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“Who missed you? Hmph! This princess was busy with her work. I got no time to worry for anyway.” She replied without looking at Aditya.

‘She is tsundere after all.’ Aditya walked without making any noise. Without Julia noticing, he walked right behind her. He leaned forward bringing his face closer to her right ear and whispered into her ear. “I missed you a lot.”

“What are you doing?” Julia jumped back and glared at Aditya like an angry kitten. She was acting as if someone had stepped on her tail.

“Hehe! I missed my wife of course. Come here, give your husband a kiss.” Aditya spread his arms and walked toward Julia for a kiss.

Julia for a second was left speechless seeing how shameless this man was acting. “You shameless Dragon”



“What was that for?” Aditya held his stomach and looked at Julia with a painful expression.

“If you try to act shamelessly again, I will punch a 100 times.” Surprisingly the right fist of the alchemy goddess is more powerful than it looks.

“Why does it feel like I have heard this dialogue before?” Aditya murmured as he rubbed his stomach.

“Hmph!” Julia snorted and then resumed what she was doing before.

‘What was that? He completely surprised me. You shouldn’t act so shameless in front of Grandpa Watson.’ Deep in inside, she was very embarrassed. When he leaned forward to whisper in her ear, Julia felt her heart would nearly stop beating for a second.

‘She is cute.’ Aditya smiled seeing how Julia acted. The more time he passed with his wife, the more he came to like her as his wife. ‘Maybe being married to her wasn’t a bad thing Afterall.’ Aditya smiled looking at Julia’s back.

Watson on the other hand had a wonderful expression on his face. The old man couldn’t describe his happiness. Just how far these two have come? Before Julia hated the fact that she was married to an alcohol addict. The whole continent made fun of the fact that the Goddess of alchemy, the most beautiful woman on the continent ended up being married to an ordinary man who is an addict.

But now things have changed so much. Watson noticed that when Aditya called her his wife, Julia didn’t deny his words. ‘Milady Onard, it looks like you can expect a grandchild in the next few years.

‘Then I will become the baby’s God grandfather. Hehe!’ Just thinking of lady Julia’s child calling him God grandfather made his heart excited.


“Shall we start the process? Time is running out.” Before coming here, Aditya forbade Watson from telling Julia anything about the frontline. There was no reason to make his kitty wife worried.

“Time is running out?”

“Yeah, his Majesty has to return to the frontline before morning.” Watson quickly added. Even though he felt bad for lying to his lady, it was for her best. Also, Julia is worried, then she won’t able to focus on making healing pills.

“Alright. I will need your Crimson flames.” Julia kept her serious face and asked while looking at Aditya.

“Why do you need my Crimson flames?”

“Because your Crimson flames are one of the highest rank flames I have ever seen. The high temperature of the flame is what I need to extract the liquid from these ingredients without actually burning the ingredients.” Hearing her words, Aditya turned to look at Watson. Seeing Aditya’s look, Watson shrugged his shoulder as if telling Aditya that even he has no idea what the Goddess of alchemy is talking about.

“….You don’t have to do much other than maintaining the temperature of the Crimson flame at the same level.”

“…..Okay” Aditya stood next to Julia and created a palm-size Crimson orb flame. As soon as Aditya summoned the Crimson flame, Julia and Watson could instantly experience the changes in the room temperature. Julia who was standing next to Aditya felt the full intensity of the flame. She felt as if her entire body was being fired by lava.

She quickly used mana to cover her. Just as she used her water element, her body temperature started returning to normal.

“Your Flame is more powerful than I expected.” Aditya strangely looked at her.

“This sounds a little wrong.”

Julia rolled her eyes hearing his comment. “….Your and your shamelessness knows no bound.”

“I…No need to say anything. Keep your mouth and let me focus.” Knowing this man’s character, The Goddess was sure that this perverted Dragon was planning on saying something shameless to embarrass her.

Aditya noticed Julia’s arms covered in a transparent light blue mana. She was using water mana to keep the temperature of her arms normal.

Julia held the Silver Dragon grass and marrow-washing grass above the Crimson flame. To prevent both of the grasses from instantly burning, she used a strange oil. The whole process was slow and complicated. After 5 minutes of heating, both Aditya and Watson looked surprised seeing a drop of strange dark purple liquid coming out. Slowly more drops of dark purple liquid were collected on a glass test tube.

“Hey, I think the glass test tube could melt at any time.”

“Okay, you can stop now.” When Aditya unsummoned his Crimson Flame, Watson, and Julia sighed in relief. The power of the Crimson flame couldn’t be underestimated.

“Are you done?” Aditya asked seeing Julia adding other liquid solutions to the purple liquid that was stored in the test tube. “No, I am not done.”

Julia then turned to look at Aditya and asked with a straight face. “Give me your blood.”


“I will need your blood to complete the serum.” Aditya nodded and then made a vertical cut on his left palm allowing blood to fall in one of the test tubes that Aditya held with his other hand.

“What is this?” Aditya asked seeing Julia taking a frozen heart out of a 1-meter big rectangular glass box. The frozen heart was the same size and shape as the heart of a human. Without any blood, the frozen heart was transparent.

“This is the heart of a Peak 6th-order lightning Forest Deer.”

“What” Watson and Aditya lost their calm hearing the casual words of Julia.

“Milady, you’re really not joking are you?”

Julia put the rectangular glass container on the table and looked at Watson with a stoic face. “Do I look like I am joking?” She then turned to look at Aditya. “I could have used the heart of a normal magical beast. Using a normal second or third-order magical beast heart would have been enough.”

Julia looked at the frozen heart. “But if I use the heart of Peak 6th-order lightning Forest Deer and turn it into your black heart, the benefits you will receive will be 100 times better than using a normal heart. There is a high possibility that you might even gain a new nature affinity.”

“Seriously?” Aditya gasped hearing Julia’s words. Before he had checked his nature affinity. Due to his Crimson Heavenly Bloodline, he only has fire affinity. If Aditya really can gain another nature affinity then his powers would take a massive leap. Just with his Crimson flame, Aditya is able to dominate his enemies. Now if he can get another nature affinity, even he is not sure how much his powers would increase.

“Yes.” Julia nodded as she gently started pouring Aditya’s blood on the Lightning Forest Dear’s heart, causing the color of the heart to change to red with small sparks of blue lightning flickering around the heart.

“But milady, how did you get the heart of a Peak 6th-order Lightning Forest Dear? I don’t mean any offense but I don’t think even the Onard house has the power to hunt or have enough capital to buy the heart of a Peak 6th-order magical beast.” In this continent, there were only 6th-order beings. 6th order beings could only be found in the central continent, Aditya’s home continent. As far as Watson could tell, no one in the Dying Isle continent has the power or the influence to get a heart of Peak 6th-order magical beasts.

And the Lightning Forest Deer wasn’t any normal Peak 6th-order beasts. In this world, there are only about 7 or 8 Lightning Forest Deer. Lightning Forest deer is also called the overlords of forests. They watch over the forests for centuries or even millenniums. They are peaceful magical beasts by nature but they can become extremely violent if their children are harmed.

Each Lightning forest Deer can move super fast, almost faster than some 7th orders. Hunting a Peak 6th-order Lightning Forest deer is nearly impossible. As far as Watson can tell, he has never heard of anyone who successfully has managed to hunt a Lightning Forest deer.

“It was not my family who got the Heart of Lightning Forest deer.” This was the first time Aditya was hearing Julia and Watson talking about her family in front of him. Aditya always has wanted to ask Julia about her family. As a man and as the King, he had no intention of asking for her family’s help, but as someone who is Julia’s husband, Aditya felt he should know more about his wife’s family. But he never really got the time or the atmosphere to ask Julia about her family.

“Then who gave you the heart of a Peak 6th-order Lightning Forest deer? Surely no one would be kind enough to hand over this type of continental treasure to you for free.” The reason Aditya calls this a continental treasure is that the value of this heart is simply too big.

“It was given to someone whom you’re connected with.” Aditya raised an eyebrow. How can he not sense the jealousy in her voice?

“So it’s one of my wives?” Aditya looked at Watson who shook his head as if telling Aditya that no woman came to visit Aditya while he was away.

“Yes, after you’re done with the war. She asked you to have a meeting with her.” Julia replied while pouring a purple liquid from the test tube.

This time Aditya could really smell something burning. Even Watson can tell his young lady was jealous. ‘I wonder who among my wives was kind enough to give a Peak 6th-order Lightning Forest deer’s heart or does my wife has a motive behind this?’

“Now you can lie down on that bed?” Julia pointed at the small bed in the left corner of the room. Aditya did what his wife said. He removed the simple white shirt that he was wearing and laid down on the bed.

Julia and Watson walked over to the bed while Julia carried the heart of Lightning forest deer on a large transparent glass bowl.

“Now listen, The black heart is complete. Unlike your other heart, this heart will only function to gather mana from the air and mana storage.” Julia then pointed to the right side of his chest. “I will connect the black heart with your Dragon heart, meaning your black heart will be connected to the rest of your body. The whole process will be extremely painful. You will have to hold on and keep your consciousness.” Aditya nodded his head with a serious look.

“Once the Blackheart has been planted in your right chest, you can never remove it. It will forever stay with you. The black heart has the healing ability of lightning forest deer. As long as you’re not dead, the Blackheart can never be destroyed.”

Aditya looked at Julia who was preparing her tools. “By the way, If the operation were to succeed, this King shall reward you.”

“Hmph! I don’t need your pathetic rewards. You being alive will be more than enough.” This was Julia’s first time doing this important and crucial surgery on someone. She never has implanted the black heart in anyone’s chest. Julia was a little nervous before but Aditya’s words helped her a calmed down.

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