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Divine Path System – Chapter 695: Light Path Bahasa Indonesia

Ghost ship flew to Eos city while the people inside were freaking out.”,

“I…Is this me?” Sarah pointed at her reflection in the mirror and exclaimed.”,

Not to brag, Sarah rarely found anyone rivaling her beauty.”,

Even in earth’s academy filled with geniuses who already saw a lot of people gathered, she was hailed as the number one beauty.”,


“She is pretty, isn’t she?” Varian saw the blonde in the reflection and grinned.”,

“Y-Yeah…” Sarah nodded in agreement, still reeling in from the shock. It wasn’t as if her facial features turned into something completely different. But her reflection was indeed the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.”,

It wasn’t just beauty…just by being there, it felt like she was someone mysterious and powerful.”,

“You look like an angel…” Sia sighed with an envious expression.”,

Varian stared at her for a moment and nodded seriously.”,

In the smooth silk snow-white dress, Sarah was breathtaking. Her golden hair full of silky luster flowed down to her waist, her icy blue eyes gleamed and her body seemed to be the epitome of perfection.”,

Beautiful and noble.”,

An Angel.”,

It was indeed the most suitable description of her otherwordly beauty.”,

Sarah was a bit flustered by the flurry of comments and diverted the topic. “What happened to me? The changes…””,

“Due to various factors, you obtained a physique. The only one of its kind.” Varian explained.”,

“Physique? I feel light…weird, I don’t know…” Sarah couldn’t explain it either. She felt like she ascended in some sense, but wasn’t sure as she didn’t feel anything different.”,

“I named your physique.” Varian patted his chest. “,

Sarah titled her head. “,

“It’s calle—mff.” Varian felt an invisible force shutting his mouth from speaking.”,

He glared at Sia and she shook her head fiercely. “She can’t bear it.””,

“Hmph!” Varian seemed to give up and crossed his arms. “,

Sia sighed in relief when the ghost ship’s AI made an announcement in Varian’s voice. “,

“Primal Union Body. That’s your physique name. It has the power of all six slivers.””,



Sia covered her face in embarrassment and Sarah looked at Varian seriously, wondering if she should stab him for such an awful naming sense. “,

Varian misunderstood her stare and rubbed his chin. “Did I also get more handsome? But is that even possible, I’m already at the peak!””,

“…Ignore him.” Sia shook her head and narrowed her eyes at Sarah. “How are your paths, I felt your aura drop during the process.””,

“My paths…my paths?” As she probed inside, Sarah’s beautiful eyelashes fluttered and her mouth opened in shock.”,

“I…It all disappeared?” Sarah’s legs grow weak and she almost fell down, if not for Varian catching her gently and placing her beside him on the sofa.”,

Sarah’s eyes were lost in the realization that her paths had all disappeared. Then, feeling the warmth coming from Varian’s arms, she grabbed his arms like a drowning person grabbing the last straw of hope.”,

“V-Varian! My paths…” Sarah grabbed his hands and looked at him with teary eyes.”,

Seeing her like that, Varian felt like his heart was slammed with a hammer. Holding his heart from being crushed, Varian gently brushed her hair. “Shh. It’s all temporary.””,

Of course, he asked the system for the related information already. Only after knowing everything was alright did he get into a mood to joke around.”,

“T-Temporary…?” Sarah blinked twice and focused inside her body.”,

She couldn’t feel any powers. Her ice powers didn’t respond. Neither could she channel her chi.”,

It was as if they suddenly disappeared…which they did.”,

She regressed to the unawakened stage.”,

But as Varian said, it was temporary.”,

Because Sarah found something else in her body.”,

A mass of solidified aura.”,

If she was able to access it, then her levels would return.”,


“…it’s too much.” Sarah muttered in a mix of confusion and surprise.”,

In fact, the aura in it was far, far higher than a level 6 awakener’s aura.”,

Sarah suspected that a significant part of the enormous aura she had attracted from earlier was absorbed into her body.”,

If she really absorbed it all and broke through the bottlenecks, she could compress decades of progress into mere months and leap through the ranks.”,

As for what to do now…”,

“Try to break that aura down.” Varian whispered lightly in her ear.”,

Sarah was tickled by his hot breath and blushed. Throwing a cute glare at him, she changed her position and sat next to Sia.”,

Then, she closed her eyes and focused on the solid aura. It was like a vast reservoir. As long as she made a few little holes, the aura in it would flow out and she’d regain her levels.”,

With intense focus, Sarah tried to make create tiny tracks on the solid aura. It was hard. Despite it being her own aura, she had only a little control over the solid aura. Using that authority, she tried her best and attacked a corner of the aura structure.”,

Bit by bit.”,

Failure after failure.”,

Only when the tenth-minute mark passed did Sarah manage to make a tiny crack in the aura structure.”,

A little portion of aura leaked out and like a gas diffusing in a room, the aura filled her body.”,

Then, as if a filter was present, all the ‘aura derivatives’ of the paths she didn’t possess left her body, leaving behind only three distinct aura derivatives.”,


“W-Wait…” Sarah’s eyelashes fluttered as she narrowed her eyes in suspicion.”,

Sarah stretched out her hand and concentrated her aura on her palm.”,

The three aura derivatives circulated to her fingers and escaped through her fingertips.”,

“Three?” Sia’s eyebrows jumped as she looked at the aura wisps in shock.”,

“How can she awaken again?” Varian muttered with confusion. ‘System, what’s going on?'”,

[Her Origin underwent mutation due to Primordial Blessing. It’s indeed the finest creation of devas.]”,

‘She won’t have any problems, right?'”,

[Not to this system’s knowledge]”,

Only then did Varian sigh in relief and turned to Sia. “It’s due to Primordial Blessing. You can think of her as a hybrid with three origins, but there won’t other Sarahs waking up in her.””,

Sia sighed in relief after his weird assurance. Sarah’s doubts also vanished.”,

Even though she didn’t understand how this was possible, she now at least knew why.”,

Then, Varian turned to scrutinize the aura over her palm.”,

Except for the ‘chi’ of body path, he couldn’t recognize the other two.”,

“Sarah, what is the bright one?””,

“This…?” Sarah snapped her fingers and a bright white orb materialized above her palm.”,

As she poked it with her finger, it passed through the white orb, but the orb remained the same.”,

“I don’t know, it just feels warm and comforting.” Sarah pushed the orb to Varian and Varian experienced it personally.”,

It wasn’t messing with his mind, but just by touching it, his body relaxed.”,

“Light Path.” Sia suddenly said, drawing their attention.”,

“This is light?” Sarah was taken aback. To her, Light path was only possible in theory.”,

In response to her disbelieving expression, Sia nodded strongly. “I or rather ‘we’ have three paths. I awakened Mind path, Enigma in Gravity and her in Darkness.””,

When she mentioned ‘her’, Sia’s face showed a wry smile. “Without her permission, I can’t use the path of darkness. She only lets Enigma use it. That form of tri-color hair and eyes, it’s assumed only when three paths are simultaneously controlled.”,

Enigma is stealthy not just because of the space treasure but also because of the darkness path. Compared to other paths, darkness has the highest concealment.””,

The new information surprised both Varian and Sarah.”,

Varian gave a deep sigh and asked. “Who is she? What does she want? Tell me what you know about her. Maybe we can try convincing her to let you use the power.””,

“…I don’t know much, actually.” Sia bit her lip. “She’s sleeping…so, she never took over the body as far as I can remember.””,

“Then how do you know she’s denying you the darkness path?””,

“Her will, I can feel it. It’s like her subconscious and she doesn’t seem to like me very much.””,

“I don’t know what to say.” Varian shook his head as if he was resigning from the problem. “If she ever ‘wakes up’ or ‘talks’, let me know. I want to speak to her as well.””,

“Yeah.” Sia nodded before turning to Sarah. “Darkness and Light are counterparts. Their abilities are more similar to each other than to other elements.”,

For example, you can construct weapons out of light mana, go invisible by manipulating the light around you, create mirages, and more—though, the better the senses of awakeners, the harder it is to beat.”,

I can do the same things through darkness, but there are differences.”,

And of course, since you are from Light path, you can travel at high speeds. Second only to teleportation.””,

“Not speed of light?” Varian asked with a disappointed expression.”,

“…” Sia glared at him. “If she travels at light speed, then that’s essentially time travel.””,

“Time…ah! The third aura derivative!” Varian pointed at Sarah.”,

Sarah glanced at the final aura wisp on her palm.”,

Around it, the air seemed to flow slowly…”,

Time had finally come.”,


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