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Divine Path System – Chapter 816: Bloodbath Bahasa Indonesia

The Abyssal Army on the planetoid prepared themselves for a bitter struggle.

Their lives were dedicated to protecting the Abyss race from the upcoming catastrophe.

Most of them wouldn’t live to see the day their race becomes truly free.

Peace must be built on the bones of their enemies. But the path to it would only come through their blood.

“Long Live The Abyss Race!”

“Glory To The Abyss Race!”

The warcries of the two hundred thousand Abyssals shook the ground. The air itself seemed to resonate with their cries and for a moment, the planetoid seemed to have come to life as it roared with the Abyssals.

Varian’s killing intent grew thicker and thicker.

The sky turned dark as gloomy clouds covered the planetoid. Lightning arcs snaked from the clouds, ready to strike down the aliens and blast them to smithereens.

The strongest in the army were only level 7s. They had already asked their superiors for reinforcement. The reply was quick but brutal. ‘By the time reinforcement reaches there, you’ll be wiped out.’

There were a total of six bases where the Abyssal army was concentrated, each headed by a commander.

They quickly reorganized themselves and grouped in seconds. Their forces were finally concentrated and they’d be able to deliver their strongest blow.

But not a single commander was under no delusion they had any chance. They accepted their inevitable death.

But they didn’t opt for a painless and cowardly death. They wanted to inflict the most grievous wounds on Varian they possibly could.

The commanders of each base rose into the air and faced their armies for one last time.

Eyes brimming with patriotism, they said the words that lit up the entire army.

“For Survival! We will die so that our next generations can live!”

“For Freedom! So that our descendants won’t be enslaved!”

“For Dignity! So that we trample those that pushed us this far!”

The Abyss army gave up the last trace of their defense and locked their gaze onto Varian.

Pushing all the air out of their chest as they channeled their aura, they locked their gaze on the distant figure beyond the clouds.


The roars of two hundred thousand souls shook the world and tens of thousands of attacks, ranging from the level 3 to level 6, were launched at Varian.

Varian’s eyes shook for a split second by the spirit of the Abyssals. But as if that never happened, his eyes turned a shade darker.

He snorted lightly and when the attacks reached him, his figure disappeared from the clouds.

When the Abyssal army found his whereabouts, they instinctively sucked in a cold breath.

Varian was on the ground and kneeling in front of him were six headless Abyssal bodies.

They were the bodies of the level 7 commanders!

Not a single person in the army was able to see when Varian killed them!

The speed of a level 8 was too fast!

Even the strongest level 6s in the army only saw a blurred silhouette in the air earlier.

This candid display of overwhelming strength doused the enthusiasm of the Abyssals.

Even though they didn’t accept it openly, their subconscious realized that they couldn’t even touch his hair.

A sense of despair pervaded the Abyss army even as they launched their second wave of attacks on Varian.

“You dammit!”



Some Abyssals fueled their despair into power and unleashed the strength they never realized they had.

The sky and earth were filled with colorful and lethal attacks.

Fire dragons, lightning snakes, and ice phoenixes danced wildly.

Tens of thousands of Body Awakeners shot at Varian with their spears.

The five thousand telepaths tried to lock Varian down.

The three thousand space awakeners attempted to lock the space around Varian.

The four thousand gravity users attempted to increase his weight by countless times and crush him under his own weight.

The beast and Plantae awakeners used projectiles to injure him.

All of this happened at once and against one man.

Varian wasn’t delusional to think he could withstand 40,000 elemental attacks, even if they were from mid awakeners.

Nor was he stupid to fight mind battles with five thousand telepaths!

Even though a level 8 was far stronger than level 4, 5, or 6 telepaths, they couldn’t fight five thousand of them at once!

The same could be said for the space and gravity awakeners.

Numbers did matter.

But that didn’t mean they were winning.

With just some resourcefulness and smartness, Varian tackled the challenges posed by such a large enemy number.

Firstly, he made full use of the larger range. He could strike someone five hundred miles away with his lightning attacks. These mid awakeners couldn’t.

So, he simply teleported out of space, gravity, and telepaths range.

Then, he bombarded the telepaths with lightning bolts. With a single shot, a thousand telepaths were burnt to ashes without even a chance to fight back.

When 20% of the telepaths were destroyed in a single attack, the gravity and space awakeners realized the difficulty they were facing.

So, without hesitation, they set up space and gravity barriers to protect the telepaths.

Meanwhile, the elementals continued to attack Varian. So did the Body and Morphers.

Varian used the opportunity and pulled a few hundred Space and Gravity awakeners into an illusion.

“Varian, die!”

These awakeners that were protecting the telepaths until now suddenly started attacking them.

Since they were totally unprepared, a thousand more telepaths died.

Then, the unaffected space and gravity awakeners started to fight the ones under an illusion.

Varian pointed his finger at the body awakener and swiped in the air.

A huge space crack appeared near the fifty-thousand body awakeners. Then, a huge suction force appeared from the space crack as it began to close.

The body awakeners weren’t able to resist this sudden attack and were pulled into the crack.

Upon contact with the chaotic space inside the space crack, their bodies broke into pieces.

A single attack wiped out five thousand body awakeners.

Varian slapped the air and a huge frost palm appeared above the fire awakeners.

Before they could even respond, it froze their bodies and crushed them down.

Right then, the space near Varian fluctuated and five hundred space and five hundred gravity awakeners appeared.

They channeled their aura and were about to attack him.

Even if it’s him, taking the attack from a thousand abyssals was hard.

So, Varian simply used his psychic power and created an illusion.

He then teleported away.

The space and gravity awakeners who attacked him began killing themselves.

Varian launched a few more lightning strikes and finished off the telepaths and in the process, also finished off the telekinetics nearby.

The space cracks continued to appear in the army, killing thousands of Body and Morph awakeners every time.

In just a few seconds, the two hundred thousand strong Abyssal army was reduced to a pathetic fifty thousand.

Most of these were elemental awakeners.

“Come if you dare!”

“Show some courage!”

“Fight us fair and square!”

The fifty thousand Elemental awakeners bellowed.

Varian’s lips curled slightly and his figure blurred. Like a meteor striking earth, he struck the center of the elemental awakeners.

When he was about to land, he poured out all his physical strength and punched out.

The ground split and the land for the surrounding fifty miles violently shook. Cracks spread in every direction and in the next second, a huge crater with a twenty-mile diameter and five-mile depth appeared.

Since they had relatively weak bodies, Twenty thousand elemental awakeners died on the spot and ten thousand were seriously injured.

The remaining twenty thousand were about to attack him when Varian merely clapped.

The sheer shockwaves from his claps sent the twenty thousand elemental awakeners flying and fifteen thousand of them died on the spot.

Varian tapped into the air and thousands of bullets were shot at the surviving Abyssals. Tens of thousands of small lightning bolts followed.

In a blink, every Abyssal was dead.

Looking at the purgatory he created, Varian smiled with derision. “Survival? Freedom? Dignity?

Such noble ideals! But you’re as bad as those Zions and Fairies!”

Varian’s chest heaved up and down as he recalled the gazes the Abyssals showed when talking about humans during his time as Prince Var.

“Even though we’re both in the same situation, you don’t think you’re wrong in trying to kill us, because you never saw us ‘people’ in the first place!”

Varian clenched his fist and smiled coldly. “An eye for an eye. Extinction for extinction.”

A few minutes later, the final planetoid occupied by Abyssals was also cleaned up.

Varian killed a total of five hundred thousand Abyssals in less than twenty minutes!


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