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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 71 Bahasa Indonesia

“Sir! We have taken all the gates and now the knights are repairing the damages to prevent the demons from coming!” A knight said as soon as he entered the hall with a huge smile on his face.

“What a word…” Kurgreo said as he covered his eyes with his hand, he didn’t want the others to see him tearing his eyes but he couldn’t hide his sniffle.

It was just silence in the hall other than Kurgreo’s sniffles, Edith could feel the emotion in the room and she couldn’t help but lowered her head and took a deep breath. Mykel looked at the hall and saw so many sofas and tables on the sides and only two of them were occupied.

Gunnar was the first one to come into the hall with Nagy and Jeanne, then Rozan with Vincze and Sven. Lastly, Agnez and Lillith came into the hall, Gunnar and the others were just standing there behind Mykel who stood in the middle of the hall.

Euros and the other heroes looked at each other and then nodded their heads. Euros was the first one to stand up then followed by the others. They all went down on their knee as they lowered their heads and stared at the floor. All the knights in the hall also went on their knees to show their gratitude for saving their lives and their world.

“Heroes from another world, we can only offer our pride and respect to you. Thank you for saving this useless world of ours,” Euros said with his trembling voice as if he was holding his tears from falling down to the floor.

Mykel walked toward them and crouched in front of Euros then put his hand on Euros’ pauldron. “Don’t lower your head if you don’t want to,” he said as he looked at the other heroes. “Stand up, because we aren’t done here,” he continued as he stood up and walked back to the group.

Euros and the others stood up and looked at Mykel and the others. “Heroes from another world, what else can we help you with?” Euros asked.

“As I said, we aren’t done here because we haven’t received a clear notification on our mission on this floor,” Mykel replied as he looked at the system that was still telling him to save Helmga. “There must be a reason to it, and that would be the demons are going to attack this kingdom again,” he explained as he looked at Euros and the others.

“That must be because the final horde isn’t here yet,” Rinon said as he looked at Euros and the others. “We experienced the same thing back then when we tried to save the other world. We saved them but we couldn’t proceed to the next floor until the hordes came and killed a lot of us,” he explained as he looked at Mykel.

“When exactly the final horde will come? Do you know?” Mykel pretended to ask.

“Three days based on our experience,” Kurgreo answered as he kept holding his shoulder.

“Three days?” Rozan asked with a surprised expression. “Then, that means we will be missing the joint team?” he looked at Mykel.

“Three days, we don’t have enough food for ourselves and Edith just gave one to that kid,” Mykel said as he looked at Gunnar and the others. “Can you survive without eating for three days?” he asked as he raised his eyebrow.

“We can give you food but that won’t be enough for all of you, Heroes from another world,” Phirzia said as she raised her hand.

“Don’t be stupid, that woman over there is going to need that food,” Mykel said and looked at Costrezeir that was still unconscious.

“Boss you survived a week without eating, sleeping and resting, and if you can do that, we should try and do the same,” Gunnar answered with his arms crossed.

“Then I will take your sandwich,” Rozan said as he walked toward Edith and asked for Gunnar’s sandwich. Gunnar just stared at him and had a bit of regret.

“What’s with those sofas? That’s a bit too much for these many people in the hall,” Agnez asked as she sat down on one of them.

“There used to be dozens of us here, twenty-nine to be exact. We used to be gathering here and planning everything in this place, and now there are only six of us left,” Euros answered as he looked at the sofas around the hall.

“Where’s our manner, let us introduce ourselves,” Kurgreo said and then they introduced themselves to Mykel and the others.

Euros ended up telling them about what happened to their world. All the chaos started when they couldn’t handle the third breakout and they took a huge toll on their forces. From there, there was nothing they could do and finally, they ended up where they were right now.

The first kingdom to fall was the Jahne Kingdom was at the center of the Helmga world and where the Azazel tower was at. The next one was the Peom Kingdom which was northeast of the Jahne Kingdom. The Cerlid Kingdom was in the south of Jahne Kingdom and quite far from it then lastly the Cavasi Kingdom which at the far west.

“As you can see that we have different colors on our armor,” Euros said as he pointed at their full plate armor. “The black one is a knight from the Cavasi Kingdom, the Silver one is from the Peom Kingdom, the light blue armor is from the Cerlid Kingdom, and lastly the gold armor is from the Jahne Kingdom,” he explained while Mykel and the others looked at their armor.

“Where’s the king of each kingdom?” Jeanne asked.

“We have no king, the people you saw outside and in here are the only people left in this world,” Arvel answered while he sharpened his sword.

“What about her? What happened to her?” Lillith asked as she pointed at Costrezeir.

“She…” Euros paused and then shook his head. “It’s not right to talk about her while she was unconscious. Let her answer it herself,” he said with a smile on his face.

Mykel looked at Costrezeir’s status screen and her level wasn’t even level 30, not to mention how few skills she had. She only possessed 10 skills and that includes a Benefactor exclusive skill, it looked so pitiful.

Costrezeir’s Benefactor skill was [Sacrifice] which allowed everyone within her surrounding to get Iphigenia’s blessing. It ignored all the status ailments and increase stamina and strength which wasn’t even worth using because of the side effects. It sacrificed the Costrezeir’s lifespan and each use cost a year of her life. Mykel checked Costrezeir’s character and it was written in her story that she only had a year and a half left even though she was still 29.

Everyone decided to rest in the guest chamber, Mykel was on his own in the king’s chamber since Euros insisted for him use it. He looked at his pack of cigarettes and there were only six of them left, he sighed and put it back in his pocket to save it for later.

Mykel heard a knock on the door and it was Jeanne. “What’s wrong?” he asked as he walked to the bed and removed his blazer and shirt.

“Can I sleep here with you tonight? I don’t like this kind of room and it gives me the creep,” Jeanne asked while she was still in front of the door.

Mykel furrowed his forehead with a bit of smirk on his face. “Come here,” he answered as he patted the bed. Jeanne smiled and nodded as she closed the door behind her quietly.

Three days had passed and they were standing in front of the castle while they were looking at the east side of the kingdom. They saw the knights gathering near the gate and prepared all the artillery on top of the walls.

Gunnar and the others looked tired because they had nothing to eat since yesterday. Mykel was a bit disappointed and decided to train them later once they cleared the eleventh floor.

“Let’s move,” Mykel said as he walked down the stairs and the others followed him from behind.

The moment they arrived at the east gate, they received a notification from the system.

[Demon Lord Tuzgolth has sent his army to attack the Cavasi Kingdom!]

[Protect the Cavasi Kingdom from the Demon Invasion!]

They weren’t the only ones who received the notification but Euros and the others also got the notification from the system. The dark clouds formed on the vast land outside the wall, they could see a portal opening in the distance. Demons were coming out from it and they all looked the same as the demon they had been fighting for the past three days.

“Men! Prepare for war!” Euros said as he raised his lance and all the knights were shouting weakly.

Costrezeir took a deep breath and stood in the middle of the crowds of knights and when she was about to bend her knee, Mykel put his hand on top of her head and it startled her.

Mykel glanced at her and smirked. “Don’t waste your life for this, save it so you can see your world free from the demons,”

Mykel grabbed the pack of his cigarettes but then it was empty, he sighed and stood outside the wall with Gunnar and the others. “Whoever got the most kill, I will reward you with an artifact,”

All of them looked so excited but then suddenly the whole demon army was burned into ashes. All the demons that just came out from the portal were immediately burned to death as well.

[You have cleared the eleventh floor!]

[The red portal to the twelfth floor is now open!]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]

“Nevermind, I need to buy a pack of cigarettes so let’s go back home,” Mykel said as he entered the blue portal and left everyone dumbfounded by what happened.


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