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Divine Path System – Chapter 505: Saving Loved Ones [1] Bahasa Indonesia

“To beat evil, you have to think like evil.”

Or so Varian believed.

So, as Julius broke down the ghost ship and pushed him to death, Varian scrambled to send a message to Enigma.

“Sarah, Kyle, Maya, Gareth—take them away.”

When she read this message, Enigma and Blue Flash were in the demon abyss.

Cross Tunnel Formation could work from dungeon to dungeon. So, they could’ve CTFed to another dungeon on Earth. But that’d have been stupid since the whole earth was under Julius’ hands.

Thus, Enigma decided to teleport to the Demon Abyss. And once they were in the abyss, they quickly escaped.

In fact, Enigma first entered the demon abyss, CTFed to the dungeon, and then CTFed back to the demon abyss.

Logically, the abyssals should’ve detected her when she was near the abyss or at least in the abyss.

Then, even if she escaped to a dungeon, they should’ve been on heavy guard. Escaping should’ve been impossible.

But Enigma decided to bear the pain once again and forcibly suppressed the tracker.

Thus, when they first entered the demon abyss, the abyssals didn’t know her exact location.

Then, Enigma already CTFed to earth dungeon, then returned and dashed out of the abyss.

By the time her suppression wore off and the tracker started functioning, they were already away from the most dangerous region.

But like every other time, Enigma paid a bitter price for suppressing the tracker.

“Haa~ I can’t bear to see you like this.” Blue Flash sighed at Enigma laying on a bed.

Her aura was chaotic and blood spilled out of her mouth from time to time. Enigma looked like a patient that was about to die any second.

She looked frail.

It was the complete opposite of her.

“He…How is he?” Enigma tried to raise her hand, but it fell down mid-way.

Blue Flash caught her hand and patted her lightly. “He should be fine.”

Even though she said that Blue Flash had an ominous premonition in her heart.

Something with how quickly Julius appeared in the dungeon didn’t add up. He was faster. While planning, they didn’t consider this.

‘No, I considered his speed being slightly higher than reported, but this is even higher…’

“…will he die?”

Enigma’s weak voice snapped Blue Flash out of her thoughts.

“No. He’ll be fine.” Blue Flash assured with a confident smile.

As an Athena group agent, she could fool almost anyone with that smile. Unfortunately, not Enigma.

She was able to discern Blue Flash’s true intentions.

“I-Is he dead?” Enigma muttered with a blank gaze as she faced the ceiling.

There was sorrow in her voice, but more than sorrow, there was overwhelming guilt.

Blue Flash bit her lip and closed her eyes. Her rational mind was telling her that he won’t survive.

It was all over.

She suppressed the growing sadness and tried to focus on the future. Enigma’s future. Humanity’s future.

Just a few hours ago, the future seemed bright and certain. Varian’s presence, his actions, and his accomplishments… somehow convinced her that the future was in his hand and it was in safe hands.

But now…Blue Flash found that she felt a sense of uncertainty and dread towards the future.

The energy, the spirit, and the confidence Varian brought with him were no more.

“I….I hope he rests in peace.” She muttered in sadness.

Enigma’s eyes started to glow as she pondered a decision. The same decision she was about to take at death’s door.

‘I will fall into a sleep I might never wake up from…but in return, I can avenge him and also have Sia safe…’


As the thought started to consolidate in her mind, her comm suddenly rang.

Enigma didn’t know where she got the energy from, but she managed to sit up and tap on the comm.

{Sarah, Kyle, Maya, Gareth—take them away.}

Before Enigma could be happy that he was alive, she shuddered at the message.

“What did he say?” Blue Flash asked with a face glowing with joy. To her, as long as he was alive, everything else would be fine.

Enigma wanted to move her hand to show the comm, but she collapsed.

Blue Flash supported her and gently placed her on the bed.

“He is alive. Now, any news is good ne—” Blue Flash stopped abruptly as she read the message.

Her eyes widened as sweat began to drip down her forehead. With a pale face, she looked at Enigma and managed to speak.

“H-His identity is revealed! He’s captured!” Her shoulders dropped as she felt all strength leaving her body.

Enigma was of a different opinion.

Having been proven wrong time and time again, Enigma chose to believe he’d be fine.


As expected, another message arrived after a few seconds.

{This is Boo. We barely escaped. Master fainted from serious injuries. He asked me to check whether the previous message is sent to you.}

“Haa!” Blue Flash breathed in relief. Her pale-faced turned ruddy and full of energy.

Enigma’s eyes also glowed brightly as she rested the irreversible thought in her mind.

Inadvertently, Solar System had just escaped a tectonic shift twice with Enigma not making that choice.

“H-He’s alive! Phew! He r-really worried me.” Blue Flash spoke in a blaming tone, but anyone could see the joy on her face.

Enigma wanted to sit up, but feeling the growing weakness in her body, she directly said. “I-I can’t help him now. Please fulfill his request.”

“Of course.” Blue Flash patted her chest confidently. “I can get them away easily.”

“We’re not on Earth, just barely an hour from demon abyss.” Enigma reminded.

“Don’t worry. An Athena Agent can do this much.” Blue Flash smirked and was about to continue when her comm rang.

Her face glowed in surprise and after reading the message, she said to Enigma. “Boo sent me the addresses of their comms and has also blocked everyone else from tracking them.”

Enigma sighed in relief after hearing that.

Blue Flash tapped her comm and ordered her loyal subordinates. “Secure a few people.”


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