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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 373: 372: The Seat Is Mine. Bahasa Indonesia

“Is this where all the Constellations gathered?” Luciel asked as she looked at how massive the Hall of Arcana was. Her voice echoed throughout the hall since it was empty and nobody could go there since it needed the system’s invitation.

“Yes, and that seat will be yours,” Mykel said as he pointed at the Devil Arcana’s seat on the Heptagon table.

Luciel looked at the seat and immediately approached it. She was curious about the seat that her father used to sit on, and realized the seat was barely used compared to the others. She wanted to sit on it, but she refused and waited until the time came.

“Where are they? I don’t see anyone here but us,” Luciel looked at Mykel with a confused look.

“The process isn’t that simple. You need at least half of the head of the Major Arcana to request the system to gather in the Hall of Arcana,” Mykel answered.

“Are you going to talk to them and persuade them?” Luciel asked.

Mykel scoffed as he smirked. “Persuade them? I guess you don’t know much about my position in the Constellations,” Mykel said as he leaned against the table. “I own them,” Mykel continued, and then a notification appeared.

[The Major Arcanas have requested the system]

[All the Constellations will be teleported to the Hall of Arcana, Temple of Triumph in 10 Min 00 Sec]

“How? You said that you’re not a part of the Major Arcana?” Luciel was so confused as she stared at the notification.

“Even though I’m just an ordinary God and not a part of any Major Arcana. I have the potential to rule over them, and I use that opportunity to take them on my side,” Mykel answered.

“Just like any king, they don’t have an absolute power to rule over the kingdom he governs. There are lords that hold powers, just like you and the Demon Kings. If there’s someone who has the potential and more befitting to become a king, they would support that person and overthrow the late king,” Mykel explained.

“That’s not possible, knowing she’s the one who rules over everything since her power is absolute. In my case, the Demon Kings won’t be easily swayed by anything because of their loyalty to me,” Luciel replied.

“Those two are exactly why I can become like this, Luciel. She doesn’t have absolute power, she’s limited by the system, and second of all, none of the Gods, not even one of them are loyal to her. It’s like taking candy from a baby,” Mykel answered with a smirk.

Luciel stared at Mykel and realized how cunning and terrifying he actually was. She thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn things from him, and maybe she could handle the demon world and survive without any involvement from an outsider.

“We only have five minutes left before all the Gods get summoned to the Hall of Arcana. Why don’t you hide your appearance first? It wouldn’t be fun if they saw you as soon as they got here,” Mykel said with a smile.

Luciel raised her eyebrows and immediately smiled as she nodded her head in agreement. She turned herself into a black-haired woman down to her neck. She had blue eyes and it shocked Mykel when he saw Luciel in that slender and fragile body.

“(It wasn’t me,)” Lucifer said.

“Why?” Mykel asked and his gaze turned cold as he stared at Luciel.

“What do you mean? You said that I have to hide my appearance. This is what came to my mind,” Luciel answered.

Mykel looked away with a restless expression which made Lucile so confused. She wanted to know why it mattered and why it bothered him so much. When she was about to open her mouth, Mykel walked away and told her to wait in the spectator seat of the Devil’s Arcana Faction.

“(It’s not a coincidence since Luciel was created by her, in the story. It’s just her unconsciousness, or maybe there’s something else that she didn’t tell you about when she created Luciel. You have never really paid any attention to her creations. right? You should be able to find the hidden features that she put in her characters,)” Lucifer said.

“(Enough. I don’t want to talk about this matter,)” Mykel said as he closed his eyes and couldn’t erase the image of Nasha from his head. Luciel looked exactly like her. She even had a beauty mark right next to her left eye, and it brought back all the uncomfortable feelings in his chest.

Mykel took a deep breath as he flew to the spectator seat where Luciel was at. He didn’t have the heart to sit next to her, so he sat in the seat in front of her. Luciel wanted to ask, but the aura around him made her hesitate, and decided to stay quiet because the gate to the Hall of Arcana was slowly opening as well.

“Look at all of them carefully, Luciel,” Mykel said as he watched all the Gods fly to their own seats. “More than half of them are mine. If I order them to attack the other factions, they won’t hesitate and will start waging war with the other Gods,” Mykel continued.

Luciel looked at them thoroughly and could see a bunch of them were powerful enough to kill the Demon Kings on their own. She realized that she had to work hard and gain their recognition like what Beldathiel said.

“So they’re all loyal to you?” Luciel asked.

“Yes, their loyalty came from fear,” Mykel answered. “Look, those are heads of all the Major Arcanas,” Mykel said as he stared at the Heptagon.

Mykel introduced all of them to Luciel, and she carved their names and faces in her head. She then looked at Nyx, and she could tell that Nyx was being so restless since she didn’t want to be there in the hall. Unfortunately, if more than half had voted, the rest couldn’t do anything but accept the invitation.

Hera stood up and cleared her throat with her eyes closed.

“I believe everyone here already knows why we are bringing everyone here. It’s the fact that Lucifer has stepped down from his position in the Devil Arcana faction,” Hera said as she pointed at the empty seat.

“Where is he?” Nyx asked with her arms crossed. “Where’s Mykel Alester?!” Nyx shouted, and her voice echoed throughout the hall.

“What business do you have with me?” Mykel asked as he landed from his seat. “Looking at you so frustrated is quite a sight,” Mykel smiled as he walked toward the Heptagon.

Nyx stood up and glared at Mykel as she gritted her teeth to hold down her anger. She really wanted to fight him, but knowing where she was, it would only bring her trouble.

“You killed him, didn’t you?” Nyx asked in her trembling voice.

“I did, I melted his existence and it was so pleasing to my ear when I heard him screaming in pain,” Mykel answered as he chuckled. “You should have seen the face he made,” Mykel smiled and stared Nyx in the eye. She was trying so hard to not attack him.

“You finally got what you wanted, huh? That seat. You have been targeting that seat since the first time you came here,” Nyx asked as she pointed at the Devil Arcana seat.

Suddenly a snickering could be heard from the table. They all looked at each other until they realized it was Loki who was snickering. He couldn’t hold his laughter and burst into laughter as he covered his mouth.

“How funny. I never thought you would be this innocent and naive, Nyx,” Loki cleared his throat.

Nyx looked perplexed as she stared at Loki. Loki who had been showing off his seducing and cunning beautiful face turned his whole body into that of a remarkable and dignified woman. Still, his personality was the same as always, but he somehow looked so different.

“There’s nobody else that fit to be the new head of the Devil Arcana faction other than his own daughter, no?” Mykel said as he rested his left elbow on the headrest of the seat.

“What are you talking about?” Nyx asked with her eyes wide open.

Luciel showed her true self and flew up high in the middle of the hall. She showed the wings and how the wings radiated even more power than Lucifer. They couldn’t believe what they saw, and at that moment, it was enough to terrify half of the Gods in the hall.

Luciel landed right next to Mykel and immediately walked around the seat, and sat down. She crossed her arms and legs as she stared at all of them with hateful expressions.

“I have all the right to fill the empty seat that my father left,” Luciel said. “This seat is mine. Whoever wants to take it from me, you can try,” Luciel said with a menacing look.


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