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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 113: Political game Bahasa Indonesia

Early in the morning,

“Aditya, I have prepared what you’re going to wear today. Why don’t you go and check it out?”

“Alright. What about Julia?”

“She had gone out to spend some time with her friends. She will be back before evening.” The party was going to start late in the evening. Aditya still had many hours in his hands.

“Alright, I will go and practice some sword moves with general Eddie.” Since had had nothing else to do, he might as well go to the training ground and do some training. It was kind of fun and enjoyable to fight someone like general Eddie. Aditya knew that he can learn many things from sparring with Eddie.

“Aditya, I want to tell you something.”

“Yes?” Sophie sat on the couch and then signaled Aditya to sit down on the other couch.

After he sat down, Sophie looked at Aditya as if she was looking at her own son. Aditya can feel the motherly love and warmth in her eyes. After staying in this castle for 15 days, Aditya had come very close to the Onard family.

“Previously when we had invited all the nobles and our allies for Julia’s birthday party, we had expected almost all the invited persons to attend this party. But the sudden appearance of the mana portal and the goblin invasion has changed many things. You might not realize it but currently, your name has spread almost every north of this northwestern region of the continent.”

After giving a few seconds of silence to let Aditya digest the information, Sophie continued. “Before everyone knew you as the future fiance of the Goddess of alchemy. But after your heroic deeds to stop the goblin invasion, right now you have a unique identity of your own. Not to mention the fact that almost everyone in the northwestern region of the continent knows that you’re a divine Dragon. Though I am pretty sure that this news will soon spread throughout the whole world.”

“Aunty, are you worried that some powerful noble might try to eliminate me?” Aditya asked understanding Sophie’s concerns.

“I am not worried. Your powers are well known to everyone. Even after knowing about your ability, some idiot does try to eliminate you, the Onard house and the Emperor himself have your back.” Aditya might not realize but even the Emperor held a favorable impression of Aditya.

Knowing that Aditya was a divine dragon, the Emperor wouldn’t hesitate to use his powers and resources to help out Aditya. The emperor was willing to go as far as to offend the neighboring Empires for Aditya’s safety. The reason the Emperor was willing to go so far as to protect Aditya was that he was a divine dragon. Having the bloodline of divine bloodline confirmed that sooner or later, Aditya will reach 7th-order even if he stops cultivating. Which Kingdom wouldn’t want to ally itself with a future 7th-order powerhouse?


“Let me explain.”

“The Onard noble house held great influence inside and outside the Empire. When you went on a date with Julia, I am sure pretty much every noble and big figure who had their eyes on my daughter also had learned about you. At first, those big figures did not care about you thinking that they can deal with you at any given time. But now that you have shown your powers and your bloodline was revealed, almost everyone has changed their thoughts of you.”

Aditya understood what Sophie was saying. Julia was the Goddess of Alchemy. She was the golden goose that everyone had their eyes on. Whoever managed to get this golden goose would have a way of becoming the supreme powerhouse on the continent. This was why almost everyone faction on the continent wanted Julia. When Julia reached the age of 14, many emperors, kings, and dukes from the continent and also from outside the continent asked for Julia’s hand in marriage.

It was because of Julia that Aditya’s generals managed to reach 2nd-order so quickly. It was because of her pills, that the Istarin army was able to rapidly rise. Her pills healed countlessly injured and fallen soldiers. Her pills have helped thousands of soldiers in reaching a new height. She did all these when she only had the lowest-grade herbs and alchemy ingredients.

This was the northwestern region of the Dying Isle continent. This region of the continent was considered the richest, most prosperous, and most developed part of the continent. This region of the continent had the most number of 5th-order cultivators. The northwestern region of the continent had the highest quality herbs, cultivation resources, and alchemy ingredients. Compared to other regions on the continent, this region was simply heaven to the cultivators.

If some faction managed to bring Julia to their side. Julia would be given high-quality alchemy ingredients to make pills which would only keep on increasing that faction’s military powers.

At some point, even the Emperor of Echo Dominion had thought of asking Julia’s hand for the crown prince. But fortunately, Adam was sharp enough to guess what his Majesty wanted to do. So before the Emperor could bring that topic, Adam already had indirectly rejected the Emperor’s offer.

Of course, the emperor could have pressured Adam by using political and military powers to give his daughter to the crown prince, but that simply would have backfired on him knowing that the Onard household held the most military power after the Emperor. This whole thing could have started a civil war which the King wanted to prevent from happening.

Also, the King did not want to lose the loyalty of the Onard house. For generations, the Onard house has been standing behind the King and supporting the Empire. Taking action against the Onard house would be a great loss for the Empire.

“Meaning right now almost everyone is attending this party to see me.”

“Yes. Among every noble and big merchant who is going to attend this party, you should keep your eyes on a certain noble.”

“Who is that noble?” If Sophie is being careful of that noble, that noble must be someone who has great strength rivaling the Onard family or maybe even surpassing the Onard noble house.

“House of Addison”

“House of Addison?” Aditya frowned at hearing this name.

“The Addison noble house is a family with almost 5 centuries of a long history. The Addison noble house is our biggest ally outside the Echo Dominion Empire. It was the house of Addison that stood with the Onard house for more than 300 years. Both houses had always remained allies.”

Sophie couldn’t help but sigh. She was starting to feel bad for involving Aditya in this political game. “The house of Addison is our biggest trading partner as well. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Addison house had some hand in the Onard family’s rise in military powers.”


Sophie sighed another time before looking at Aditya. “But recently the relationship between both houses has been on a decline. If it was before the Addison house would have sent reinforcement to help the Onard family in fighting the goblin invasion. The Addison House did not send any reinforcements even when Adam had personally written a letter and asked for their help. They pretended as if they never got the letter.”

“Actually the relationship between both houses had a big crack when Duke Addison asked Julia’s hand in marriage. Adam refused Duke Addison without even taking a second.”

“Even if Adam had not refused, the Emperor simply wouldn’t have allowed this marriage to happen.” The Addison house was a part of another Empire located on the border of the Echo Dominion Empire. If a foreign Empire gets the Goddess of alchemy, even though both Empires are currently neutral and have a friendly relationship, within a few decades, it wouldn’t be surprising if the other Empire rises in power and takes over the Echo Dominion Empire. So in a way by declining Duke Addison’s offer, Adam avoided a major international conflict from taking place.

“From the beginning, the House of Addison had a strong interest in Julia. They even went far as to send the young master, also known as the next and future head of the Addison house to Apogale city so that the young master could make Julia fall in love.”

“Adam and I, both of us love our daughter. We don’t care about the fact that she is the Goddess of alchemy. Even if she was a normal girl, we still wouldn’t have sold her off as political marriage. We wanted Julia to find the person she loved. The reason why Adam remained quiet when Julia left the northwester region of the continent, was because he and I wanted to use this chance to let everyone cool off as the marriage proposals and pressure. were getting out of hand.”

Aditya dryly laughed hearing the last part. Given Adam’s character, if not for the current situation he simply would have went to the Istarin Kingdom and killed Aditya before returning with his daughter.

“I think the decision to let you live alone helped her mature. As a mother, I am very proud of my daughter’s character. She and Zak is the best gifts we ever got. I hope you will also take care of her.” At the end Sophie bowed her head a little.

“Aunty there is no need to bow your head. I will protect her using my own life.”

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