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Divine Path System – Chapter 817: Hellsong Bahasa Indonesia

Planetoid Hellsong, Uranus.

“Set the barriers! Keep the formations alive! Don’t let the elemental attacks sneak past!”

“Psychics, protect our members from being hypnotized! Especially the space ones!”

“We can do this! We must!”

The orders from the superiors rang across the fortress.

Standing in the middle of a plain, the red-stoned fortress was now facing an Abyss invasion.

The sky was shining as the elemental attacks rained down.

The human army inside the fortress was divided into multiple groups.

The group on the ramparts, composed of elementals, psychics, and gravity awakeners was assigned to stop the body and morph awakeners from jumping into the fortress!

Every second, hundreds of Abyssals and beasts tried to enter the fortress.

Most of the time, they were either hit by the elementals’ attacks, deviated by psychics, or pushed away by the gravity awakeners.

But every few seconds, a couple of Abyssals managed to enter the fortress.

Then, the small but agile group responsible for clearing the intruders jumped into action.

Consisting of speed-specialized body awakeners and ice users, this group quickly froze and slowed down the intruders before killing them off at the fastest possible speed.

With the cooperation of the group on ramparts and this clean-up group, the Abyssals were having a hard time infiltrating the fortress.

Of course, the defenders weren’t having it easy either.

Most of the groups in the fortress are assigned to engage with the invading Abyss army.

The psychics of the Abyssals tried to hypnotize humans and create distractions. The psychics in humans stopped it from happening as they tried to do the same in the Abyssal army.

The elementals from both sides were engaged in intense combat. The Abyssal elementals shot the attacks at the fortress and the human elementals replied in a befitting manner.

Fire faced water. Water met Lightning. Lightning hit Earth. Earth met Fire.

The air outside the fortress was bursting with brilliant colors as the elemental attacks flashed.

But no one had the leisure to appreciate this beauty.

The Abyssals were hellbent on invading the impregnable fortress and gaining a decisive victory to conquer the planetoid.

The humans inside the fortress weren’t under too much pressure, but they didn’t lax for even a second.

While the battles on the ground continued, the sky was also filled with fewer but more mind-boggling matches.

The level 7s and level 8s were all fighting above the fortress.

The people in the fortress and on the plains were only able to see blurs of silhouettes followed by tremendous shockwaves and roars of explosions.

Even though the high awakeners took special care to stay away from the battlefield, soldiers from both sides continued to die from the unintentional shockwaves.

The level 7s were fighting just a few miles above the fortress.

The biggest brawls occurred between Beast Morphers that transformed into flying beasts.

Griffins, winged snakes, unicorns, and more.

These creatures from both sides clashed against each other. For a while, it seemed like the war wasn’t between humans and Abyssals but between beasts!

Of course, the beast battles were quickly overshadowed by the elementals.

Lightning dragons, fire spears, and ice arrows filled the sky.

Then there were space awakeners. Most space awakeners were in the fortress and they poured their space power into the inbuilt formations to build up chaotic spaces around the fortress and prevent any Abyssal from teleporting in.

On the other hand, level 7 Space humans were blinking in and out as they tried to assassinate level 7 Abyssals.

Telepaths, Injured Elementals, and anyone else who could be killed in a single strike were targeted by the Abyssals!

The Abyssal level 7s tried to break into the fortress, but the inbuilt anti-space formations made it impossible.

This was the problem with Hellsong!

It had these amazing defensive fortresses from the beginning! It’s almost impossible to conquer a fortress with an equal-sized army.

Despite knowing and failing to conquer the fortress many times, the Abyssal army was trying again today.

And they’re doing it with the same amount of military force as humans.

Anyone with a little common sense could tell it wouldn’t work.

But the Abyssals just obeyed the order and threw themselves into battle.

Before they set off for this war, the level 8 commander told them to just shut up and do it as told. Then victory would follow.

The Abyssal army didn’t doubt their leaders. So, they didn’t even stop to glance at the fights of the level 8s.

Not that they would’ve caught a good glimpse as the level 8s were a dozen miles in the sky at this point.

For a hundred miles around the level 8s, the sky was dyed red, golden, green, and gray. The colors of the attacks shone brightly in the sky, and from the ground, it seemed like a beautiful painting.

Except for two, the six humans and Abyssals were fighting and they were fighting with an intention to die as long as they could kill the other party.

The ones that weren’t fighting, the commanders glanced at each other in silence.

“Why?” Batran, the human commander, asked in a hoarse voice.

The Abyss Commander smirked. “Why else? Today is the day Hellsong will be ours!”

Batran looked at his archenemy with scrutiny. “Hellsong can’t be conquered.”

He glanced at the level 8s fighting and then at the forces on the land. “You’ll need a force twice as large.”

Hellsong was notorious for its native fortresses. If things went south, the defenders could simply lock the fortress and activate the formations.

It’s costly, sure. But without at least twice the amount of defenders, the fortress couldn’t be conquered.

That’s why, for the past forty years, not a single fortress changed ownership.

“I know what you’re thinking, Batran.” The Abyss Commander smiled. “I surely can’t bring twice the force. But I can bring someone who can ignore the rules.”

The war below suddenly stopped.

Batran glanced down and his eyes froze.

A bloody red pillar shot into the sky as a thick killing intent enveloped a hundred miles, suppressing enemy and ally alike.

An Abyssal in crimson army stepped forward and faced the human army.

Cupping his hands, he said. “I, Alec Everblood, the fifth and the weakest of Blood Heirs from Blood Province ask for your forgiveness.”

The human army was puzzled.

Alec smiled and unsheathed his sword with a click.

A thousand humans nearby clutched their necks forcefully, but a thin red line appeared and blood splurted out of the thin wound.

“Because I’ll be sending you all to death.”


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