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Divine Path System – Chapter 504: Boo’s Life Insurance Bahasa Indonesia

“Huh? Master, what are you doing?” Boo exclaimed as it saw Varian jump on the asteroid and pick a few spare parts on the ground.

“I want to help you,” Varian said honestly and coughed. “I don’t know how to help though, but my six, no, seven powers can help you. So, tell me what to do.”

Boo was taken aback by Varian’s words. When he wasn’t training, Varian always ‘transferred’ his work to Boo. He’d rather avoid the ‘meaningless work if he could.

But he was offering to help voluntarily.

“…you are still injured,” Boo said slowly.

“So?” Varian raised a brow and said in a tone that allowed no refusal. “I want to help. Let’s get going.”

Boo opened its mouth but no words came out. In the end, it finally nodded with a smile.

“Good. Then master, use your telekinetic power to hold these at an angle of 35.6 degrees to the wall.” Boo said.

‘Wait, what?’ Varian opened his mouth and wanted to protest, but in the end, he forced a smile.

Well, just a bit difficult. He’d be fine…right?

“While you’re at it, apply the exact lightning to heat the metal to 1200 celsius.”

Varian’s smile stiffened and he wondered if he was treated like a humanoid thermometer.

“Oh, and once the wall starts cooling, use your water powers to—”

“Enough!” Varian cut off Boo and panted. “One by one please.”

Thus, the man and the ghost started one of the most bizarre repairs ever.

After a few hours of work, Varian collapsed on the asteroid as he blankly stared into space.

“Fuck…this is more exhausting than escaping from Julius.”

“Well, now Boo feels more complete, though Boo is still far from its peak.” Boo also collapsed beside him as it said in a complaining tone.

Varian spread his mind sense and carefully checked the ghost ship. He said in surprise. “Boo, you are really back to normal. I was really scared about your injuries. Thank heavens.”

“…” Boo fell silent causing Varian to turn to it. “Boo?”

“The injuries…the damage would’ve slowly killed Boo. Even if the ghost ship survived, Boo won’t. Thankfully, there were spare parts.” Boo said in a low voice.

“Were?” Varian caught the keyword. “Do you mean you don’t have anymore?”

Boo looked into his eyes and shook its head. “All are over. Minor injuries are fixable, but anything of this scale or even close will….it’ll be the end.”

Varian stared at Boo with a complicated expression. That was Boo’s life insurance. And it was gone, just like that.

“Haa~” He didn’t know why he was holding his breath, but the heavyweight on his chest told Varian that the news hit him harder than he thought.

“…Boo feels better now.” Boo smiled cheerfully before it frowned. “But Boo is really angry at that bast—Sover—”

“Bastard Sovereign, no need to respect that scum,” Varian said and wanted to pat Boo, but his sore arm proved to be too much of a challenge. In the end, he just smiled instead.

“Well…that bastard Sovereign, Boo wants to kill him.” Boo blinked innocently and said in a threatening tone.

Varian snickered. “Get in line. There’s me, Enigma, and Sia who want his head.”

“Woo…master, bully.” Boo looked at him with pitiful eyes.

“Cough cough.” Varian coughed and shifted the topic. “I confirmed that the emergency messages are sent, can you double-check?”

Boo squinted its eyes at him. For some reason, it felt that something was off. But it couldn’t point it out.

“Messages to Enigma, right? Hm…they’re received, no problem.”

“Oh, then I’m going in. We’ll meet them up once they’re done.” Varian said and teleported right into his bed.

Boo stared at the location he was laying down blankly before exclaiming. “You diverted the topic!”

*** *** ***

In Julius’ memory, Varian’s assassination was a recent event. After the solar banquet, he was informed that Eric talked to Varian about a girl called ‘Sia’ and after a bit of digging up, he learned that Varian and Sia were relatives.

While he didn’t understand how Varian was able to retain Sia’s memories after Kreo, Sovereign of Psychic Path, himself erased those memories, he convinced Kreo to kill Varian.

And according to the reports, when he was ‘assassinated’, his space shuttle was indeed destroyed and he died. But since the destruction was too much, not even his ashes remained.

“…But since he is the Dreamer, it makes sense that he escaped,” Julius muttered as he tapped his study table.

“Instead of cherishing his life, he tried to kidnap Thomas in my presence. Should I say he’s reckless, ignorant, or crazy?” Julius shook his head and stopped thinking any further.

Whatever Varian was, it didn’t matter now. He’s dead.

“The ghost ship should also be destroyed or…since they disappeared like CTF, they might have gone to demon abyss. That’s a sure way to being found by the abyssals. Damn! The technology will be used against us.” Julius clenched his fists.

“…Maybe the technology is shared with his close ones.” He narrowed his eyes and tapped his comm.

{Capture everyone related to Varian}

Julius was a ruthless man. He despised kindness to the bone. So, he had no qualms in his order.

As the de facto ruler of Earth, his influence was unimaginable. He got every bit of information available in a few minutes.

Since there was a possibility of getting the ghost ship’s technology, Julius personally supervised the mission.

Surprisingly, there were only five people on the list close to Varian.

[Sarah: Daughter of Evander]

[Kyle: Son of A Media Reporter]

[Maya: Daughter of the famous scientist Haru]

[Seth: Former instructor at defense academy. Currently missing, likely dead.]

[Gareth: Former Adventurer. Master of Leon Training Hall.]

“Sarah…” Julius’ eyes narrowed and he considered the possibility before shaking his head. Going head to head with Albert right now was too risky.

Seth was also ‘unavailable’.

“Kyle, Maya, and Gareth.” Julius tapped his comm and ordered. “I want them in five minutes.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Julius leaned back in his chair and patiently waited. While he did, he recalled Enigma’s escape and clenched his fists.

‘If you hadn’t taken away Sia, I’d have also gotten the talent boost like Charles. Damn you, bitch!’

‘But you’re truly in a pitiful position, aren’t you? Being chased like a street dog across the solar system.’

“Wait!” Julius suddenly exclaimed. “If ghost ship is with Varian, then how the hell was Enigma escaping the patrols all this time?”

The patrol ships, the level 9s, the pursuing teams—no spaceship could keep escaping from them.

Of course, except for their Sovereign-class space ships.

But Julius didn’t think any Sovereign would actually give them away. Not even Irene.

These spaceships were just too precious.

So, the only logical conclusion should be that Enigma was also using a ghost ship or something similar.

Julius’ chest heaved up and down as his breath turned ragged.

‘Dreamer must have given her that. So, maybe he also gave them to his close ones?’

Realizing just what he could get, Julius tapped his table impatiently while keeping an eye on the comm.


“Yes? Where are they?” Julius picked up the call before it could even ring properly and asked.

“…Sir, they are all missing.”



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