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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 99 Bahasa Indonesia

“I’m not using you or Zherthlsh, we are just helping each other,” Mykel said as he looked at Vixelleth. “We are just an ally as what Zherthlsh said,” he continued.

Vixelleth was still processing what Mykel whispered into her ear and it took her by a surprise.

“Just stick around if you don’t believe me, you’re free to observe since you’re smarter and brighter than Zherthlsh,” Mykel said as he walked back into the office. Vixelleth chuckled and followed him back to the office.

Mykel entered the office and the first thing he saw was Zherthlsh gently putting her finger under Agnez’s chin and looking down at her. “What are you doing?” he asked with a straight face.

“It seems that she’s not convinced about me being Lyneth’s bodyguard. Am I allowed to fight these guys just for once?” Zherthlsh asked with her eyebrows raised and a big smile on her face.

“No, I don’t want them to die since they’re mine and not yours,” Mykel answered immediately as he walked back to Lyneth’s side and sat down next to her.

It surprised them when Mykel said that and it made them curious about Zherthlsh and how strong she was.

“Since everyone is here, I want to inform you guys that the Demonic Cult is no longer fighting back,” Lyneth said. “Everything started to calm down last night so suddenly but the governments couldn’t find them as if they disappeared with the night sky,” she continued.

“I wonder who’s the leader of the Demonic Cult because he or she managed to organize an attack and disappear unnoticed,” Rozan said as he leaned on the wall and rubbed his chin. “But we have to find them or something like this will happen again,” he continued.

“But those people are still hunting them down though,” Agnez said.

“Your Benefactor didn’t ask you to hunt them down, Agnez?” Rozan asked.

Agnez’s Benefactor was Keres, Goddess of Violent Death who was hungry for blood and death. Keres was actually one of Nyx’s daughters and she was actually one of them but Gunnar and the others didn’t know about it since they kept their Benefactor a secret from each other.

With Mykel’s influence, the Gods and Goddesses specifically didn’t target Agnez. They knew it was pointless to hunt her down since it would be a waste of time and life.

“No, I’m not interested,” Agnez answered casually.

“That’s weird, I thought you would get excited since hunting them down will get you plenty of Arcana Coins,” Gunnar said as he shrugged his mouth.

“Well, it’s none of your business,” Agnez replied as she stared at Gunnar.

Mykel looked at a notification from Hera, she was waiting in Niflheim with the others.

“I have a matter to take care of, I will be away for a while,” Mykel said as he looked at Lyneth then he stood up and left the office.

Mykel entered the hall and saw hundreds of Gods and Goddesses waiting for him. They all looked at him while they were raising their grail of wine, they were all cheering for him. He looked around and saw new faces in the hall, some of them were wary of him but it wouldn’t be a problem once he gave them enough Arcana Coins.

“Your plan went smoothly, Mykel,” Loki appeared next to Mykel and walked next to him. “Your plan on bringing Vixelleth into your world was magnificent! All the Gods and Goddesses were so happy when she killed Nyx, Hades, and Thanatos recipients,” he continued and chuckled mischievously.

“Using both sides to fight each other, you’re really good at scheming, huh?” Dionysus asked while he sat on the stone chair and smiled at Mykel.

“And I can see you’re enjoying it as well,” Mykel answered with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, I’m always enjoying my time but this time everything tastes so sweet!” Dionysus replied and started laughing while drinking his wine.

Mykel stood in front of them and looked at the new group of Gods and Goddesses on the corner of the hall.

“I see some of them are from the Tower and Death Arcana faction, what are they doing here?” Mykel asked and everyone immediately pointed their gazes at them. It was enough to make them lower their heads in guilt.

Hera stood next to Mykel. “They’re no longer from those two factions, they’re joining my faction and Loki’s faction. They have nothing left and nowhere to go,” she answered with her arms crossed and stared at them.

“What pitiful Gods and Goddesses you all are,” Mykel said and it was enough to make everyone bursted out laughing. “Since I’m feeling generous right now, I will give you some Arcana Coins to start over, but of course, you need to prove it first. Whether I will give you the Arcana Coins or not it depends on Hera and Loki’s judgment,” he continued.

Hera and Loki smiled as they stared at those Gods and Goddesses.

Dionysus walked to the front with a red face because he had been drinking with the wealth he got from Mykel. “Mykel, we have followed your request and everything went smoothly as Loki said, don’t you think we deserve a reward?” he asked with a smile on his face.

Mykel smiled and put his hand on Dionysus. “Of course, don’t worry,” he said.

“I have given you the Arcana Coins, distribute the coins to them,” Mykel said as he looked at Hera and Loki.

Hera and Loki’s eyes were wide open when they saw five billion Arcana Coins sent to each of them.

“Don’t stare at it too much, give them Five million each and you can have the rest,” Mykel whispered to them.

Dionysus and the other Gods and Goddesses looked at the notification and their smiles and laughter disappeared. Five million Arcana Coins to each one of them and they looked at it with disbelief, nothing could comprehend not even the exciting days that they had all their lives.

“Five million Arcana Coins for everyone for doing great work,” Mykel said and those Gods and Goddesses who just joined the meeting were shocked when they heard the amount.

Dionysus dropped his grail and went to his knees as his whole body trembled. “Mykel, I want to serve you,” he said as he looked at up at Mykel.

In the world of Gods and Goddesses or Constellations, the wealthier they were, the higher their status. It was similar to Greek mythology, the more recognized they were as a god, the stronger they would become. In this case, five million Arcana Coins was enough to make them almost equal to Zeus and his brothers.

One by one the Gods and Goddesses stood up from their chairs and went to their knees. Mykel looked at them with a smile on his face while they looked at Mykel with admiration.

“What’s this? You guys want to serve me now?” Mykel asked while Hera and the others stood behind him with smiles on their faces. “It won’t be that easy because I want to see if you’re worthy enough,” he continued.

“What’s it that you want? I will give it to you right away!” Dionysus said as he was still on his knees.

“I want you guys to bring at least a hundred Gods and Goddesses here. Once you got a hundred of them, I will let you be like them,” Mykel said as he pointed his hands at Hera and the others.

Dionysus stood up and nodded with understanding. “A hundred? I can bring you a thousand of them! I will come back with more people with me!” he said and then left. The other Gods and Goddesses looked at each other and left immediately as well to bring more people.

Loki glanced at a God in the corner who tried to leave but then he teleported behind him. “You think I wouldn’t notice?” he asked as he chuckled.

Mykel and the others looked at Loki then he brought the God back to them. Mykel looked at the God on his knees and he didn’t know his name because he looked like a lesser God.

“I have my suspicion already and turns out I was right,” Loki said as he held his dagger on God’s neck.

“Who is he?” Mykel asked as he looked down.

“His name is, Dike,” A woman with dark silver hair said with black wings on her back and wearing black armor stood up from the corner of the hall. She was Agnez’s Benefactor, Keres.

Keres walked toward Mykel with her head high and proudly but the moment she stood in front of Mykel, she went on her knee and lowered her head. “I want to serve you, Mykel Alester,”

“Keres! You traitor!” Dike said as he glared at Keres.

Keres looked Dike in the eye with the sharp gaze of her bright blue eyes. “I never was your ally,” she answered.

Loki giggled mischievously. “Thanks to her I got a lot of information about you guys,”


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