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From the North, an army of 50,000 was approaching the fortress of Vrane city. Just like the fortress of Zraka city, the Vrane city fortress was built 10 km away from the city. The Vrane city fortress was built 15 km away from the Turquoise Channel which flowed from the Nepoca Kingdom to the Istarin Kingdom, to reach the sea.

As soon as the news reached Duke Sarlus’s ears, the first thing he did was to contact his Majesty.

[I am not too surprised. Seeing a weak neighboring Kingdom rise in power, anyone in their position would have done the same thing. How long do you think the enemy will take to arrive?]

[24 hours if the enemy army doesn’t take any rest along the way.]

[So we have one day in our hands. I will send Zayne with 13,000 troops]

[Your Majesty, even if you send 13,000 troops, we still won’t have enough forces to counter the Nepoca Kingdom. Not to mention their 3rd-order Duke Easton who is personally leading this battle. I don’t know if I can win a battle against Duke Easton.]

[Don’t worry, I will be there before the battle starts. For that to happen, I need some time as King Sebastian also leading an army and two 3rd-order generals against us.]

Not even one day had passed since Aditya had taken over the Asharc city he got the news of King Sebastian leading an army of 50,000, with two of his 3rd-order generals following the King to fight Aditya.


[Your Majesty, even though my words might sound offensive, I strongly suggest you and the Istarin army retreat. This time, I don’t think you can win the battle. As long as you leave Asharc city, I am sure King Sebastian won’t go out of his land as he also needs these troops to protect his other border cities.]

Aditya for a moment did not reply. Instead, he closed his eyes as he lay down on the bed in his office. This time, Aditya was doubting whether he can ensure his victory or not just like the other two times.

The only reason they won the first battle was that the troops were exhausted from continuing their march in the storm. While the second battle was won only because Aditya and the Wyvern had managed to take down the enemy troops’ generals.

But this time the enemy troop numbers are 50,000 while Aditya’s forces were only 25,000. Not to mention their two generals.

‘If it was only about taking down two generals, then I could have done it like last time. But defeating 50,000 troops, I don’t see anyway. Is this how I am going to end my plan?’ Aditya didn’t know what to do. He was being attacked by both Kingdoms which was currently the worst thing that could happen to his Kingdom.

Just as Aditya was looking out the window with a confused look, he saw a pigeon carrying a letter on its neck. “What is this?”

[Your Majesty, did something happen?] Duke Marvin Sarlus asked hearing Aditya’s voice.

[Nothing. Give a minute.]

The pigeon landed in front of Aditya. After taking the letter from the pigeon, he opened the letter. The letter only had 4 words. But these 4 words were the most important thing that Aditya needed to hear right now.

His emotions were so intense that a moment his arms began trembling as he reread those 4 words multiple times to make sure he was reading the right thing.

[We will win both battles.] Aditya suddenly said in an excited tone. His voice was slightly trembling as he said those words.

[Your Majesty, did something happen?] Duke Marvin could feel the excitement in Aditya’s tone.

[I will tell you later. For now, you and Zayne shall get ready to face off the enemy. I will be there before the battle will start. I will finish things on my part.] After that Aditya ended the meeting quickly leaving Duke Marvin Sarlus confused.

Duke still decided to do what his Majesty told him to do.

Aditya closed the door to his study room and quickly made his way to Amber’s room. Without bothering to knock, he directly entered her bedroom.


“Who is it….Your Majesty?” Amber, just came out of the bathroom wearing sexy transparent pajamas in which she was going to sleep. Her initial anger turned into surprise seeing it was his Majesty who entered her room without even knocking.

“Amber…” For a moment Aditya almost couldn’t speak as his eyes went down beyond her collarbone.

Cough! Amber coughed lightly as she noticed where his Majesty was staring. She was very embarrassed at this moment.


Aditya’s face for a moment turned red as he turned around. Even a small second was enough for the Dragon King to remember the image of two holy mountains for the rest of his life. Even when he turned his head around, his mind kept on playing that same image numerous times making the Dragon King’s blood boil.

What he saw just now was making his throat go dry and making him feel breathless. Amber failed to see his hard stick that was poking against its pant, wanting to break out from the prison and show itself to the whole world.

“Anyway, I will leave you in charge of leading our troops against the Zulux Dynasty.”

“Your Majesty, are you going somewhere?” Amber quickly asked while suppressing the embarrassment in her heart.

“Yes. I will be back before the battle begins.”

“Understood your Majesty.”

“Also one more thing, I apologize I didn’t mean to barge in.” After saying that Aditya did not wait for Amber to respond. He moved like the wind and quickly vanished.

Scene change!

Under the bright night sky and glittering stars, a figure could be seen flying in the direction of the east. The figure was flying faster than the speed of a beginner 3rd-order. The figure has been flying for 4 hours now.

Using the Bracelet of Wind Fairy which further increased his speed by adding wing elements to his wings, Aditya was currently flying towards the capital.

After a long time, Aditya finally saw his capital city. Even though he was away from the city for less than 2 weeks, the city had gone through lots of changes. “All the money I spent for construction wasn’t only for show.”

The population of the city has been on the rise. With back-to-back wins and even conquering the enemy’s territory, the citizens of the Kingdom trusted that under King Aditya, the kingdom only will continue to become a better place. Many young men and women from the nearby villages have been coming to the capital to make a fortune.

“It looks like Watson has been doing a good job in my absence.” The construction work was 80% finished. The construction speed was increased with the help of earth and fire magicians.


Aditya landed on the training ground where previously all the recruits used to train. The whole training ground was empty. Aditya first took a moment to enjoy looking at his Castle. The whole Castle had been renovated to look completely new.

“Your Majesty?” Aditya smiled as he turned around hearing the familiar voice of the old man who looked energetic and excited.

“Watson, I am back.” The butler still looked the same as ever.

“Welcome back, your Majesty.”

“Where is Julia?” Aditya curiously asked.

“She is waiting for you in her newly built laboratory.”

While walking toward the laboratory, Aditya asked Watson some questions regarding the situation in the capital.

“Your Majesty, you won’t believe it but the population of the capital has doubled in just 10 days. More and more people are coming to the city. Adventurers from various Kingdoms are coming here to hunt monsters in Silver Meadow Grove.”

“That’s good. What about our project to build a port city on the eastern edge of the Kingdom? Did the construction work start yet?”

“It did. Everything is going smoothly. Though we had to deal with a few groups of bandits. Everything is going according to plan. 500 soldiers are constantly guarding the construction site. We can expect the port city to be ready before the end of this year.”

“Wonderful. Did you find any spies from the neighboring Kingdoms?”

“Yes, we did. Especially from the Nepoca Kingdom. Those spies were looking for the killer of merchant Amos.”

“Your Majesty, how is the situation at the front line? Now that you have taken over one of their border cities, I am sure the enemy will strike back.”

“Your guess is right on the money. An army of 50,000 led by the King himself is marching to fight us. While from the north, the Nepoca Kingdom is also coming with 50,000 troops led by a 3rd-order.”

Hearing the shocking words of Aditya, Watson suddenly felt like he was being struck by lightning bolts. “Your Majesty, then how can you remain so calm? You must withdraw your troops from the Zulus Dynasty territory and focus on defending against the Nepoca Kingdom.”

Aditya stopped walking and turned around. This was the first time Aditya has ever seen Watson lose his calm. “I just don’t want to keep defending. Today even if successfully managed to defend against them, tomorrow might even return with 100,000. What we will do then?”

“Watson war is fought for interest. Seeing how fast our Kingdom is growing the enemy will keep attacking us. With two victories, the Zulux Dynasty is already weakened. I want to take a risk and gamble on everything.” Suddenly Aditya’s pupils changed color to Crimson red with a vertical slit in the middle.

“My Empire is the Graveyard of Empires.” For some reason when Watson stared at those Crimson dragon eyes and heard those three words, he felt goosebumps all over his body. From the beginning, this young man has been breaking the common logic and surpassing everyone’s expectations.

Unconsciously everyone around Aditya began to believe that with their King leading them, they can even do the impossible. Even with the odds against him, Aditya always has managed to win. Watson had a feeling that soon the whole continent would know the Istarin Kingdom as the Graveyard of Empires.

“Let’s go.”

Watson didn’t say anything as he followed behind Aditya. His old heart was still wildly beating as his blood boiled in excitement just thinking of that possibility.

Knock! Knock!

Standing in front of the newly built laboratory, Aditya knocked on the door.

“Come in”


Pushing the metal doors apart, Aditya and Watson walked into a large room. The room had several long tables that had all kinds of alchemy ingredients placed on them, chairs, and a small single bed. The whole room was filled with the fragrance of herbs. Multiple white lights lit the whole room bright.

Wearing a long white coat, the Goddess of Alchemy looked quite busy with her work. Hearing the sound of the footsteps, she for a second raised her head and stared at Aditya before looking down and continuing what she was doing.

‘Is she purposely avoiding me or what?’ Aditya wondered while looking at his wife.

‘I think he became more handsome or is something wrong with me?’ On the surface, her cold face seems to make people think that she doesn’t want to talk but inside she was very happy to see Aditya back.

“Did you miss me?” Aditya asked in a teasing tone while Watson just pretended that he never existed. He had no intention of becoming a third party that everyone hates.

“Who missed you? Hmph! This princess was busy with her work. I got no time to worry for anyway.” She replied without looking at Aditya.

‘She is tsundere after all. She is not even honest with her feelings’ Aditya sighed looking at Julia.

[_Name: – Aditya Bainnith

_Race: – Dragon

_Bloodline: – Crimson Heavenly Dragon

_Class: – War Dancer, Rune Monarch

_Level: – 89

_Innate Skill: – Instant learning and adaptation, Crimson Blaze, Weapon Grandmaster, Runic Enchantment, Dragon Transformation

_Passive skill: – Eruption Wave, Crimson Blink, Silence Mind, Blast of Divine Fury, Aura of Soul Fire, Lunar Vision, Disturbance of Blessings, Mystic Surge, Charm of Inferno Rune

_Artifact: – Bracelet of Wind Fairy, Crown of Seven Sea

_Strength: – 209

_Speed: – 277 + [100+]

_Stamina: – 209

_Health: – 209

_Mana: – 281

_Free stats: – 68 ]


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