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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 70 Bahasa Indonesia

“Kurgreo! What was that?! Was that coming from the south gate?” A purple short-haired woman with bright red eyes in black full plate armor asked with a rapier in each of her hands.

A light blue-haired guy with yellow eyes in silver full plate armor cut a demon in half. Kurgreo turned her head to look at the woman. “We have no time to think about what happened over there! We have our own problem to deal with, Phirzia!” he said as he pulled the giant sword from the ground with both of his hands.

“Kurgreo! Watch out!” Phirzia screamed at Kurgreo but it was already too late because a demon already smashed him from the back.

Phirzia ran as fast as she could before the demon could smash Kurgreo again which was strong enough to kill him. She threw the rapier in her right hand and stabbed the demon in the head, it wasn’t enough to kill it but good enough to get the demon’s attention.

Phirzia dodged all the demons and kept running toward the demon next to Kurgreo. She rolled over when the demon smashed the ground, then she pulled herself up onto the demon’s arm with her left hand and stabbed the demon in the eye and straight onto the demon’s brain.

“Kurgreo!” Phirzia called as she pulled the rapier that stuck in the demon’s head then jumped down and landed next to Kurgreo.

“Thanks,” Kurgreo said as he tried to reach for Phirzia’s hand.

“Thank the Goddess,” Phirzia said as she sighed with relief and pulled Kurgreo up. “Don’t die before me, my friend, I don’t want to cry over your dead body,” she continued as she checked on Kurgreo’s armor.

“I can’t promise you that, Phirzia,” Kurgreo replied as he smiled and groaned in pain. “I think I broke my shoulder, I can’t hold my weapon like this,” he continued as he looked at Phirzia.

“Take mine, it weighs nothing for you,” Phirzia said as she offered the rapier.

“I never thought I would be wielding a sword this small into war,” Kurgreo replied as he chuckled and grabbed the rapier. “Let’s die trying, Phirzia,” he said as he patted Phirzia’s back.

“Of course, my friend,” Phirzia said and they both charged to the battle and helped the other knights.

Phirzia and Kurgreo fought side by side and protected each other’s backs. As time passed by, they ended up in a situation where they couldn’t escape, and they already knew sooner or later the west gate was going to be taken by the demons.

“I hate to admit but your sword is amazing, Phirzia,” Kurgreo said as he chuckled and looked at the rapier in his hand. “It’s a shame that I experienced it just now, but I have no regret now,” he continued as he tightened the grip on the handle.

“Thank you, my friend,” Phirzia said with a bit of a smile on her face.

“Sir Kurgreo! Madam Phirzia!” A knight called their names and he pointed at the distance.

Kurgreo and Phirzia squinted their eyes and saw a woman wearing black sunglasses, a leather sailor octagonal hat, a dark red military trench coat that she put over her shoulder, and a long sword on her waist. Next to her, a woman wore a black mask to cover her face wore a black leather jacket and black jeans.

“Who are those two?” Kurgreo asked as he watched Agnez and Lillith walked toward a horde of demons in front of them.

“I have no idea, but whoever they are, if they’re here to help us then we can say our gratitude to them later,” Phirzia answered as she wiped her sweat on her forehead.

“Do you think they can do that? I’m not being skeptical, but those two look so young and not to mention they don’t have any protection on them,” Kurgreo asked as he kept watching Agnez and Lillith.

Agnez unsheathed her sword and rubbed her blade on her own palm to smear the blade with her own blood. She got a new skill called [Blood Sword], a unique passive skill that she attained at the same time when she evolved her [Sword-Rookie] to [Sword-Master]. Her sword would become sharper and more durable if it was smeared with blood.

Agnez dashed forward and slashed her long sword at the demon and it cut its body so easily. She moved so swiftly as if she the demons weren’t trying to attack her and at the same time, Lillith dealt the final blow to the demons. They both advanced really fast that there were no demons left in front of them. Kurgreo, Phirzia, and all the knights could only watch with their eyes and mouth wide open.

Agnez stood in front of Kurgreo and Phirzia while Lillith was slaughtering the demons on the side with her daggers. “You’re Kurgreo and Phirzia?” she asked.

“Yes?” Phirzia answered as she nodded her head.

“Good, now go back to the castle and bring all the knights back with you, we will deal with the demons from here and out,” Agnez said as she looked at the injured knights behind them.

“Who are you people?” Kurgreo asked as he looked at the blood-stained sword in Agnez’s hand.

“We are what you called the Heroes from another world, now go and don’t waste my time,” Agnez answered as she looked at the demons that were advancing toward them from the north. Kurgreo and Phirzia nodded with understanding and then ordered all the knights to fall back to the castle.

Kurgreo and Phirzia looked back and watched Agnez and Lillith fighting the demons, and it was more like a massacre than a fight.

“Heroes from another world, we never thought the day has finally come,” Kurgreo said as Phirzia helped him walk.

“Yes, but don’t get your hope too high, my friend, we gave false hope to those people and they were waiting for us,” Phirzia replied as she looked at Kurgreo with guilt written all over her face.

“Have you seen how strong those two women are? Don’t you want to believe that our world can be saved?” Kurgreo asked as he groaned in pain.

“I do, but how can two people change the world? We went into the tower with thousands of other heroes, but none of them came back except us. At this moment, live or die it doesn’t matter to me anymore as long as I have tried my best,” Phirzia replied as she looked at the knights from the castle and went down to welcome them.

“One day, we will have a hero that will come and save us all from this hellish nightmare,” Kurgreo said and then he heard a loud banging sound come from the north side. “What was that?” he asked as he tried to stand straight but his shoulder prevented him from doing so.

Before Phirzia could answer his question, a wall of fire appeared from the east side of the kingdom was high enough to be seen from behind the castle. All of them were looking at the blazing flame, they were so confused about what happened around them.

“Phirzia! Kurgreo!” Euros shouted their names as he walked down and approached them. “We are saved!” he continued before they both could say anything.

“What’s happening? Was that the Heroes from another world’s doing?” Phirzia asked with her face full of wonder.

“You will know very soon, for now, their leader is waiting for all of us in the main hall,” Euros answered as he helped Phirzia carry Kurgreo up the stairs.

“The leader? How many that came to our world?” Kurgreo asked as he tilted his head and looked at Euros.

“There are only ten of them in total,” Euros answered with a huge smile on his face, both of them were dumbfounded when heard it. “I know! Those people are so strong they almost take over the whole kingdom as we speak!” he continued and started to chuckle with disbelief.

“I guess, it’s alright if we put our hope in their hands, right, Phirzia?” Kurgreo said as he turned his head to look at Phirzia with a huge smile on his face.

“Maybe you’re right, today could be the day, my friend,” Phirzia replied as she nodded her head and sighed with relief.

The three of them entered the castle and immediately went to the main hall to see the leader of the Heroes from another world. Once Kurgreo and Phrizia entered the hall, they saw Arvel and Rinon standing in front of Mykel with Edith standing next to him while Costrezeir was laying down on the sofa and still unconscious.

“Hero Mykel, these two are the last Heroes in our world,” Arvel said as he pointed his hand at Kurgreo and Phirzia that were behind Mykel.

Mykel turned around and looked at them, he slightly smiled and nodded his head. “We are here to save your world and I’m glad that we came at the right time,”


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