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Divine Path System – Chapter 815: Death Bahasa Indonesia

A common saying in federation went by. “If you want to see how far you’ve progressed, return to the starting point.”

Varian felt the same thing when he began a second marathon of the eight planetoids afflicted by Wyverns.

Compared to the first batch, the second bath of wyverns all contained twenty wyverns.

Ten low level 8. Six mid level 8. Three high level 8. One peak level 8.

Compared to the first batch, this was a big improvement.

Varian didn’t encounter many peak level 8s on Pluto and was in the assumption that Abyssals couldn’t raise them.

But only now did he realize that he interrupted the wyverns and didn’t let them grow to their fullest.

Else he might’ve been chased by dozens of peak level 8s.

But despite facing a much stronger second batch, he actually finished them faster compared to his first run!

Out of the ten level 8, he froze two to death, strangled three with telekinetic force, used his plantae branch spears to slay five.

The six mid level 8 were either punched to death or cracked to pieces under space explosions.

The high level 8s tried to put up a fight and they succeeded in not getting one-shotted.

But once Varian was done with low and mid level 8s, they failed at even that.

Since he wanted to end it fast, Varian froze the space around the wyvern’s neck and shot a lightning spear.

The peak level 8 was the one creature that tried to give him an actual fight. But it folded after three attacks.

The whole fight took but forty-five seconds and once he was done, Varian targeted the level 8 Abyssals on the planetoid.

All ten of them.


“You bastard!”

“Even if we die, we’ll take you down with us!”

The ten Abyssals launched suicidal attacks. If they were in their best condition, Varian would’ve been injured at least.

But since they were fighting for a while, they weren’t able to pressure Varian.

In one minute, the heads of ten Abyssals flew into the sky and Varian’s sonorous voice reached every corner of the planetoid.

“I killed all the level 8s! Now, it’s your turn! Use every last bit of your aura, and fight to your fullest!

This day won’t come again! Nor will the opportunity to stomp on these pests!


The injured and weary human army forgot their fatigue.

Their war slogans shook the planetoid and their brutal attack crushed the Abyssals.


“War! War! War!”

“Die Invaders!”

The human level 8s were severely injured and exhausted. But they still continued fighting.

Since all level 8 Abyssals were killed, they only had to finish off the level 7s.

With their level 7s quickly falling, the Abyssals fell into a vicious cycle. Soon, the human army began to overwhelm the Abyssals.

By then, Varian had finished cleaning up the sixth planetoid.

Two more left.

Ghost ship headed to the second last one at full speed. But as they were about to land, Boo said.

“Master, this and the next planetoid have fallen under Abyssal control.”

“I know.” Varian’s expression cooled down.

The human armies on these planets were wiped out in a short period of time.

But that’s to be expected. A couple of level 8s attacking armies mostly made up of soldiers from level 4 to level 6, it would be like trying to stop the water from a broken dam with paper.

Even an army numbering a hundred thousand would be overwhelmed by high awakeners.

“Before the blood of our soldiers dries up, I’ll bury these bastards with them.” Varian’s smile turned cold. “Every single one of them.”

Boo shivered at his devilish smile.

Varian put on a normal expression and asked. “Is everything alright on other planets?”

Boo nodded stiffly, still a bit affected by Varian’s earlier image. “No major news so far. Ah, the latest update: Planetoid Hellsong seemed to have encountered a new Abyssal.”

“Oh? Level 9?”

“No. A level 8.”


“Yes. Only one.”

“Then never mind.” Varian ignored it and muttered ‘status’.

[Superhuman L8: 15k/25k (+10k)

Space L8: 8k/25k (+6k)

Lightning L8: 20k/25k (+19k)

Plantae L8: 18k/25k (+10k)

Psychic L8: 8k/25k (+4k)

Macrokinetic L8: 6k/25k (+5k)

Water L8: 8k/25k (+6k) ]

Varian sighed inwardly. Battling was really the best way for him to grow stronger.

Even without looking at the status panel, he could feel an obvious improvement in strength.

He used to be wary of peak level 8s. Now, he didn’t give a single F.

Varian even wanted to try battling the hundred and eighty wyverns to see how strong he had grown.

He retreated then because he was already severely injured by the time he had grown stronger.

But now…

“Don’t get ahead of yourself.” Varian shook his head.

Even if he could crush peak level 8s, there were still awakeners who were dealing with level 9 bottleneck.

Moreover, even with the improved strength, Varian couldn’t find any confidence in facing a level 9.

The gap was just too big.

‘Who knows…’

“Master, we’ve arrived.”

Varian’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

‘Eye for an eye.’

He walked out of the ghost ship and stood in the clouds.

The entire planetoid was now populated by Abyssals. The Abyssal army was currently celebrating their victory.

Almost all of the two hundred thousand abyssals on the planetoid were showing off their conquest—the skulls of their enemies. Sometimes, it wasn’t even skulls, but severed heads.

Drunk in victory, the Abyssal army stomped, spat, and humiliated the corpses of human soldiers.

They even started to throw the bodies around as if they were some garbage.

Varian’s blood boiled at the atrocious sight. Without another word, he fully revealed his aura.

The ten wyverns that were feasting on human corpses looked up at the sky in shock.

The twenty level 8 Abyssals that were bragging about their conquest also raised their heads as an ominous premonition filled their minds.

The Abyssal Army shivered as they peeked at the bloody mist spreading in the sky.

It was Killing intent. A killing intent so thick that it materialized as red mist.

From high above the clouds, Varian looked down at the two hundred thousand Abyssals with emotionless eyes and announced his decree.



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