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Divine Path System – Chapter 506: Saving Loved Ones [2] Bahasa Indonesia

The crowd moved through the stadium under the quick and organized evacuation.

Right when Sovereign Julius broke the space, the grand stadium crumbled. And when he finally attacked the ghost ship, hell broke loose.

Thankfully, the level 9s present reacted immediately. There was also a defensive barrier mechanism in the stadium.

With these two factors combined, despite the stadium starting to collapse, no one died.

After all, even the most normal person here was a level 3 awakener.

Soon, Sovereign Julius disappeared from everyone’s vision, but the shockwaves continued.

The emergency plan was carried out and the hundreds of thousands of crowd were quickly being evacuated.

“Hey! Is that Dreamer?” A girl gasped as she held her boyfriend’s hand and advanced in a line.

“Shh.” The boy covered her mouth and teleported them away.

Her words drew attention and people actually looked at the sound source. But seeing no one was present, the people gave up looking.

Since it was a tense situation, they were let off easily. Otherwise, they might’ve been in trouble.

The girl understood her mistake and nodded with an embarrassed face.

The couple lined up again and quickly reached the exit and after a simple check, the guards let them out.

Like many others, they were also appalled by the damage to the northern Utopia district.

The place where beautiful floating buildings previously stood was now reduced to rubbles.

“…that area is hit by the shockwaves.” The boy frowned.

‘And lives are lost in that area. If not for the barrier and level 9s helping us, we too would’ve died.’ His gaze turned sharp as he looked back at the grand stadium that continued to crumble.

Seeing the panicked faces of the crowd rushing out, the boy felt as if he was watching a new side of the world.

‘He attacked right in the stadium without caring about us.’ The boy clenched his fists at the harsh realization.

Fortunately, the stage was high above, and the attacks were blocked by the barrier.

If not…

The boy looked at his girlfriend and fear gripped his heart. So, he gripped her hand tighter and pulled her closer.

“Hey!” The girl exclaimed.

“We will get out now. Then, we can talk.” He said and taking the emergency road, they reached the exit of Utopia district.

From the large parking section just outside, their hovercar dashed towards them.


A loud roar came from far, but it caused the couple to freeze instinctively.

“Haa! What was that?” The boy exclaimed and forced himself to enter the car and pulled her in.


Along with hundreds of thousands of other hover cars, they too left the danger zone and moved towards a safe city.

“Haa! We’re finally safe.” The boy sighed and looked at the girl. She had a confused expression sa she kept tapping her comm.

The anxiety was visible on her face as she smashed the comm.

“What happened?”

“It’s not working…I need to inform my dad or he’d be worried.” The girl sighed and tried to use her comm once again.

The boy looked at it once and noticed a strange difference. His eyes widened and he said. “Hacked.”

“Huh? Hacked? Who? How? Why?” The girl opened her mouth in confusion.

“I don’t know, but we should keep moving.” The boy’s expression turned serious. “Throw it off.”

Saying so, he checked his comm and after confirming it was also hacked, threw it off. The girl followed suit.

The couple traveled for a few hundred miles and finally stopped by a desolate coast.

The girl finally took out her mask, revealing a cute face.

The boy did the same and revealed a handsome face with blue eyes.

“We used fake IDs, thankfully,” Maya muttered before pouting. “But my comm…who would hack it?”

Kyle rubbed his chin. “The academy? Maybe they found that we sneaked out?”

“…” Maya rolled her eyes.

“I was joking.” Kyle coughed and his expression turned serious. “This is a big issue. Someone might be trying to find us.”

“You’re right.” A gentle voice appeared out of nowhere, causing both Kyle and Maya to stiffen.

“You!” Kyle pulled Maya behind him and faced the woman in all black.

Even though she showed no power, Kyle knew he had no chance of winning. Just the sheer pressure the woman gave off by being there was too strong for him.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Despite the fear, he didn’t back down and asked with a straight face.

“Me…did you forget what this dress code entails?” The woman asked in a melancholic tone.

Kyle looked at her black clothes again before his eyes narrowed. “Guardians…”

“Yes. And my deputy leader wants to meet you.” The woman said.

“I refuse!” Kyle said with a fierce expression. He didn’t even seem to fear death as he bravely stared into the woman’s eyes.

“‘I’m afraid I can’t take no for an answer. This is the order from our deputy-head.” The woman stressed the word ‘deputy head’ with a rueful smile.

She too knew that the organization itself existed in name only. The titles such as head, and deputy-head lost all value.

Yet, the stubborn spirit in her refused to give up. So, here she was.

“Nope, I can die but I won—” Kyle’s roar was cut off by a soft but determined voice.

“It’s fine.” Maya poked her head from behind and nodded.

“Maya?!” Kyle turned back and gawked at her.

Maya raised her hand and revealed another comm. With a light swipe, the woman saw the file Maya sent her.

“Oh well, that was unexpected.” The woman covered her mouth and chuckled.

“They will ensure our safety.” Maya looked at Kyle’s questioning eyes and answered.

“And how are you sure? Have they brainwashed you?” Kyle’s brows knit together.

Maya shook her head bitterly and said. “I am sure because of the things I know but you don’t. Don’t worry, you will soon know it all.”

“What are you talking about?” Kyle was only getting more confused.

“Since she was the one who asked you to be brought over, perhaps, she thinks you’re ready.” Maya patted him lightly.

“Alright guys, get into the ship.” The woman said and showed them a sleek spaceship.

Kyle looked at Maya’s firm eyes and a premonition rose in his heart. With a sigh, he followed them in.


The trio’s spaceship broke the atmosphere and launched towards a special region.

Along with them, another spaceship also rose and headed in the same direction.


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