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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 98 Bahasa Indonesia

“Who’s that human and why is he standing next to you?” Vixelleth said as she extended her claws and glared at Mykel.

Vixelleth flew toward Mykel and it was enough to blow up the ground where she was standing. It was so fast that a naked eye couldn’t see her coming but Zherthlsh stopped her before Vixelleth could hurt Mykel with her sharp claws.

“Zherthlsh, what’s the meaning of this?” Vixelleth asked calmly with her expressionless face.

Zherthlsh held Vixelleth’s wrists and stood in front of Mykel. “He’s an ally,” she answered.

Vixelleth stared at Zherthlsh in the eye for quite a while and slowly lowered her hands and fold up her wings.

“He’s an ally? Who is he? A demon worshipper?” Vixelleth asked as she cracked her fingers and the claws slowly back to normal. “And what’s this? You have become a lot stronger than the last time I saw you, Zeth,” she continued as she looked at Zherthlsh from top to bottom.

Vixelleth was the older sister of Zherthlsh and it was mentioned in the original story. She was the only one who didn’t fight Asmond and let him meet Azrael on the 101st floor because of her disinterest in world domination and wanted to live peacefully on her own.

“He’s not really a demon worshipper and he’s not my servant as well, he’s just an ally,” Zherthlsh answered as she slowly removed her hands from Vixelleth’s wrists. “You must have heard about Mykel Alester from your father,” she continued as she looked at Mykel.

“So that’s Mykel Alester,” Vixelleth replied as she stared at Mykel dead in the eye. “Isn’t he one of our enemies?” she asked as she glanced at Zherthlsh.

“He is, but it’s better if you listen to his words first,” Zherthlsh said as she walked back and stood next to Mykel.

Vixelleth sniffed as squinted her eyes. “I can smell Godly power inside his body, is he a God?” she asked Zherthlsh.

Zherthlsh had no idea that Mykel was a Demi-God and the moment she heard it, she knew why she couldn’t win against him and fell for his trap. She looked at Mykel and felt betrayed although it wasn’t really his fault and it was her own ego that put her in that situation.

“Not really a God, I just stole their Godly power, that’s all,” Mykel answered and stared back at Vixelleth.

Vixelleth’s hatred toward the Gods and Goddess was off the roof and the reason behind it was because of those three. She already knew about the scheme of Nyx, Hades, and Thanatos for a very long time. She knew that those three were far more worst than a demon since they played with people’s fates for fun while those three also looked down at the demons.

That was the reason why Vixelleth let Asmond fight Azrael in exchange, she wanted Asmond to take down those three. She explained the situation to Asmond and his companions and it was enough to enrage Asmond and challenged Nyx in the future based on the original story.

“So you’re not one of them?” Vixelleth asked.

“No,” Mykel answered without hesitation.

Vixelleth stared at Zherthlsh from the corner of her eyes and looked at her expression. “I’m listening,”

Mykel approached Vixelleth so casually and whispered into her ears so the Constellations couldn’t hear them. They were so furious about his decision to bring another demon lord into his world so wanted to keep it secret and surprised them later on.

Vixelleth stared at Mykel from the coroner of her eyes as he kept whispering something into her ears. It was basically his offer to kill all the recipients that belong to Nyx, Hades, and Thanatos and it was enough to take her interest.

Mykel didn’t want Zherthlsh to handle it because he wanted to save it for Vixelleth and if bad things happened to her, at least Mykel still had Zherthlsh. He specifically wanted Vixelleth to hunt those Awakeners that belonged to those three.

“Are you interested?” Mykel asked as he leaned his head back and stared at Vixelleth.

Vixelleth only squinted her eyes and looked at Mykel judgingly because something was suspicious about him. Something that gave her a sense of danger if she didn’t accept it which was fine but she didn’t want to bother to find it out through battle so she rathered observe him to find out more about him.

“I believe that’s a yes?” Mykel asked with her eyebrow raised. “If so, I have a present for you,” he continued and looked at Zherthlsh.

Zherthlsh opened a portal next to her. “Come, sister, we have prepared a gift,” she said.

Vixelleth entered the portal and then followed by Mykel and Zherthlsh.

Vixelleth stopped and watched hundreds of people in a robe bowed their heads down at her. She wasn’t impressed by the welcome because she was never a fan of taking servants or underlings. She knew that Zherthlsh knew about it so she waited until Zherthlsh showed her the gift that they had both prepared.

“Bring those guys in,” Zherthlsh said with her hands rested on her waist.

A total of six people with their heads covered with sacks were being dragged into the middle. Mykel walked past them and stood in front of those people, he removed the sacks from their heads while Vixelleth stared at them without showing any expression.

“Do you smell it? Their scent?” Mykel asked as he stood next to those guys.

Vixelleth squinted her eyes as she walked forward and then she immediately smell the familiar scent that she hated the most. The scent of nights, ashes, and rotten flesh from those people, her pupils shrunk like a cat with her sinister smile that came out out of nowhere and enough to bring everyone who looked at it tremble in fear.

Vixelleth grabbed one of them in the head and crushed it without hesitation. She started to giggle mischievously and laughed frantically as she slaughtered the rest of them with excitement.

“More… I want more…” Vixelleth said with her eyes wide open and her pupils shaken because of the thrill.

“I can give you more but I need you to work together with me,” Mykel said with his hands in his pockets.

Vixelleth immediately went back to her usual self and looked at Mykel. “What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not like what you think,” Mykel answered.

Vixelleth raised her eyebrow and stared at Mykel.

(The next day)

Lyneth looked at Mykel and Zherthlsh back and forth with confusion. “She’s your colleague? And you want her to be my bodyguard as well?” she asked as she looked at Vixelleth that sat in front of her.

Vixelleth used a human form who sat next to Zherthlsh and wore a navy blue long-sleeve shirt and navy blue trousers with her short purple hair and yellow eyes.

“Yes, her name is Vix,” Zherthlsh answered and nodded her head.

Vixelleth was wary of the artifact on Lyneth’s ring, she then glanced at Mykel and it was enough to give her a clue behind Mykel’s scheme.

“It’s nice to meet you, Miss Vix,” Lyneth said as she offered her hand for a handshake.

Vixelleth stared at Lyneth’s hand for a moment and then she grabbed Lyneth’s hand and shook it. She was a bit surprised that nothing happened to her even though she was prepared for something bad.

“Nice to meet you, Lyneth,” Vixelleth said without showing any expression.

Gunnar and the others entered Mykel’s office and then they were surprised when they saw Mykel, Lyneth, Zherthlsh, and Vixelleth sitting on the sofa.

“Are we bothering you right now, boss?” Gunnar asked quietly.

“No, you guys can come in, I want to introduce you guys to these two,” Mykel answered as he looked at them and pointed his hand at Zherthlsh and Vixelleth.

They all came in and Mykel explained everything to them that both Zherthlsh and Vixelleth were going to be Lyneth’s personal bodyguard. They were a bit surprised when they heard that both of them weren’t an Awakener.

“Are you sure you want to leave Miss Lyneth’s life with those two? Can you just find a bunch of Awakeners to protect her?” Agnez asked as she stared at Mykel with confusion.

“You think I made a wrong decision?” Mykel asked back and it was enough to make Agnez stop questioning him.

Both Zherthlsh and Vixelleth listened to their conversation about the current situation in the battle against the Demonic Cult. Vixelleth was paying attention to the details and she grasped the situation immediately.

Vixelleth suddenly stood up and stared at Mykel. “Come, I want to have a talk,” she said.

They both left the office and Vixelleth stared at Mykel. “You want to rule over your world by using Zherthlsh and me?”

“Do you think I would go to this extent just so I can rule this world?” Mykel asked back.

Vixelleth squinted her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows.

“I want to rule over the Gods and Goddesses,” Mykel whispered into Vixelleth’s ear.


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