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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 114: Birthday Party [I] Bahasa Indonesia

“Aunty there is no need to bow your head. I will protect her using my own life.” These words were simply not said in the heat of the moment. When Aditya came into this world, Watson and Julia were the first two people whom he saw and met. They were the people who stood in the shadows and continued to support him even when his previous self had given up on everything.

There was no way the Dragon Monarch is going to let anything happen to the woman whom he has come to love.

“Thank you, Aditya.” Sophie even though she did not say it out, deep down she and Adam both knew in their hearts that they were extremely lucky to have Aditya as their son-in-law.

“Alright, I will head to the kitchen. I am going to make a cake for Julia.”

After Sophie left, the expression on Aditya’s face changed as he opened the system and explored its new function of the system.

『Ding! The host has triggered a new function of the system. Please check out the new function of the system later.』

『Ding! The Dragon Monarch needs to have his own Dragon Palace and his own territory. In order to reach the second step of becoming the true Dragon Monarch, the host must complete some requirements.』

『Ding! There are currently two requirements that the host needs to complete to advance on his path to becoming the true Dragon Monarch.

『1. Expand the host’s territory over an area of 500,000 km².』

『173,000 km²/500,000 km²』

『2. Gather the materials needed to build the legendary Dragon Palace. 』

『Required materials: – 100 tons of gold, 50 tons of silver, 50,000 spirit stones, 100 tons of refined iron』

“I can easily expand my territory but how I am supposed to get all these materials? Forgot about getting 100 tons of gold, just getting 50 tons of silver would be extremely difficult.” Right now the Istarin Kingdom was in the middle of being developed. In the last month, Aditya had used almost all the gold coins in his treasury to launch many new projects in different cities. It would take some time before those projects could earn him profits. Even if he uses all revenue, it still wouldn’t be enough to get 50 tons of silver. Aditya has to look for some other method.

“Although I have opened the port city, the city is still far from being completed. It will at least another month before the port city can finish the construction work.” Right now Watson in Aditya’s place was negotiating with foreign merchants and bringing foreign goods to the Istarin Kingdom.

As soon as the construction of the port city was finished, Aditya won’t have to worry about money. At that time his Kingdom’s revenue will be increased by almost 3 times.

“But I don’t want to wait that long. The fastest way of getting rich was to plunder from others.” Aditya closed his eyes as he began to look for a target that he can plunder right after returning to his Kingdom.

“Because of the peace treaty agreement with the Nepoca Kingdom, I cannot attack them. As I have forged an alliance with the Kingdom of Thera and the Kingdom of Nyland, there are also out of question. So my only choice would be to look beyond the Nepoca and the Thera Kingdom.” What lay beyond the Nepoca and the Thera Kingdom was a chain of 2nd-tier Kingdoms that constantly fought among each other.

“I can conquer those 2n-tier Kingdoms in a month. But this act of mine might bring a crack to our alliance with Nyland and Thera Kingdom.” Conquering those Kingdoms would mean that the Istarin Kingdom will surround the Kingdom of Thera and the Nyland from 2 sides. It was not that Aditya cared much about the alliance from the beginning. Given his current powers, he can deal with the Nyland Kingdom as well.

What worried Aditya a little was an alliance between the Nyland, Thera, and the Nepoca Kingdom. If Aditya breaks off the alliance by offending the Nyland or the Thera kingdom he was sure that these three Kingdoms would immediately join hands to take down the Istarin Kingdom.

There were no true friends in politics. Everyone fought for their best interest. If the Nyland Kingdom had not seen the Istarin Kingdom as the rising power, they would have continued silently supporting the Nepoca Kingdom. The Nyland Kingdom only forged an alliance to prevent Aditya from attacking the Nyland Kingdom when the current King steps down from the throne.

“The succession civil war between the princes of the Nyland Kingdom is inevitable. Even if the old King did not want it to happen, things already have been set in that direction. When that happens, the Nyland Kingdom will be at its most vulnerable period.”

“At least for the next few months, I don’t see any Kingdom starting a war.” Even the Nepoca Kingdom’s King, King Ethan has been strangely remaining quiet. This was especially weird given that he was a hot-blooded man.

“Another place that I am not paying enough attention to is the sea.” The Istarin Kingdom was extremely lucky that the Kingdom was located right next to the sea.

“The sea is full of treasures.” Aditya closed his eyes as a plan of exploring the sea near his territory began forming in his mind. Aditya can use the 500 Sea elves that he bought from the slave merchant.

“Maybe I can also fight underwater.” Aditya was not sure about this possibility but he felt after his bloodline evolved to divine rank, he can live underwater as well.

After about 10 minutes of silently thinking, Aditya shook his head as he stood up to leave the living room. “Sooner or later, there is will another war. As soon as the old Nyland king passes away or when King Ethan runs out of patience, another war will start. At that time, I will have the chance of expanding my Kingdom and finally, I will have a chance of turning my Kingdom into an Empire.”

It was evening, the sky had turned red-orange color. The Apogale city seems to have recovered from the Mana wave and Goblin Invasion. The citizen looked happy and the city was lively as before. Multi-color lights were bustling around the city.

Only the people who are residents of this city can tell that today Apogale city was more crowded than usual. The whole city was full of people. Not just that, the whole city was beautifully decorated with paints, murals were drawn on the walls, and hundreds of soldiers could be seen giving free food to the poor and needy ones.

Today, in every class people had big smiles on their faces. Whether it was poor or the rich, everyone was smiling, looking very happy. Today was a special day. Today was like a festival. Today was the birthday of the Goddess of Alchemy, the princess of the Onard family, and the birthday of the most beautiful woman on the continent.

Every year Adam and Sophie made sure to spend a huge sum of their revenue on celebrating their daughter’s birthday. It was Julia and Sophie’s idea to give food to the poor and needy ones. Every year on this date, the people of this city would get to experience a festival that brings them joy and happiness.

The whole city was patrolled and guarded by more than ten thousand soldiers. Neither Adam nor Sophie wanted anyone to interrupt their daughter’s birthday. Adam did not care about money when it came to the security of this city. Not to mention the fact, that tonight many powerful and prominent figures of the continent and also from outside the continent were going to attend the goddess’s birthday. Adam had to make sure that the safety of all the VIPs.

The Castle of the Onard family which stood at the center of the city was the main place of attraction. Everything around the castle was glowing in light golden color. Hundreds of royal carriages were parked outside the Onard family castle. For this special occasion, the entrance of the castle was fully opened.

Standing outside the gate, Adam personally welcomed every guest. The party had started around an hour ago. Nobles from all the over the Empire and also from outside the Empire kept on coming one after another. Adam has made sure to invite all of their allies.

“Lord Campbell is coming.” Adam looked at the golden royal carriage that stopped in front of the entrance of the Castle. Two servants opened the royal carriage doors. Adam’s eyes turned a little cold when Lucian the very same man who challenge Aditya walked out of the carriage. Behind him, another old man with short white hair and shaved beard came out.

This old man was around 5 feet tall and had a muscular built body. This old man was the second strongest duke of Echo Dominion Empire. The head of the Campbell family, also known as Duke Campbell looked at the Wild Lion also known as Adam.

When both Dukes stared at each other, everyone in the surroundings felt the temperature was dropping. There seem to be some invisible sparks that both were throwing at each other. The Onard noble house and the Campbell noble house, both were rivals for generations. And this rivalry was going to continue along the future generation. Both Dukes held respect for each other even though neither of them would show it on their faces.

When the Mana portal appeared, even though the Onard family was Campbell’s rival, Duke Campbell did not hesitate to order half of this army to assist and help the Onard family. Both Duke Campbell and Duke Adam were extremely loyal to the Empire. For the sake of the Empire, both dukes are always willing to put behind their rivalry and work together.

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