skill.

[Lightning Dash]

[ X-star ]

[Description]: – A special type of skill that was gained from having the heart of Peak 6th-order lightning forest deer implanted into the user’s heart. The rank of skill depends on the power of the host. –

[Function 1]: – This skill relies on lightning nature. Using lightning nature the user’s speed can be increased by 10 seconds. Each time a lightning dash is used, the user’s speed will be increased by [100+], and it will consume [5+] mana per second to keep the skill activated.]

“100+ speed? That’s literally insane.”

Aditya opened his status panel.


[_Name: – Aditya Bainnith

_Race: – Dragon

_Bloodline: – Crimson Heavenly Dragon

_Class: – War Dancer, Rune Monarch

_Level: – 89

_Innate Skill: – Instant learning and adaptation, Crimson Blaze, Weapon Grandmaster, Runic Enchantment, Dragon Transformation

_Passive skill: – Eruption Wave, Crimson Blink, Silence Mind, Blast of Divine Fury, Aura of Soul Fire, Lunar Vision, Disturbance of Blessings, Mystic Surge, Charm of Inferno Rune, → ([New]Lightning Dash)

_Artifact: – Bracelet of Wind Fairy, Crown of Seven Sea

_Strength: – 209

_Speed: – 277 + [100+] → 377 + [100+]

_Stamina: – 209

_Health: – 209

_Mana: – 281 → 2,781

_Free stats: – 68 ]

“My mana has literally surpassed the 2700 mark. My mana should be higher than any 3rd, 4th, and 5th order. Maybe only 6th or 7th orders can compare.” Aditya could feel his black heart. With the black heart, Aditya’s mana regeneration has also increased. Not only that, but even his natural healing speed also has increased.

After an unknown period of time,

“Commander the enemy is only 5 km away from us.” While Aditya was returning to the frontline, 25,000 of his troops and his 7 generals were currently facing 50,000 enemy troops.

“His Majesty still hasn’t returned yet. The battle will start at any given time.” Henry, the 7th division leader, and the last general in the group spoke.

Currently, after seeing the huge number of the enemy, the confidence of the Istarin troops was not that high. In times like this, they needed their king so the King could provide them with the moral support they need.

The whole battle was taking place in an open area that surrounded mountains. The whole place was 15 km in size. From the other side, the Zulux Dynasty forces were slowly marching. Today unlike before, the enemy had Cannons and ballista.

A ballista sometimes called bolt thrower, was a missile weapon invented by the Zulux Dynasty that launched either bolts or stones at a distant target. While the Cannons of this world were 10 times more powerful than the cannons on earth. The cannons were built with 2-star metals. Each Cannon shot was powerful enough to annihilate 100 soldiers.

The enemy had over 100 Ballista and 200+ cannons. Along with 10,000 bowmen that can shoot arrows while hiding behind the cavalry and infantry, the Istarin army was in real trouble this time.

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