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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 128: Factions that are hiding under the Sea [II] Bahasa Indonesia

“Your Majesty, did you call me?” At this moment Aditya was engraving runes on a 4-star bow. He was adding runic enchantment to this 4-star bow for Scott who mainly used a bow to fight.

“Alex, come inside.” Almost 2 months ago Aditya had saved Alex and his family from getting killed. He killed the thugs who wanted to kill Alex and his family. After saving them Aditya has given Alex the chance to work as a royal official in the royal castle. Alex directly worked as the unofficial prime minister. Now that Watson had taken a few days of leave, Aditya had ordered Alex to come and help him with the mountain of paperwork that was lying on his table.

“Alex, how have you been doing?” Alex is the first royal official of the Istarin Kingdom. This itself gave Alex more privilege and more power than other royal officials. Currently, there were more than thousands of royal officials working directly under Alex.

2 months ago, Alex was nothing but a poor man who had a mountain of debt. His financial condition had gotten so worse that Alex did not even have enough money to afford 3 times meals for his family. If Aditya had not saved him that night, Alex and his family would have either died from starvation or would have been killed by the thugs from whom Alex borrowed money.

Alex closed the door and walked inside the King’s study room. Even though this room was called the King’s study room, it was used more by Alex and Watson. There are times when Alex and Watson would spend days in this room.

“I have been doing very well. Thank you for asking your Highness.”

“Alex, can you please take look at these documents and find out the best candidates.” Aditya was planning on recruiting 100 more royal officials. The current Istarin Kingdom was just too big. 1000 officials were not enough.

“Your Majesty, I think you should take things a little easy and take some rest.” Next to Aditya’s table, there were 19 various kinds of weapons. Aditya has spent the remaining day engraving runes on these weapons. He had planned these weapons to be used by his generals and his dragonians. All of these weapons were 4-star weapons.

“Alex, I can’t do that. Since you have been working under Watson for almost two months now, you should know that a storm is going to come.” Alex seriously nodded his head.

When the war with the Zulux Dynasty ended. Something strange was happening in the northern part of this region.

The northern part which was made up of numerous small 2nd-tier kingdoms stopped fighting. No one knew the reason for these Kingdoms to suddenly stop the war. At first, Aditya thought that these small kingdoms are taking a break to recover their military forces.

But when Aditya left, Watson got some serious news from the Majins who were secretly spying in those Kingdoms. Aditya had spread his spies to every Kingdom in the Eastern region. Several of his spies reported that all of these small Kingdoms were preparing for a big war. The hostility and animosity that previously existed between all these small Kingdoms now disappeared. Each of these small Kingdoms was starting to share its resources with each other.

“Your Majesty, I feel that these small Kingdoms on the north have secretly forged some alliance between themselves. In the last 100 years, these small kingdoms have never stopped fighting among themselves. I feel that these small Kingdom kings have a bigger aim this time.” Aditya also agreed with Alex. The news concerned Aditya even more knowing that the Nyland King’s health suddenly started deteriorating.

“I don’t understand why would these kingdoms suddenly put behind their differences and start preparing for war. Are they planning on attacking the Nyland Kingdom?” Even if these small kingdoms joined hands and attacked the Nyland Kingdom, the Nyland Kingdom would still win as they have a 4th-order powerhouse protecting their Kingdom.

“Or maybe they have some ambition of conquering the Istarin Land?” Aditya’s crimson red eyes turned cold. If those Kingdoms have planned something like this, he won’t end the war till he conquers each of these small kingdoms.

Aditya and Alex were soon immersed in their own world. Both men were focused on their work and had no time to chat.

After about another 30 minutes, Aditya finally put the pen down as he looked at the golden bow with a satisfied smile.

“Finally done.”

[Venomous Serpent]

[Rank: – Mid 4-star]

[Description: – A special type of weapon that has deadly poison powers. Whenever the Venomous Serpent is used to shoot arrows, the arrows will have poisonous powers. The poison is potent enough to instantly kill even a Mid 3rd-order cultivator. The Venomous Serpent has been enchanted with runic magic making the bow even stronger. The poison won’t work on the owner of the Venomous Serpent. The power of the poison won’t work on Peak 4th-order or any higher-order cultivators. ]

[Abilities 1: – When the Venomous Serpent is used to shoot arrows, the power and the speed of each normal arrow is increased by [300+].

Abilities 2: – Once the Venomous Serpent has been marked by the blood of the user, the bow cannot be used by anyone other than the user himself.

Abilities 3: – Using the Venomous Serpent the user can shoot up 4 arrows at the same time.

Abilities 4: – Increases the chances of landing a critical strike on a 4th-order powerhouse by 20%. Increase the chances of landing a critical strike on a 3rd-order powerhouse by 40%. There is a 100% chance of landing a critical strike on a 1st-order.]

‘Simply too powerful. 4-star weapons are already deadly enough. Now that I have added runic enchantment on his 4-star Venomous Serpent bow, Scott now holds the weapon to take down a beginner or mid-phase 4th-order cultivator despite being only a 2nd-order cultivator. But then again, the speed, reaction speed, and reflex, vision, and power of a 4th-order is something that a 2nd-order can never compare against. Scott will have to find a way of landing his arrows on a 4th-order.’

A few hours later,

Aditya was tightly clenching the bedsheets. His whole body was covered in a layer of sweat. His eyes slightly trembled. His heart was beating too fast. His dragon blood was boiling in anger.

“Price Arthur, I would have expected you to betray me in the end. You always have been a greedy person. It was my fault for trusting you in the first place.”

“Hahaha! Don’t blame anyone Aditya, Istarin King, Aditya. If you want to blame anyone, then blame yourself for offending the wrong faction. Your existence is a threat to my Kingdom. The Nepoca King, Sir Ethan wants his territory back. The Deep Sea Palace wants to take revenge on your Kingdom for killing their men. You bought this on yourself.”

Right now Aditya could be seen on his knees. Blood was covering his chest. There were many deep wounds and cuts all over his body. The Istarin king seems to have lost one of his eyes and also one of his arms. There was also a 3 inches big hole on his left thigh. Behind Aditya, the whole city was in flames. A sea of flames was devouring the whole city.

The royal castle of the Istarin Kingdom was completely destroyed. Behind Aditya, the bodies of his 7 generals, the bodies of the King of Thera Kingdom, and the Thera Kingdom’s general, the dead body of Alex, all the servants and the maids who worked in the castle, and the bodies of hundred thousand soldiers were lying dead.

Right now the entire Istarin Kingdom was in flames. All of the royal officials and nobles of the Kingdom were slaughtered.

Aditya breathed heavily. Right now his eyes were filled with endless killing intent for these men who took away everything from him. These men were responsible for the deaths of millions. The whole Istarin Kingdom had become a graveyard for millions of innocent people. It did not matter whether it was an elder or a woman or a child, everyone regardless of their age, gender, or race, was mercilessly killed.

“Arthur, since things have come this far. Since I have lost everything, I will also take away everything you all held dear. I respected your father, the previous Nyland King but even your dad won’t be able to save you from the wrath of the dragon Monarch.” Suddenly a bright crimson red Aura surrounded Aditya’s entire body.

“What is happening?” Arthur and other kings who were standing together took a few steps back in fear as the killing intent from Aditya made them feel suffocated.

“I think he is going into a berserk state. Even a 5th-order wouldn’t be able to stop him in this form.” The Deep Sea palace king cleared everyone’s doubt. But when he spoke, everyone sensed the fear and the panic in his voice.

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