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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 100 Bahasa Indonesia

Two days had passed since the second meeting, he didn’t know what happened to Dike because Loki was the one who took care of him. Loki was the only one who was good at that kind of stuff but Mykel looked at him as a double-edged sword that could hurt him as well.

Mykel told Hera and the others to not bother him for at least a month since he had to focus on clearing the towers up to the fifteenth floor. The next meeting will be held next month and he couldn’t wait to see how many of them would join him.

Lyneth stood next to Mykel in front of the Azazel tower because he promised to bring Kastor and the others to Helmga world. Zherthlsh and Vixelleth were standing behind Lyneth and they both were already a hot topic amongst people.

Kastor and the others arrived and they looked at Zherthlsh and Vixelleth, they were charmed by their presence alone even Kastor skipped a beat when he saw them from up close.

“They’re coming with us?” Kastor asked Lyneth as he looked at Zherthlsh and Vixelleth.

“No, since Mykel is here with me, they’re off from duty so they’re here just to see me leave,” Lyneth answered while Kastor and the others looked a bit disappointed.

Zherthlsh tilted her head and looked at Lyneth. “Take care, Lyneth, please inform us when you’re back,” she said with her soothing voice and enough to melt their hearts.

Lyneth nodded. “You guys can have some fun around,”

Both Zherthlsh and Vixelleth walked in between those people and they were looking up to cherish their beauty before they could no longer see them. Looking at how tall they were, they both looked like a supermodel and not to mention how tight their trousers and shirt were that they could see their body shape from all angles.

“Alright, come on,” Mykel said as he put out his cigarette.

Lyneth walked next to Mykel while the others walked behind him.

Mykel saw Asmond but he looked a bit depressed for some reason and he was curious about it. He planned on checking on him later and seeing what kind of complaint Asmond was going to share with him.

“Are you guys ready?” Mykel asked and all of them nodded their heads then he opened the door for them. “After you,” he said with a fake smile on his face.

Mykel entered the door with Lyneth and then he closed the door behind him.

“Welcome to Helmga world,” Mykel said while Kastor and the others were amazed by the beautiful world they were in.

A knight saw them entering the world, and he immediately grabbed a trumpet and blew it to inform the others. Mykel looked at the post that they created so they could tell if people from another world entered their world.

“I will bring you guys to the heroes of this world,” Mykel said as he walked to the front.

The Cavasi Kingdom had developed and stood tall like how a kingdom should be. The people were greeting Mykel with happiness, Kastor and the others looked at Mykel and were surprised that he could be nice to people.

“Welcome back Hero Mykel!” The knights greeted him and gave salutations to him the moment he entered the city.

“Please inform that I came and prepare a feast for these friends of mine,” Mykel said as he pointed his hand at Kastor and the others.

“Understood!” The knight said and rode the horse then went to the castle.

Euros welcomed Kastor and the others while Mykel stood outside the castle and saw the portal was still there. It made things easier for everyone to travel to the Jahne Kingdom since it would take a month to reach there by walking.

“Hero Mykel, the food is ready,” Euros said as he looked at the portal and saw Costrezeir and the others coming out from the portal.

Mykel and Lyneth joined with the others in the dining hall. Costrezeir and Phirzia entered the dining hall and the moment they saw Mykel, they both ran toward him wreathed in smiles. Lyneth was standing next to Mykel and looked at those two fit women that looked a bit older than her talking with him.

“Is this the lady that you mentioned, Hero Mykel?” Costrezeir asked as she looked at Lyneth.

Mykel nodded his head and those two immediately went on their knees and it surprised the others.

“Lady Lyneth, we offer our loyalty to you,” Costrezeir and Phirzia said at the same time.

Lyneth was flustered and didn’t know what to do, she looked at Mykel and he just nodded his head.

“Yes, I gladly accept,” Lyneth answered and they both immediately stood up wreathed in smiles.

Kastor and the others realized how hard it should be to save the world if they even offered their loyalty to Lyneth who was just Mykel’s partner. They noticed that Mykel had been treated like a king who stood above these people and was a bit jealous about it because it could be them if only they were strong enough.

They all enjoyed the feast while Mykel looked at the foods on the table that used to be empty with nothing but dust.

Rinon whispered something into Euros’ ear, he nodded with understanding and then stood up. “May I have your attention, heroes from another world?” Euros asked.

All of them went quiet and looked at him.

“Hero Mykel, may I? I think it is the right time to speak about this in front of the other heroes,” Euros asked as he looked at Mykel who was holding his cigarette.

“Go ahead,” Mykel replied as he nodded his head.

“There’s also another matter that we would like to discuss privately,” Euros said.

Mykel nodded his head with understanding.

Euros explained to Kastor and the others about the truth inside of the demon tower. He explained the reason why a world could end up inside a tower, Kastor and the others were shocked when they heard when a world fell to the demon it would become a part of the tower.

It made them conscious of how dire their situation was since they had experienced it themselves and how hard it was to deal with the breakout. Knowing that the people from Helmga fought for decades and how they suffered from it was so devastating to hear.

“While you guys are trying to survive in the trial, people like Euros and the others suffered from their loss and tried to survive on their own in other worlds,” Mykel said and looked at everyone in the room.

“Do you still think a group of people like me and my team would be strong enough to handle everything? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself to think that everything would be fine as long as you guys have me?” Mykel asked as he stared at Kastor.

“Look at yourself, you all enjoyed the feast like it was nothing to you. Look at how Euros and the other heroes don’t even finish their food so they can save it for later because they’re still reserving food so everyone else can eat,” Mykel said as he pointed at the empty plates on the table while Mykel only drank a glass of wine.

Mykel stood up and everyone looked at him resting his fists on the table while he stared at Kastor.

“Kastor, I want to hear your excuses why can’t you be useful as an Awakener?” Mykel asked. “Say it and say the excuses in front of the heroes in front of you,” he continued with a serious expression.

Everyone lowered their heads and felt ashamed of themselves.

“Anyone who can give me an excuse? Caesar? Asmond? Enma?” Mykel asked as he looked at them. “You came to their world, did nothing, but ate everything. Do you think that I brought you guys here for vacation?” he continued and kept ashaming them to his heat’s content.

“Use your head for once,” Mykel said and everyone didn’t even dare to say a word back to him. Mykel scoffed and then looked at Euros as he nodded his head. Euros and the others left the dining hall with Mykel and Lyneth.

Mykel and the others went to the hall of heroes and they all looked a bit worried.

“Hero Mykel, a few days after you saved our world, we got a guest,” Euros said.

Mykel furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Euro. “A guest? You mean the demons?” he asked.

Euros shook his head. “No, a group of heroes came to our world, heroes from another world that isn’t from your world,” Euros answered. “They came here and were surprised when they heard our world has been saved by someone else. We didn’t know so many worlds are connected to each other so we were a bit skeptical about them at first until they told us about the tower and the trial,” he explained.

Mykel knew about that already since those worlds that cleared the trial would be ended up on the same eleventh floor.

“Where are they now?” Mykel asked.

“They went to the sixteenth floor right away,” Euros answered.

“Well, they’re going to die then,” Mykel replied so casually.


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