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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 112: New skills and new powers [II] Bahasa Indonesia

“Brother Finn, I think we should have taken the second path. This path is more exposed and the chances of us encountering people on this path is very high.”

“Idiot! You always worry too much. We have five two 4th-order cultivators and all of us are third-order powerhouses. Even if we encounter someone or some party, we can easily deal with them.”

“Also don’t forget that as long as we managed to sell these rare metals in a foreign Empire, we will become richer than some lower ranking nobles in this Empire. Just imagine the things you can do with that much money.”

“I guess you’re right. I should stop worrying too much.”

“Good. But I still think we should have taken the second route even if taking the second route would have taken us a few extra days. After all, we’re currently in the territory of Duke Adam who is also known as the Wild Lion. If that man got even the scent of a group of smugglers passing through his territory, he will do anything to find us.”

“Hehe! Fear not. Even though Duke Adam and his rumored Son-in-law had managed to stop the mana wave from destroying Apogale city, I heard that the surrounding cities and villages weren’t that lucky. Also, the damage caused by the heavy rain before the dungeon gate opened and the damage from the goblin invasion, all this would keep Duke Adam super busy for the next few months.”

“By the way, I heard that the rumored Son-in-law of Duke Adam was the one who was responsible for stopping the goblin invasion. It was said that despite being Peak 2nd-order, he was able to kill Peak 4th-order goblins which is absolutely horrifying. Only the Goddess of War was able to accomplish this kind of thing before.”

“Though no one has an exact estimation, it is said that that man alone had slaughtered more than 4 million goblins. Right now I beginning to doubt if the Goddess of War can do the same.”

“Yeah. Right after he broke through 3rd-order, he used a super powerful attack that wiped out all the remaining goblins. The attack was so strong that, some weak 1st-order cultivators even lost their consciousness just from the lightning striking sound.”

“I do wonder from where Duke Adam found this young man. If he was this impressive, then his name should have spread every corner of this continent.”

“I am guessing he is someone from other continents. Maybe he is from Westnia.”

“If Lady Julia and that man do get married then they would be known as the super couple on this continent. While the wife is the Goddess of alchemy the husband is a beast that can match the Goddess of War in terms of strength.”

“Bro, say whatever you want but I refuse to believe that man can beat the Goddess of War. Have you all forgotten the Goddess of War alone had slaughtered 9 fifth-order cultivators? If I remember correctly she still has not reached the fifth order yet. Just imagine how powerful she will be when she reaches 5th order.”

13 bandits, who were rogue cultivators had come together to do stealing and robbing. The 13 rogue cultivators did not belong to any faction or any powerhouse. They needed resources to cultivate which they obtained from robbing merchants. 13 bandits have killed thousands of people. The only thing that these 13 bandits cared about was money.

Currently, the bandits were going in the northern direction. They wanted to exit Duke Adam’s territory as soon as possible knowing how frightening the Wild Lion was. Who in their right mind would want to provoke the Savage Lion?

Enraged Lightning!

Suddenly an intensely bright light blinded everything in the area for a second. Following the intensely bright light, every magical beast and people within a 10 km radius heard a powerful lightning striking sound.

『Ding! You have killed Mid 4th-order cultivators. Experience points have been saved.』

『Ding! You have killed Mid 4th-order cultivators….』

『Enraged Lightning Spell』


『Description: – Another special skill that was learned because of having Storm Marshall class. This is a special skill that once even harmed powerful gods and goddesses. This skill was said to be lost. Currently the host is the only one possessing this skill』

『Function 1: – By consuming [1000+] mana, the user can summon a powerful bolt of chaotic lightning. Chaotic lightning is twice more powerful as regular lightning. Note: – this can be used once every 4 hours.』

“This is a nice skill.” A figure landed right before the carriage which was being pulled by a Fire horse.

“Now that I am done with the bandits, I get to keep a small percentage of the rare metals that these bandits were smuggling.” Aditya found that his attack had turned the bodies of the bandits to ashes. He picked up the storage ring that was lying on the side of the carriage in which he found the rare metals smuggled by these bandits.

“They are very rich.” When Aditya peeked inside the storage ring, he was surprised by the number of rare metals inside the storage. There were different kinds of rare metals that had different types of properties.

Scene change____

Knock! Knock!

“Who is it?” Aditya heard an irritated voice.

“Can you open the door first?” Aditya asked back.

“If you’re someone who is looking to get a new weapon forged, then you can leave. I don’t make weapons for outsiders.” Right now Aditya had come to the Onard house blacksmith. The blacksmiths were only allowed to make weapons and armors for the faction to which they belonged to.

After a few seconds of silence, the old man opened his eyes hearing what Aditya said. “My name is Aditya.”

For the next few seconds, Aditya heard no reply.


Opening the iron doors, Aditya found an old dwarf who was only 1.2 meters tall and had a muscular body. The dwarf had a long beard and bald hair. He was holding an alcohol bottle in his right hand. Aditya instantly knew that this old man was drinking when he knocked on the door and this was why he sounded so irritated.

After opening the door the old dwarf did not say anything. He instead kept on staring at Aditya’s face. These days he has been hearing the name Aditya hundreds of times a day. As the blacksmith of the Onard family, the old man also kept an eye on the things happening around the castle.

“So you’re Lady Julia’s fiance. Brat, you better take care of Princess Julia, otherwise, this old man will personally beat the crap out of you.”

“Don’t worry, under my watch, she will never shed a tear.”

The old dwarf has heard of the things that this young man has done. Even though he wouldn’t show it on his face, deep down he was very impressed with Aditya. He knew that the Onard family owned him a lot.

“So what do you want today? Do you want to get an armor or weapon forged?” The old dwarf asked to which Aditya shook his head.

Instead of replying, Aditya took out a small square-shaped piece of dark blue crystal. “This is a 4-star mana crystal. From where did you get such rare metal?” The old dwarf looked very excited seeing this crystal in Aditya’s hand.

Aditya mysteriously smiled in response. “Let’s just say I earned this 4-star mana crystal with a little bit of hard work. Anyway, do you think you can make me a pendant using this mana crystal?”

The old dwarf took the mana crystal from Aditya’s hand and checked the quality of the crystal for an entire minute. “Of course, I can. I can make a 4-star pendant with this mana crystal. As long as you add rune enchantment, this 4-star pendant will also work as a 4-star artifact.”

Aditya smiled as this was what he also had in his mind. “Great. How long would it take you to make this pendant?”

The old dwarf narrowed his eyes instead of replying. He observed Aditya’s face for a moment. “You’re planning on giving this pendant to Lady Julia?”

Aditya nodded as he had nothing to hide here. “Yes. please keep this a secret.”

“Hahaha! Kid, you remind me of my younger self. Don’t worry, I will make the best pendant with this 4-star mana crystal. You can return tomorrow to get the pendant.” After saying this thanks to the old dwarf, Aditya left.

The remaining 5 days passed very quickly. In those 5 days, everyone was busy with work. Aditya focused on practicing his rune skills. Julia and her maid Paige were constantly making pills, increasing their reserve of pills. Adam and Sophie were busy with Julia’s birthday. This year, nobles from the Empire and also from outside the Empire were going to attend Julia’s birthday. Adam and Sophie needed to make sure that everything went well, especially with the security of the city.

Early in the morning,

“Aditya, I have prepared what you’re going to wear today. Why don’t you go and check it out?”

“Alright. What about Julia?”

“She has gone out spend some time with her friends. She will be back before evening.” The party was going to start late in the evening.

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