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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 129: Nightmare of the Future Bahasa Indonesia

“What is happening?” Arthur and other kings who were standing together took a few steps back in fear as the killing intent from Aditya made them feel suffocated.

“I think he is going into a berserk state. Even a 5th-order wouldn’t be able to stop him in this form.” The Deep Sea palace king cleared everyone’s doubt. But when he spoke, everyone sensed the fear and the panic in his voice.

While transforming into a dragon, Aditya noticed some people wearing black cloaks and hiding their faces under hoods standing 1000 meters away and looking in his direction.

“This dragon Monarch won’t die here alone. I am going to kill you all and then I am going to burn your children, your families, your relatives, your people to death. I am the Dragon Monarch. I shall show the world the consequences of offending the Dragon Monarch.” An endless amount of killing intent surged out of Aditya’s body. His body shape slowly started changing.

“He is turning into a dragon.” At this moment the Deep Sea palace king had fear and regret in his eyes. Without realizing he had provoked the dragon.


“What was that?”

Huff! Huff!

Aditya directly stood while breathing heavily. Everything that just happened to him felt so real. Even the pain and the anger in his heart were too real to him to think that all this was just a dream.

Aditya wiped the sweat on his forehead. Right now, his whole body was covered in a layer of sweat. “Did I see the future again?” The last time Aditya had seen a glimpse of the future. In that future version, the Zulux dynasty and the Nepoca King combined their powers to destroy the Istarin Kingdom. Fortunately, he managed to change the future but this time the threat that he was going to face was even way bigger.

Without him realizing it, he was surrounded by enemies. Aditya got up from the bed and then opened the window and looked outside.

Opening the window, he caught the beautiful view of Azure city. Right now except for a few people, almost everyone in the city was sleeping. From Aditya’s bedroom, he can see the northern walls and the gates of the city.

The Azure city of the past cannot compare itself to the Azure city of the present. The city not only expanded in size but also prospered. Now so many people call this place their home.

Aditya could feel the cold breeze that seems to warn him about the upcoming cold and harsh winter. Aditya’s eyes turned terrifyingly cold. His sharp and cold eyes looked like the eyes of a predator. Those crimson eyes seem to shine in the bright red color of the blood. Anyone who at those eyes would feel a chill down their spine. This time Aditya felt thirsty. He wanted to blood. His crimson eyes were hungry for blood.

“It seems I have gone a little soft after my win with the Zulux Dynasty. From the beginning, I shouldn’t have stopped after taking care of the Zulux Dynasty. The Nepoca Kingdom did not appreciate my kindness. Instead, King Ethan spit on it.”

Aditya tightly clenched his fist while looking at the night sky. “Before the first snow of the winter falls on the Istarin land, I will slaughter all of my enemies. No one shall be spared. I won’t stop even if I have to kill children, women, or the innocent. This was the war they started, I will be the one to finish it.”

This time Aditya was going to become the tyrant. In his nightmare, he has seen and felt the anger of his future self. Since those people have decided to attack him, Aditya is going to strike first.

If possible Aditya would have preferred not to kill the children, women, and innocent ones. But since his enemies did not spare anyone from his Kingdom. Since they did not hesitate to kill his Kingdom’s children, women, and the innocent, why should the Dragon Monarch show mercy to his enemies?

“Hahaha!” Aditya suddenly started laughing without caring if his laughter awakes up others in the royal palace.

“This is also a good thing. Before I was having doubts about whether I should attack the Nyland Kingdom. Since your son has attacked me in the future, then don’t blame me if I suddenly break this alliance and attack your Kingdom. This time no one shall be spared. After dealing with the Kingdoms, I will be going after them.” In his nightmare, Aditya has seen

“First and most importantly, I will take care of the Deep Sea palace.” Two pairs of Crimson wings appeared on Aditya’s back. The next moment he jumped out of the window and disappeared. No one exactly knew where the Istarin King was heading.

Deep inside the Silver Meadow Grove,

The silver meadow grove was one of those big forests where the magical monster lived. Even though the Istarin Kingdom is located right next to the silver Meadow grove, the Kingdom has never been attacked by the Magical animals that live in this forest. It seems the magical monsters are not interested in coming out of the forest. Even if the magical monsters happen to roam out of the forest, they are generally weak 1st-order monsters. These monsters are killed by the soldiers and sold in the food market. This was one of the ways of keeping a constant supply of meat without needing to reply to other Kingdoms.

Aditya has sent many soldier teams led by one of his generals to hunt monsters without going to the inner part of the Silver Meadow Grove. Even Aditya is not sure what lies in the inner part of the Silver Meadow Grove. But it was rumored that strong dragons and other mythical Magical monsters inhabit the inner and core part of the Silver Meadow Grove.

Aditya was not afraid of entering the inner part as he had the blood of a Divine dragon which gave him the power to control other Dragons. Not to mention the fact that current Aditya is powerful to easily kill any Peak 4th-order.

The inner region of the Silver Meadow grove had taller and thicker trees. The tree barely let any sunlight enter the deep region of the forest. Anywhere Aditya looked, the only thing he saw was the thick green trees that were covering everything.

The reason Aditya came to the Silver Meadow Grove was to find Wild Dragons or Wyverns that live here. Aditya can easily head to the Nepoca Kingdom and start destroying the Nepoca Kingdom. But that is only an ordinary solution. Today even if he destroys the threat of the Nepoca, the deep sea palace, and the Nyland Kingdom that was hovering over his Kingdom. In the future, another big powerful might try to do the same.

Aditya wanted his Kingdom to become independent without relying too much on his powers. His military cannot defeat the Nyland Kingdom without him. If Aditya wants to become the true overlord of the Eastern region, he will need the Kingdom’s military to become even stronger. The fastest way of doing it would be to either by creating more dragonians by giving his soldiers powerful weapons and armor or by taming powerful Wild dragons and Wyverns. Aditya already had done half of the first two options. Right now he wanted to find a few Wild dragons.

“Should I use my Dragon Roar to alert all the dragons?” It has been almost an hour since Aditya came into the inner region of the Silver Meadow Grove.

After some hesitation, Aditya decided to use Dragon Roar!

After taking a deep breath, Aditya used his mana to amplify his voice and let out a loud roar that almost covered 1/4th of the total inner region of the Silver Meadow Grove.


Around 50 km away,

A family of Wild dragons was currently having their lunch. The mother dragon had just hunted a Rainbow Bird which was a Mid-3rd-order magical bird. The bird was known for its strength and agility. But in front of a dragon, the bird was nothing. The dragon mother easily hunted the magical bird and bought it to feed her little dragon children.

“Look Mother is back.”

Inside the big cave, two little dragons could be seen excitedly looking at their mother who just has returned.

“I am back.” The mother dragon put the dead body of the rainbow magical bird on the ground. As soon as the body of the magical beast was put in front of the baby dragons, both baby dragons started eating the 5 meters big rainbow bird.

“How is it?” The mother dragon asked while looking at her babies with endless love in her eyes. For dragons, it was extremely hard for them to have children. It’s a miracle that she managed to give birth to twin dragons.


Suddenly hearing a loud, the mother and both of her children looked in the direction of the east.

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