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The roar of a divine dragon was so strong that it produced a shockwave destroying all the trees and instantly killing all the Mid 1st-order magical animals in an area of 100 meters. After the roar, Aditya kept standing in the air waiting for the wild dragons and the Wyverns and the magical animals with dragon bloodline to answer his call.

For the next 5 minutes, nothing major happened. This made Aditya doubt if his dragon roar worked or not. “I guess the roar did not do anything except scare off the magical animals. It looks like I will personally have to search for Wild Dragons and Wyverns.”

Aditya was about to fly off but then he stopped as he heard some sounds. “What is that sound?”



The dragon Monarch did not have to wait long enough to find out the answer himself. As seconds passed, the soft rustling sounds got even stronger. The trees and ground began trembling. All the magical animals around 5000 meters began running away. It was as if the Silver Meadow grove itself was shaking.

Aditya then sensed the presence of some strong and powerful magical animals. From the west, a few giant figures were flying in Aditya’s direction. From this distance Aditya can only see those giants’ body outlines but if was not difficult for him to know that these giants looking birds were Wild dragons.


From the north, A group of Wyvern that was being led by a dark blue Wyvern approached Aditya’s direction. At the same time, from the forest, many Wyverns and Wild dragons jumped out and flew in front of the Dragon Monarch.

When Aditya let out the divine Dragon Roar, he also stopped suppressing his bloodline which he normally kept suppressing. When his Aura was unleashed and with the roar of the divine dragon, every magical animal started running in Aditya’s direction regardless of how strong they were. To them this feeling was very difficult to express. But the call of Divine Dragon was considered as the call of Dragon God himself. Their bloodline itself screamed, their instinct told them to go in a certain direction to meet the Dragon monarch.

Around 5 minutes later, Aditya was still standing 300 meters above the ground. Except that unlike before, this time he was surrounded by hundreds of magical animals with dragon bloodline. Right now no magical animal dared to even approach 10 km around this area knowing that almost all of the strongest beings in the Silver Meadow grove were gathered here.

“Greetings to the Dragon King.”

“Greetings to the Dragon Monarch.”

“Greetings to the Divine Dragon.”

“Greetings to the Crimson Dragon.”

In the presence of Aditya, everyone felt their dragon bloodline boiling in excitement. The female Wyverns and the female Wild Dragons felt their bodies were getting especially hot. Female dragons by instinct seek out strong mates. In front of the Dragon King, they instinctively knew their King was their best mate. Having them able to bear his child would be a great blessing for them.

Dragons were completely different creatures from other intelligent races. Dragons respected and did not hesitate to worship the strongest one among them. While Aditya was only a beginner 3rd-order, because of his divine bloodline, every Dragon worshipped Aditya like their God and they would not even hesitate to kill themselves if the Dragon King orders them.

Aditya looked at all the dragons with a small smile on his face. There were hundreds of Wyverns, hundreds of Wild Dragons, half dragon goblins, and half dragon wolf pups.

‘It seems these goblins have acquired dragon bloodline due to some special conditions. But what about this half-dragon wolf pup? I never knew that a wolf pup could possess dragon bloodline.’ Aditya’s knowledge of magical animals was lacking a lot. He only knew the basics.

With a glance, Aditya counted that there were around 399 magical animals. Among them, the number of the Wyverns was the highest. There were 249 Wyverns of different types, 93 wild dragons with different elemental powers while the rest was goblins who somehow managed to acquire dragon bloodline and the last one was a wolf pup with half dragon bloodline.

Aditya silently looked at the Wild Dragon before his eyes landed on a female dragon who was carrying two small child dragons on her back.

“What is your name?”

“Your Majesty, my name is Emma. I have managed to awaken the Earth Dragon bloodline. My twin dragon children also have managed to inherit my Earth dragon bloodline.” The female dragon who has managed to awaken the Earth Dragon bloodline was around 25 meters in size. Her teethes were almost 2 meters long. She had large black eyes with vertical slits. Her whole body was covered in black and brown scales. The two small dragon twins on her back looked the same as her. Both twins were already 2 meters long and were Peak’s 1st-order powerhouse.

‘It seems awakening Earth dragon bloodline has increased her powers. Among all the beings here, she is the strongest one. Her powers are close to reaching 5th-order.’ the Female Earth dragon was a Peak 4th-order powerhouse. Because the female dragon had to lay her eggs and look after her babies, she could not focus on her cultivation. Aditya estimates that even without cultivating in a few years she will break through the 5th order.

While if she does start cultivating, in a few months she will become a 5th-order powerhouse. ‘But if she uses the pills made by Julia, she can achieve the same results in a few weeks.’

Seeing that everyone was staring at Aditya, he decided to state his purpose for summoning them.


“Everyone, I apologize for suddenly calling you all here.” Hearing the Dragon Monarch apologizing, all the Wyverns, Wild dragons, and goblins all looked at each other in astonishment. No one would have minded if Aditya had not apologized. But his few words won the hearts of almost everyone.

“I am sure some of you already know that there is a Kingdom that lies near the Silver meadow grove.” Some Wild Dragons and Wyverns nodded their heads as they knew about this. Every 10 to 25 years, one or two Wyverns would go out of the Silver Meadow grove to know about the changes happening outside.

“In case you don’t know, there is a kingdom located next to the Silver Meadow grove. The Kingdom’s name is the Istarin Kingdom and I am the King of the Istarin Kingdom. I will not waste any more of your time. Today I have come here with a proposal. I want some Wild Dragons and some Wyverns to come and protect the Istarin Kingdom.”

Aditya looked around and added before anyone could say anything. “Before you guys reply let me add this, I am not ordering you. But know this, if you choose to follow me, I promise you that I will take you to the Peak. We will stand at the top of this world. No, maybe at the top of this universe. As the Dragon Monarch, I have this power and ability.” With the system, Aditya can grow endlessly. He was confident that he and his subordinates can stand at the very top.

Everyone here would have agreed to work for Aditya. As he had the most superior dragon bloodline, every dragon or dragonkin considered Aditya as their god. And every dragon respected and obey their dragon Gods. To them, being able to serve the Dragon Monarch is itself a great honor.

Just as Aditya finished his words, everyone shouted. “We agree to follow the Dragon King and follow the Dragon king for life.” Even Aditya himself was not expecting these words. He was expecting some of the dragons or Wyverns to back out and continue staying here.

‘Well suddenly bringing all the Wild Dragons and this many Wyverns in the Istarin Kingdom will cause a big commotion that will spread all over the continent. Also, this will also alert my enemies not that care if they knew about this. But I want to surprise them.’ After thinking for a while, Aditya finally decided to take 33 Wild dragons and Wyverns. Among them, 15 of them were Wyverns while the other 18 were wild dragons.

All the Wild Dragons and the Wyverns that Aditya choose were either Peak 3rd-order or 4th-order powerhouse. “Others all can remain in living here for a little longer. Now except the ones I have chosen, others all can go back but remember that you guys are forbidden from fighting among each other.”

The remaining dragons, Wyverns, and goblins nodded before going back.

The ones who remained were Emma and her twin dragon children, the half-wolf pup, the wild dragons, and the Wyverns.

After everyone left, Aditya kept on staring at the half-wolf pup. The cute white wolf cutely blinked its eyes at Aditya. The wolf pup was only around a month old and was very weak. It’s already a miracle that other magical animals have not attacked it and killed this baby pup.

Aditya landed in front of the baby pup. Aditya can tell it was a female wolf pup. The pup’s whole body was silver-white while its eyes resembled the eyes of a dragon.

“Come here.” Aditya is not sure if the baby wolf can understand his words. But after cutely tilting his head, the pup walked up to Aditya. Aditya gently patted the pup’s head before carrying it in his arms.

“Let’s go.”


As if understanding what Aditya had said, the baby wolf barked in excitement. The pup was excited to fly first time in her life.

Aditya flew above the clouds while covering the baby pup’s entire body with a mana shield as he knew that the pup’s weak body cannot handle the strong wind pressure. The pup remained calm while excitedly looking around. Aditya and his fellow Wild Dragons and Wyverns flew in the direction of Azure city.

“What should I do with the half-dragon goblins?” After killing millions of goblins, Aditya kind of had developed some sort of negative view toward the entire goblin race. This is why Aditya did not buy the half-dragon goblins as he was afraid that the goblins would fall for their lust and try to force themselves on some females.

“Jack, can you please stop skipping work? Man, this is the ninth time I am covering for you. If the higher-ups were to know about this, they would immediately fire you.”

“Sorry brother. I just got married so you know it’s kind of hard to leave my wife home alone.” The soldier replied with a satisfied smile.

The 1st soldier rolled his eyes at the second soldier who had just returned from home. “I wish I could also get married. But I cannot as I have to pay my family’s debts before I get married. Before I start a family, I want to finish paying all of my debts and then live a happy life in this Kingdom.”

“Just how much debt you have left anyway?”

“I already have paid 1/5th of my family’s total debt by working extra hours. I was able to save a lot of money when the food prices went down and also the benefits that we get as soldiers.”

“Yeah. I heard the soldiers from neighboring Kingdoms don’t get that many benefits. Even their monthly salaries are lower than ours.”

“Not one can become as great as His Majesty. Not only he passed a law to give a 10% discount to all the soldiers and their families, but he also increased our salaries which previously was 1 gold coin. Now our salaries are 1 gold coin and 50 silver coins.”

The second soldier leaned against the wall and looked at the clear blue sky. “I can’t believe how many the Istarin Kingdom has changed. I guess surrendering to the Istarin Kingdom was the best choice. His Majesty turned all the war prisoners into soldiers of the Istarin Kingdom. Aside from getting a 10 percent discount, we also get monthly grains, free health care, and also a pension of 100 royal gold coins after a service of 15 years.”

“Under his Majesty, everyone is happy. When we worked as soldiers of the Zulux Dynasty, the job of being soldiers felt more like a duty. We were only doing it because we had no other option of earning monthly income but ever since I became a part of the Istarin Kingdom, I have had this deep desire to protect this Kingdom. I am sure that even if I end up dead, his Majesty will take care of my family and make sure that my family never starves.”

Just like any other day the soldiers were busy guarding the city walls. Right now everyone was relaxing, talking to each other and some even played games as they knew no one would be bold enough to attack the capital of the Istarin Kingdom in broad day light. No one in the city had expected this even in their wildest dreams.

Suddenly a giant shadow blocked the sunlight. This made one of the soldiers glance up. When he looked up, his face turned deadly pale as his entire body trembled.

“Everyone, we’re under attack.”

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