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Divine Path System – Chapter 513: The Final Step [2]: Blue Flash’s Mission Bahasa Indonesia

Varian sighed silently and swiped his comm.

Kyle, Maya, and Sarah were safe.

Seth was somewhere in seclusion and according to Blue Flash, after learning about Shadow Guardians’ destruction, Gareth rushed to Seth.

‘Well, they were teammates once after all.’ Varian mused as the pressure on his shoulders fell. ‘Everyone is safe. Now, there’s only one thing to focus on.’

He looked out of the window and his gaze seemed to pierce through the large building and spot the hidden figure.

“Blue Flash…”

Blue Flash stealthily teleported into the most important building—which ironically was identified by Boo because it had the most advanced security systems.

With Boo disabling the security systems, Blue Flash only had to take care to be not found by the security forces.

When it came to maneuvering against living creatures, Athena agents were second to none.

Once she got into the building, Blue Flash tapped a ring on her and she disappeared.

No one could see her or smell her scent.

For the weak awakeners without a terrific perception, it was more than enough.

However, Blue Flash maintained her caution.

Whenever a person was about to pass by her, she’d use her space powers and ‘disappear’ for a small period before appearing in a secure location.

From the ground floor to the first floor, the second floor…

Soon, the inevitable arrived.

She avoided the mid-awakeners barely until she finally encountered the high awakeners.

From here, something seemed to change in her. It wasn’t clear what changed, but her progress in climbing to the top floor was unchanged.

Varian watched this from a hologram and silently marveled at her skill.

There were various stories, almost urban legends about these agents that operated in the dark.

Varian used to think they were exaggerations by the populace. But now, he accepted that they were in fact downplaying the real capabilities of the Athena group.



Blue Flash appeared on the seventh floor and glanced at the small device on her finger. This was the most crucial part of her mission.

‘If I fail…’ The faces of her loyal followers flashed in her mind along with the faces of selfless shadow guardians. Then, the scenes of their deaths seemed to play before her.

Her focus shook ever so slightly before she controlled herself again.

“Huh?” A level 7 guard on the floor frowned.

“What happened?” The guard next to him questioned while taking a defensive stance.

They were guarding a sensitive facility beside him for a moment. It was a large room covered by blue glass. Inside it, several herbs were subjected to a high aura concentration and extreme physical conditions before turning into a solution.

If a slight slip-up occurred, the whole floor would blow up. So, the guards were extremely cautious.

“Did you feel anything?” The first guard frowned.

“Nope. The alarm systems aren’t showing any warnings as well.” The second guard showed the readings.

“Let me check,” Shaking his head in suspicion, the first guard closed his eyes and focused his fire sense.

Szz. Szz.

Like a water wave flooding an empty crater, his fire sense filled the room. As a high awakener, he could detect even the tiniest of aura fluctuations.

Just like breathing, every awakener would give out aura fluctuations.

“She’s there.” Varian watched, rather nervously as Blue Flash stopped in her tracks on the floor.

The fire sense passed through her and she remained frozen like a statue.

A few moments passed and the guard finally opened his eyes. “Yeah, my bad.”


Blue Flash sneaked into the upper floor.

“She’s a pro.” Varian sighed.

In fact, he wanted to sneak up to at least the top floor through the ghost ship.

But since high awakeners heavily guarded this place, Boo wasn’t sure if they could escape the senses of a level 9.

Of course, if Boo reduced its size and moved very slowly, there should be no problem passing through most locations.

The only problem was that even if they could hide from level 9, they couldn’t enter the lab on the top floor. It’d always be under the strict sense of the level 9 guards.

If they still try to get in, they could be caught.

After what happened in Pluto and more recently with Julius, Varian was a bit wary of such risks.

He even wondered if there were treasures in the lab like in pluto that could resist Boo.

But even if the lab had treasures against Boo or not, breaking into the top floor’s lab—which wasn’t connected to any electronic system was impossible for ghost ship.

To be clear, this was probably the second most secure location he was trying to breach in. The first was naturally Pluto’s.

Thus, when he was in a dilemma planning this mission, Blue Flash proposed another plan.

She’d use a stealth treasure—a hybrid of the treasures that made you invisible and hid your smell and others. These treasures could easily be bought with enough money.

He was initially hesitant.

You couldn’t escape the detection of a high awakener just with those treasures.

Their senses detected the minuscule but almost continuous aura fluctuations—no living being was exempt from that property.

But like breathing, aura fluctuations could also be suppressed and hidden even from high awakeners.

Suppressing the aura fluctuations from even a level 9 was, however, a herculean task.

Not so surprisingly, as the deputy-captain of Athena’s earth branch, Blue Flash happened to be one of those stealth monsters.

Thus, combining Boo’s hacking, a very powerful stealth treasure, and her terrific aura control accomplishments, Blue Flash managed to sneak into one of the most secured structures of the federation.

Of course, if humanity improved their technology so that Bo couldn’t hack them, she’d have zero chance of succeeding.

For instance, despite her expertise, Blue Flash couldn’t sneak into the heavily guarded facilities on Pluto. The surveillance there wasn’t something Boo could master.

But this wasn’t an abyss den.

She won’t be stopped.

Today, the truth would be out!


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