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Divine Path System – Chapter 696: Time Path Bahasa Indonesia

Sarah let out a gasp as she observed the airflow around the wisp of time power.

After breaking the tiny bit of aura earlier, her divine paths reached level 1.

Using Sia’s example, she tried to experiment with her path using the space path as a reference.

Her mother was a space awakener and Sarah knew the basics of the space path despite never being one.

A space awakener’s first ability—Space Binding—solidified the space upon direct contact.

Sarah closed her eyes and focused the time power on her right palm.

Nothing seemed to change but Sia and Varian both looked at her palm with surprised faces.

Varian grabbed Sarah’s hand and observed the changes with curious eyes.

The wind that was flowing in the room slowed down slightly above her palm. It wasn’t as if the wind was slowing down, but the time seemed to be dragged.

She seemed to be able to slow down the time of the things in direct contact with her, albeit not very much.

“Idea!” Varian snapped his fingers and placed a comm on Sarah’s palm. Then, he started to play a rap song.

Without even changing the playback speed, it slowed down.

The change wasn’t big objectively, but to Varian’s keen senses, it was too big to ignore.

“Wow! Once you increase your level, you can turn rap into a ballad!” He exclaimed.

“…You see the first time awakener in the solar system and you want her to slow down rap songs?” Sia covered her face and shook her head.

Varian chuckled at her words before turning to Sarah with a serious expression. “Well, I want you to attack me with time power. Time path is the last path on my To-Awaken list.”



Sarah and Sia looked at Varian like they want to beat him up.

“You have like, seven fricking paths and you can still awaken in one more?” Sia asked in exasperation.

“How do you keep them up? I had two paths and I had to struggle to keep up with everyone.” Sarah sighed in sorrow.

“Well,” Varian rubbed his chin with serious thought. “Too much talent, I guess.”

Two pillows hit him in the face.

Afterward, Sarah held his hand and slowed his time.

‘System, get ready.’ Varian said and felt the time flow of the blood in his fingers slow down. He didn’t try to resist it and allowed it to influence his fingers as it pleased.

[Time Path Level 0: 10/30]

“Come on!” Varian cheered.

[Time Path Level 0: 10/30]

“You can do it!” Even though there was no progress, no worries. Try again!

[Time Path Level 0: 10/30]

“Harder!” Was there something wrong?

[Time Path Level 0: 10/30]

“…Well,” Varian looked at Sarah’s pale face and realized she was already trying her best.

He held her hand gently and his ‘prana’ flowed into her. Her complexion improved at a visible rate and her fatigue disappeared.

“D-Did you awaken?” Sarah asked as she rested her head on his shoulder and panted heavily.

For her, it was a completely new power. Exerting herself like that was very taxing. But she did it anyway.

“No,” Varian told the truth.

“Let’s do it aga—”

“Nah, I can wait.” Varian smiled and patted her head. “You should take care of your levels first. Break down that solid aura and climb the levels.”

Sarah thought for a moment before nodding. “I think I should retreat sooner or later and break down all the aura.”

Once she made the ‘holes’, the aura was leaking from the solid aura mass into her body. With the passage of time, the leakage would increase, the solid aura mass would crack more and more and Sarah would have to deal with a flood of aura.

Thus, a retreat was the best option.

“Well, retreat safely. I will take care of him.” Sia covered her mouth and giggled.

“…” Sarah looked at Sia and then turned to Varian with pitiful eyes.


“Make her retreat too,” Sarah said with a pout.

“Hah?” Sia was confused.

“Ah!” Varian clapped his hands and took out another potion.

But instead of giving it to Sia, he contemplated.

Sia looked at it carefully, but instead of excitement, nervousness appeared on her face. “Enigma told it’s safe, right?”

“But see what happened to Sarah…” Varian wasn’t willing to risk it again.

Sarah’s lips twitched as she recalled her own condition a few minutes ago. ‘Is Enigma trying to kill me or what? Without that white orb Varian sent me, I would’ve died.’

She shook her head at Sia. “I don’t think you should risk it. I almost thought I was gonna die.”

Enigma might be her enemy but Sia certainly wasn’t.

“B-But…” Sia bit her lip in frustration.

“I’ll confirm it, just a sec,” Varian said and closed his eyes.

‘My little cute, dear, sweet, and warm System!’

[…Host, this system asks you to use proper language.]

‘…You sadistic son of a—’

[Never mind, let’s go with the first one]

‘Alright, sweety.’

[As the system said, Sia’s existence was something that shouldn’t have been possible. Having three origins with the power of only four slivers was very unstable.

But since she already has the power of four slivers, she might be safe.]

‘Might? It’s not a certainty?’ Varian’s peaceful expression crumbled.

[The power of six slivers was only endured by Sarah because of deva’s treasure. The fact that Sia has a significant chance of survival by herself is very incredible.]

‘I don’t want to depend on chances, is there any way I can be certain of it?’

[You already have the way.]

Varian’s eyes narrowed and his pupils suddenly froze.


[Indeed. Once it reaches an advanced stage, you can help her bear the power of two extra slivers.

Even though it’s hard, thankfully, she’s already carrying the power of four slivers. Otherwise, it’d be impossible.]

Varian sighed in relief and put away the potion.

With a regretful expression, he said to Sia. “I have good news and bad news.”

“Bad first.”

“You can’t take the potion now. It’s dangerous.”

“Expected. What’s the good news?” Sia was curious.

“If we reach an advanced stage in Synergy, I’d be able to increase your safety and you can take the potion.”

Sia nodded with a look of realization.

Speaking of which, Synergy was indeed a suitable skill. With the three of them, they could—

‘Wait, I forgot something.’ Sia shook her head and a potion appeared in her hand. A blue potion.

“Varian, you won’t have a problem with the six sliver powers, right?” Sia asked nervously.

Varian asked the system for confirmation and nodded. “No probs.”

“Then try this…” Sia threw him the bottle.

Varian caught the potion and opened it to gulp it down.

But the moment he was about to do it, his hand swatted it away instinctively and the potion bottle flew out.

“Wha—” Sia held her hand in empty air and froze the potion before its contents could be spilled.

Without another word, she put the potion away.

‘Repulsion…damn repulsion.’ Sia sighed.

Seeing Sia’s ashen face, Varian decided to change the topic. With a hand gesture, a thick mat appeared in front of the sofa.

He sat on it cross-legged and looked at Sarah and Sia with a smile. “How about we try a session of Synergy?”

“Aren’t we on a vacation?” Sia snapped out of her thoughts and asked.

“Yeah. You didn’t even let us train.” Sarah crossed her arms as she recalled his tyranny. Yep. Tyrant Varian.

“I just want to do a fun activity with cuteys and explore this new technique. This isn’t training.” Varian said shamelessly.

“…Not gonna fall for tha—”


Sia’s words stopped abruptly as Sarah sat beside Varian and held his hand.

“Y-You traitor!” Sia said with a look of disbelief. Weren’t you supposed to fight back and not yield?

Sarah giggled. “I’ll be on a retreat soon, I want to spend as much time with him as I can.”

“…If you put it like that, I feel like the bad guy here,” Sia said with drooped shoulders and sat near Varian.

“First, connect the auras.”

Varian’s aura spread out like a thread and connected with Sarah on the right. In the same way, it connected with Sia on the left.

Even though he had problems being in direct contact with Sia or even taking her blood, contact with aura wasn’t a problem. That’s how he was also able to carry her in the ruins, that’s how he also interacted with Enigma in the past.

“Synergy begins!”


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