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Divine Path System – Chapter 515: The Final Step [4]: Evander’s Help Bahasa Indonesia

“Master…” Boo said weakly.

“Let’s get out of here, first,” Varian said in a cold tone.


Boom! Shuaa!

Dark red flames filled the sky and transformed into a fire phoenix.

With a screech, the elemental creature flapped its wings and chased after the ghost ship.


Ghostship rushed out of the secret realm and within seconds, was out of earth’s atmosphere.

The three level 9s couldn’t keep up and only the peak level 9 fire awakener—a very old man with a long white beard, chased them into outer space.

But due to the very public display of the chase, the space patrol, the satellites, and the border army were alerted.

They checked the scene and saw an old man riding on top of a fire phoenix with bloodshot eyes.

He seemed to be chasing someone…but who?

There was no one!

“Stop him!”

The space patrol followed the command and they encircled the old man, despite his high aura.

The old man’s eyes widened in rage as he looked at the soldiers. The only reason he was able to track Ghost Ship despite it being in stealth mode was that he locked onto it through his fire sense.

But once it went out of the range, everything was over.

“Out of the way!” He yelled and with a wave of his hand, a sea of flames rose. These flames were enough to seriously injure them.

As a peak level 9, he didn’t think anyone could stop him, but he still dealt a heavy hand.

‘They dared to stop me!’

He growled. His rage only boiled further as he noticed the ghost ship was about to slip away from his fire sense’s range.

“You won’t escape!” He roared and urged the fire phoenix forward, right through the sea of fire that was burning the soldiers.



The cry of the fire phoenix stopped abruptly as it was blown away into bits of fire. Space cracked and the fire suddenly died down instantly.

A man in a high-ranking military uniform stood in front of the old man. The man looked to be middle-aged, but he had a sense of mature handsomeness beyond anyone handsome, even Sovereign Julius.

The scar on his left cheek didn’t diminish his image, but only enhanced it further by adding valor and danger to his look.

“Old guy, roll down to the prison and answer me or I’ll blow up your head, got it?” Evander asked in a cold tone.

“You! How dare you?!” The old man raised his fire mana and the next moment, Evander was drowned in a sea of fire.

As the vast flames swallowed him, he stood there silently, appearing weak and tiny.

“I can still catch them!” The old man gritted his teeth and was about to rush towards the ghost ship.

This was truly his last chance, but right then—


A cold voice came and the sea of flames, the mighty fires, the sacred punishments that seemed impervious went off abruptly.

“What?!” The old man’s eyes widened at the sight and his heart nearly stopped.

No. The fires didn’t go off abruptly.

This man…his fists were now clenched. The fires…they were quelled by those fists.

‘Just a punch?!’ The old man gulped as he felt a terrifying killing intent lock on him.

He knew full well that the only reason he was spared was his level.

As a peak level 9, he was deemed ‘useful’ for the federation.

‘But he’s also a peak level 9. Why did I lose so easily?’ The old man complained.

“The one warning is over. Act again and I’ll slaughter you.” Evander said and his figure blurred.

The next moment, he appeared beside the old man and held him by the neck. “Let’s go.”

“No!!” Feeling the tight grip on his neck, the old man cried out while gnashing his teeth.

‘Just you wait…’

“Leave him alone, high general Evander.” A cold voice appeared in the distance and golden light flashed.

Sovereign Julius appeared.

Evander was taken aback. He was sort of expecting Julius’ appearance, but not this way.

Right now, Juluis’ face was twisted and his eyes seemed to burn in rage.

But…Evander saw something else too.


“He’s chasing after Dreamer,” Julius said in a gloomy voice.

There was huge discomfort in Julius’ heart at Evander.

After realizing that Kyle, Maya, Seth, and even Gareth were missing, he finally ordered the kidnapping of Sarah.

Yes, he knew it could bring in huge repercussions, but he did it anyway. It was already a risk on his part.

But to his utter humiliation and dismay, he found out that Sarah too was missing.

For a moment, he doubted whether Evander was the one behind all this.

‘I can’t kill him. Even for me, that is beyond the line.’ Julius gritted his teeth and ordered coldly.

“Dreamer is escaping. General Julius, I said chase after him.”

“Oh,” Evander raised a brow and his comm suddenly rang.

“A planetoid is ambushed. Need to go, Sovereign Julius.” With a wave of his hand, Evander jumped into a spacecraft and disappeared.


The space shook with Julius’ screams. His rage was beyond control. Dreamer not only infiltrated the most important secret realm, he nearly sneaked into the top floor!

If not for the security…Julius couldn’t imagine what would happen.

But the worst of it all?

Even when such an emergency came, they didn’t contact him. If they did, he’d have used his ring and arrived almost momentarily.

But the cunning Dreamer seemed to have locked down the whole area. It was only after a few seconds that they were able to contact Julius.

However, for such a level 9 awakeners, a few seconds was a lot of time.

So, Julius lost any chances of chasing down Dreamer.

His day was ruined and his disappointment was immeasurable…

It’d have been ruined further had he known that Dreamer did indeed succeed in his mission.

Tens of thousands of miles away, Varian clicked on his comm.

The item that Blue Flash carried inside was a special camera. When she was on the top floor, Blue Flash created two streams of space power right after the lab door opened.

The most prominent one was used for development while the other one… was used to teleport this item into the lab.

And now, Varian saw the most crucial ingredient of the gamma potion.

His eyes widened as he stood up.



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