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Divine Path System – Chapter 697: Synergy Bahasa Indonesia

The world went dark and Varian found himself vanishing into the nothingness.”,

His senses disappeared.”,

No sight, no sound, no smell.”,

Varian felt like he was standing in an endless sea of darkness.”,

In the middle of nowhere.”,




Waves of light burst out from either side.”,

A wave of noble golden light from one side and a tri-color wave from the other.”,

It seemed as if two worlds filled with golden and tri-color lights collided with his.”,

The colorless world turned beautiful and Varian no longer felt alone.”,

Then, he senses a connection to these two worlds.”,

It was like a thread of honey, sweet but weak.”,

Then, something began to flow between the two worlds.”,

At first, he wasn’t sure what it was. It seemed like aura, and it surely had aura but it also had something far more subtle.”,

It was the insights of divine paths.”,

The realizations one had. The bottlenecks one faced. Things that language fell short of expressing. Insights that memories failed to copy.”,

He was suddenly feeling those out of nowhere.”,

Then, he realized these were the experiences of Sarah and Sia.”,

He had reached his level very quickly, so, Varian didn’t spend much time contemplating about his divine paths.”,

These insights filled those gaps and Varian immersed himself in the things he missed.”,

If he underwent long training, he could’ve filled those gaps himself. But this was a far more efficient method and he made full use of it.”,

On the other hand, the golden and tri-color worlds also grew brighter.”,

Sarah was able to find insights into two elemental paths from Varian. These two would be of great use for cross-referencing when she began her light path.”,

Then, through Varian as the medium, Sarah also got access to the path of darkness. It was a major help for her as light and darkness were closely co-related.”,

Then there was also the Space path from Varian and the Gravity path from Sia. These two paths would greatly aid her in advancing in the time path.”,

On the other hand, Sia was taking insights from the numerous paths Varian awakened in.”,

Since he wasn’t higher level than her in any path, his insights didn’t cause a shattering change for her.”,

However, having so many paths did.”,

The quantitative change led to qualitative change and Sia found her bottlenecks rapidly loosening.”,

Bit by bit, the path to level 9 became clearer.”,

Time passed like an endless river and the first session of synergy bore fruits as it drew closer to the end.”,

*** *** ***”,

[+500 XP]”,

[+500 XP]”,


[+500 XP]”,

When the Synergy session ended, before Varian could even open his eyes, these messages popped up.”,

[Superhuman Level 7: 8k/10k (+1k)”,

Space Level 7: 8k/10k (+1k)”,

Lightning Level 7: 8k/10k (+1k)”,

Plantae Level 7: 8k/10k (+1k)”,

Psychic Level 7: 8k/10k (+1k)”,

Macrokinetic Level 7: 8k/10k (+1k)”,

Water level 7: 8k/10k (+1k)]”,

Varian was surprised by the windfall.”,

Of course, he knew the massive XP he gained was because this was their first time.”,

From the second time onward, the XP would be far less, however, it’d remain steady.”,

There was a constraint on the session. They could only do a single session a day. The second one would be useless.”,

Despite both the issues, even if they only performed Synergy without practicing, they’d reach the peak of level 9 in merely two years.”,


Varian suddenly stopped feeling his body and his consciousness seemed to be pulled somewhere.”,


Sarah, Varian, and Sia’s brows furrowed simultaneously as they witnessed something unexpected.”,

*** ***”,

It was a rainy day.”,

The young Sarah knocked on the door of Evander’s room.”,


Today, she graduated middle school. Even though her mother went to meet her brother on Pluto, her father decided to stay for her.”,

Sarah’s joy knew no bounds and she wanted to hug him tightly and say ‘I love you, father! Thank you for coming despite your busy schedule!'”,

But after he got a call, he shut himself in the room.”,

“Father, please say something. What happened to you?” Sarah’s voice shook as she asked in a scared tone.”,

Kacha! Krak!”,

The sounds of ceramics breaking and glass shattering suddenly sounded from the room.”,

Sarah flinched and instinctively took a step back before her eyes widened and she banged the door. “Father! What happened! Don’t scare me!””,

Minutes turned into hours and there was not a single word.”,

Sarah waited and waited in front of his room until she collapsed from the stress and fatigue.”,

*** ***”,

“Day 1…””,

Blades cut down her skin. Her blood painted the container red.”,

“Day 2…””,

She was electrocuted cruelly until she fainted.”,

“Day 3…””,

She was nearly frozen to death.”,

“Day 10…””,


“Day 30…””,

I can’t watch this.”,

“Day 100…””,

Please stop…”,

His consciousness screamed but the memory continued on.”,

*** *** ***”,

Lost his mother in a day.”,

Pushed away the girl he grew up with in a week.”,

Varian’s life took a drastic turn.”,

He was scared to catch a wink of sleep since the dreams of his mother’s death haunted him.”,

It was as if she blaming him.”,

Blaming his weakness.”,

‘Why didn’t you save her?'”,

‘Why couldn’t you stop Sia?'”,

Varian knew his mother died due to Sia. But the person he hated the most was himself.”,

For the first week, he couldn’t even eat anything. He stared blankly into the distance, hoping this was a nightmare he could wake up from.”,

Sia left but he didn’t even bid her farewell. Just looking at her face, his body flinched as a torrent of negative emotions flooded his heart.”,

She was the constant reminder of his mother’s death.”,

He didn’t want to see her.”,

So, after pushing her away, Varian lived alone for the first time in his life.”,

Trauma pushed him to the edge and depression gripped him so tightly that he had trouble thinking about himself without bursting into tears.”,

‘I hate myself.'”,

Varian didn’t like to blame others. He took responsibility for everything that happened to him.”,

It was a trait that rewarded him greatly in his early life. But now, it crushed him.”,

Every night was a nightmare, every day was a living hell.”,

Varian had dangerous thoughts regarding his own life on multiple occasions, but he always resolved to live.”,

It wasn’t out of his love for life. But fear that he would die having lived such a terrible life.”,

After lots of pain, struggle, and tears, he ended up in Leon’s training hall.”,

His pain didn’t vanish.”,

But he found a way to numb himself.”,

Then, he lost himself in it.”,


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