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Divine Path System – Chapter 514: The Final Step [3]: D-Did I do It? Bahasa Indonesia

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Blue Flash passed from one floor to another, narrowly avoiding being found out.

With each floor, Varian’s anxiety rose.

In a few minutes, Blue Flash reached the top floor.

Boo already tracked the other floors. The materials that were going in and out of these floors were the known ingredients—they were common in both Roxanna’s and Miracle potions.

So, the final crucial ingredient could only be on the top floor.

“Boo, are there any clues about the final floor?” Varian asked in a stern voice.

Unlike the previous floors, there were no cameras on the top floor. No technological surveillance. Not even the most basic sensors.

It was a blind spot they couldn’t overcome.

So, when Blue Flash decided to sneak into the top floor’s lab, she knew full well that it was a risky gamble.

But she did it anyway.

“If this clears Enigma’s and…my fallen members’ reputation, why not?” Those were her words before she risked her life.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived.

Blue Flash slowly walked up to the final floor.

Like every other floor, this floor also had a dedicated square room in the center where the lab facility was located.

The perimeter was left open for security. And as expected, there were three level 9 guards on the four sides of the lab, leaving one side exposed for entrance.

And this lab…unlike its predecessors was covered by opaque black walls.

From time to time, packaged boxes would be sent out from here to the lower floors.

On the lowest floor, the final process took place and gamma potions were created.

One would expect the opposite of the arrangement, but for some strange reason, the crucial ingredient was given more security than the product itself.

“I have only one chance.” Blue Flash completely converged her breathing and aura. She felt the cold touch of the item in her palm and felt like she was carrying a mountain in her hand.

The senses of the three level 9s passed through her silently. Gladly, she wasn’t found.

But once she made the slightest movement, no, not even a movement. Once she even circulated her space power actively to make a move, she’d be found out.

She waited for the right time.

And waited.

And waited…

Until the door opened once again.

Her space power exploded all of a sudden and divided into two streams. The first stream went into the item in her hand and the second stream channeled into the floor.


The level 9s locked onto her the next moment.


With the sound of a mirror breaking, a large black line appeared on the top floor and the next moment, the space broke apart.

It was as if someone painted a section of the floor pitch black—the space fluctuations from the crack sucked in air and broke out into the floor.

Boom! Boom!

The heavily reinforced floor cracked apart like a cobweb while the walls started to shake.

The only thing that stood motionlessly was the black-walled lab in the middle.



Three monstrous killing intents locked onto Blue Flash along with three simultaneous attacks.

A powerful psychic power infiltrated her mind while a glowing bright red arrow—as bright as blood itself rushed at her, followed by a lightning net.

Blue Flash’s eyes began to bleed under the psychic’s attack while the space barrier she set up around her began to shake violently under the sheer pressure of fire arrow and lightning net.

“Heh.” She smirked and used her space powers.


The space around her fluctuated and tried to restrain her. As an important facility, the space restraining formation here was very strong.

But not strong to the extent that it could stop a level 9.

“Hmph!” With a tough push, Blue Flash broke through the restriction and teleported.

But right when she disappeared, the fire arrow broke her space defense and the lightning net grazed her.



The killing intent exploded from the block as three level 9s shot into the air and dashed towards the figure high in the air.

“Urgh.” Blue Flash groaned in pain as golden lightning clicked around her body.

Zap! Zap!

Hostile lightning mana coursed through her blood and damaged her organs, electrocuting her to severe injuries.

On the other hand, the skin on her body was burnt to a crisp. Every drop of blood in her body was on the verge of boiling away while her lower abdomen, where the fire arrow actually attacked, gave her a feeling that it might turn into ashes.

Her condition was serious and if she had another exchange of blows, even for a level 9, the injuries would turn fatal.

In fact, the primary reason she was so injured was that the level 9 psychic invaded her mind and weakened her space barrier. This made her an easy target and she took way more damage than otherwise.

Still, it was all worth it.

“Capture her!” A voice reverberated across the secret realm.

Blue Flash raised her head and saw the blue sky…burning as a red fire filled the sky.

A terrifying aura exploded like a volcano and locked her.

A burning red flame rose into the air and rushed at her from the horizon.

A hundred miles away, the three-level 9s were on their way towards her, but it was the fire awakener that sent a shiver down her spine.

“…Peak level 9.” Blue Flash muttered in shock.

The four auras that locked onto her tried to lock her in place.

Blue Flash channeled her space power and forcibly broke the lock, at the cost of exacerbating her injuries and coughing a mouthful of blood.

As her situation turned from bad to worse, her vision blurred.


Right as the awakeners were about to reach her, the air exploded.

The red sky was gone, replaced by a blue ceiling and a cool feeling spread throughout her body as a familiar healing potion started to flow through her veins.

“Haa!” Blue Flash sucked in a sharp breath and her vision turned back to normal.

Seeing the familiar face looking at her in concern, she managed to speak. “D-Did I do it?”

“Yes, you did,” Varian said with a bright smile.

“Hm…” Blue Flash lost consciousness with a relieved smile on her face.

“…” Varian’s smile receded and his face turned solemn.


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