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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 69 Bahasa Indonesia

“Sir Euros! The demons have breached the south gate! What should we do?!” A knight with a full plate armor said as he ran into the throne room.

A silver-haired guy with a scar across his face and a blind right eye in black armor turned around and looked at the knight. “What about the west gate?” he asked with his raspy voice.

“The west gate is still safe, Sir! Sir Kurgreo and Madam Phirzia are defending the demons but we have lost so many people, Sir,” The knight answered as he caught his breath.

Euros nodded with understanding. “I understand, please bring all the injured into the castle, I will try and take the south gate with Rinon and Costrezeir,” he said and then left to another room.

“Costrezeir, we have lost the south gate again,” Euros said as he looked at a long blonde hair woman whose hair almost touched the floor in her silver armor and stared at the map on the table.

Costrezeir turned her head and looked at Euros with her bright blue eyes. “I see, let’s take it back,” she said as she grabbed her helmet and zweihander that leaned on the bookshelf.

“Where’s Rinon? Shouldn’t he be here with you?” Euros asked as he looked around.

“He’s out there,” Costrezeir replied as she nodded up and looked at the giant window way above Euros’ head.

Euros lifted his head and looked at a guy with black long hair in light blue light armor and a scarf around his neck. “We are going now?” Rinon asked as he looked down with his grey eyes.

“Yes, we are,” Euros replied and nodded his head.

Rinon jumped down and landed in front of Euros. “I’m good to go,”

The three of them left the castle and watched the wounded being treated by priests and priestesses. Euros looked in the distance, the south gate was surrounded by demons and the knights were battling for their lives as they tried to stop the demons from advancing to the castle.

“Men!” Euros shouted to the knights who were resting next to the pillars and on the stairs. He hesitated to move because there used to be hundreds of thousands of strong knights in front him, but now there were only hundreds of them.

All the knights stood up and looked at Euros. All of them looked exhausted, hungry, and thirsty but they responded to Euros’ call without hesitation. The three of them looked at the knights and they knew all of them were exhausted but there was no time to rest.

“Ready your weapons!” Euros shouted as he raised his shield and lance. “We will help our brothers and sisters at the south gate! March!” he shouted again as he walked down the stairs.

Costrezeir looked back and the knights barely had any energy left to run but they were forcing themselves so they could come to aid their friends. “Save your energy, your battle isn’t even started yet,” she said as she kept staring at them.

When they were close to helping the knights in the south gate, Costrezeir walked to the front and then turned around. She looked at Euros and Rinon, they both closed their eyes as they nodded their heads.

Costrezeir held her zweihander with both hands as she closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and all the knights closed their eyes as they lowered their heads.

“Oh, Goddess of mine…” Costrezeir said as she stabbed her sword on the ground and went on her knee. “I offer thee my life for greatness… Oh Goddess of mine,” she continued as she held her sword so tightly.

A light showered everyone around her and their tiredness, hungriness, and thirstiness disappeared immediately. Euros lifted his lance and screamed his lungs out as he charged at the demons. Rinon and the knights followed him to the battlefield while Costrezeir was still on her knee and suffered from immense pain.

Euros screamed as he thrust his lance at the demon but he wasn’t strong enough to kill it. Rinon jumped over Euros as he unsheathed his daggers on his forearms then stabbed the demon on the head.

“Euros! Rinon! Thank God you came at the right moment!” A long golden-haired guy with gold eyes in golden armor yelled with a smile on his face.

“Don’t waste your breath on talking, Arvel! We are in the middle of the endless war!” Euros said as he bashed a demon with his shield.

Costrezeir couldn’t lift her body, not even a muscle and all she could do was listen to the sound of the battle behind her. She gritted her teeth as she tried to stand up but ended up falling to the ground and losing consciousness.

After an hour of battling the demons on the south gate, Costrezeir’s blessing ran out and all the knights immediately fell to their knees. The lucky ones could stand up and fight again but the unlucky ones died by the demon’s hand.

“Euros, we have no chance this time. We have to let it go so we can defend the castle before we lose more lives,” Rinon said as he jumped onto the demon’s back and then slit its throat.

“Costrezeir is unconscious, we have to fall back,” Arvel said as he looked at Euros. “Come on, Euros, we have no time to waste, give the orders!” he continued as he tried to hold off the demons.

Before Euros could make the order, the ground shook so badly that everyone fell down to the ground including the demons. The walls crumbled and a loud scream could be heard from the outside, all the demons immediately jumped and climbed the wall to where the scream was coming from.

“What was that?” Euros asked while he was still in shock.

“Wow, there are so many of them, huh?” Vincze stabbed the demon in the head and then kicked it away from him. “We are not even that close to the Cavasi Kingdom and already welcomed by this many,” he continued as he dodged the attacks of another demon.

“Stop talking, you whine a lot and it’s really annoying,” Agnez said while busy handling a dozen of them on her own. “It seems that they’re struggling in there as well,” she said as she looked at the gate and heard the screams and growls from behind it.

Suddenly Mykel ran past them and it was enough to shock them all since he never made such a move like that. They saw Mykel jump high in the air and then landed on the ground while punching the ground as hard as he could. The ground shook and the shockwave was enough to put everyone fell on their back and the wall crumbled.

“What the?! Mykel?!” Agnez asked as she stared at Mykel with a shocked expression.

“Would you rather fight the demons one by one, or kill them all at the same time?” Mykel said and immediately growls and screeches could be heard from behind the walls. “Call them all. Gunnar,” he said to Gunnar.

Gunnar screamed and provoked all the demons that heard his scream. He banged the shield with his axe and readied his stance while he looked at the demons coming out from behind the wall.

“It’s party time!” Sven said as he swung his scythe around.

Euros and the others were listening to the growls of the demons for a whole minute but then they suddenly stopped. They all approached the gate and looked at the gap in between the gate, they saw all the demons laying on the ground dead.

“Who are those people?” A knight asked as he watch Mykel and the others walked toward the gate.

“Euros, these people, could it be?” Rinon asked as he looked at Mykel.

“Yes, they’re the Heroes from another world. Our prayers are answered,” Euros replied with a smile on his face. “Open the gate!” he shouted as he looked at the knights.

Mykel and the others watched the gate opening so slowly. Euros and the other Heroes were standing in front of the gate and were ready to welcome them.

“Heroes from another world, we have been waiting, and thank you for saving us,” Euros said while the others were looking at the dead bodies of the demons on the road behind Mykel.

“We have heard everything from them, and we came as soon as we heard that you all are in danger,” Mykel said as he pointed at Zulok and the rest of the villagers that were hiding behind the dried bushes.

“We owe you our lives, Heroes from another world,” Euros said as he put his right hand on his chest. “I’m sorry for my rudeness, but we are still in the war with the demons and we have nothing to offer,” he continued as he looked at every one of them.

“No need for the hospitality, we are here to kill the demons,” Mykel said as he walked past Euros and the others.

The knights were smiling and thrilled when they heard Mykel’s words. He looked at the inside of the kingdom and the only building that still looked good was the castle while the rest had become ruins and the debris was everywhere.

“Tell us the situation in here,” Mykel asked as he looked at Costrezeir was being carried by the knights to the castle.

“The east and north side of the kingdom are filled with demons. The only safe place is the castle right now,” Euros answered as he pointed at the castle.

“You hear that? Go and kill all the demons,” Mykel said as he stared at Gunnar and the others from the corner of his eyes. All of them smiled and nodded with understanding then went their separate ways.


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