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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 374: 373: All Seats Are Occupied. Bahasa Indonesia

The hall went quiet as they still couldn’t believe that Luciel, a Demon Lord who didn’t have anything and was so insignificant suddenly became a Constellation. Their eyes were focused on her, and not a single word came out of their mouths.

“Do you think it would be that easy?” Nyx asked with a smug on her face. “Just because you became a part of the Constellations doesn’t mean you can just get in here and do as you please. We have rules here, child,” Nyx said with her arms crossed and looked at Luciel with disgust.

Luciel scoffed and immediately stood up and choked Nyx on the neck so hard that the veins on Nyx’s neck started popping. Nyx tried to remove Luciel’s right hand from her neck, but to her surprise, she couldn’t even move it at all.

Everyone was surprised that Nyx was struggling, but then Mykel grabbed Luciel’s hand. She glanced at Mykel for a second and then removed her hand from Nyx.

“What makes you think she doesn’t mean the requirement to become a new head of the Devil Arcana?” Mykel asked as he kept holding Luciel’s hand.

“(There are rules in this hall, Luciel. Fighting in this hall will be punished by Mara. So don’t do anything so rashly, and keep your head cold because everyone here doesn’t like you,)” Mykel said as he kept looking at Nyx.

“Do you think I would bring her here unprepared? If you keep underestimating me, the only thing that awaits you is your doom. Just like your beloved Lucifer,” Mykel smirked.

Nyx clenched her fists as she glared at Mykel. She was about to snap, but then Hera cleared her throat which made Nyx snap back to reality and cleaned herself down.

“Does that mean her Authority is already level three?” Hera asked.

“Yes, she is,” Mykel answered as he removed his hand from Luciel’s hand. “So, she’s qualified to become a candidate for the new head of the Devil Arcana,” Mykel said as he walked away and glanced at the sky. He was wary of the space because he knew Mara wouldn’t let this opportunity be wasted on meeting him.

Hera, Athena, Ra, Astraea, Loki, Hel, Ares, Aphrodite, Skadi, Freyja, and Themis looked at Mykel with curiosity. They were wondering what he was planning, and why he didn’t say anything about Luciel, but they stayed quiet and kept observing him.

“(I thought you’re summoning us for that?)” Hera asked.

“(That as well, but since I can get this thing done as well, it’s better to fill the empty seat first,)” Mykel answered.

“That’s not possible, how could she level up Authority so fast?! You’re lying!” Nyx shouted.

“Again, you just underestimated me. I can do whatever I want and make the impossible possible, and that includes killing you and erasing your existence in an instant,” Mykel kept provoking Nyx as he stood right in front of her, ready to take a hit.

The Gods in the spectator seats started to murmur. They were talking about how powerful Mykel had become and thought it wouldn’t be bad to take his side. They started to speak about the rumors that had been going on and believed those rumors might be true.

“Silence!” Nyx shouted.

The hall became quiet once more.

“There’s no need to prove it. Mykel told the truth,” Veritas said with her eyes closed. “She’s indeed qualified to become a new head of the Devil Arcana,” She continued as she opened her eyes and stared at Luciel without showing any expression.

“Let’s get this done and let’s not waste anyone’s time anymore,” Hera said as she looked at Nyx. “Is there anyone else that wants to bring a candidate to become a new head of the Devil Arcana?” Hera looked at everyone at the Heptagon table.

They all shook their heads without hesitation because nobody wanted that position in the first place. Luciel who was quite surprised that Mykel was right about there would be no one wanting the position made her feel that something was wrong with it.

“(How can you be so sure there’s no one want this position, Mykel?)” Luciel asked as she sat down.

“(Because whoever sits on that chair, they will have to deal with Mara. You will be observed by her, judged by her, and more importantly, she will make sure the game is running,)” Mykel answered.

“(I see,)” Luciel sounded like she wasn’t scared of it.

“(From now on. You can’t be moving freely, not even going down to Earth. You’ll be observing in The Empyrean and Gehenna Worlds,)” Mykel explained.

“(That’s fine since I don’t have anywhere that I want to go either,)” Luciel answered. “(As long as I play it carefully as you said, everyone should be fine,)” Luciel continued.

Mykel smirked as he nodded his head.

“Then, since there’s no more candidate that wants to fight for the seat. Luciel will be the new head of the Devil Arcana faction,” Hera said and pointed at Luciel.

The bright light struck Luciel from space, and everyone was shocked that she was indeed qualified. They started to think that if they were on Mykel’s side, they would be able to achieve an amazing feat like hers.

Nyx couldn’t believe it, or she didn’t want to accept that anyone would be qualified to replace Lucifer.

Luciel looked at the notification in front of her, and her role as the new head of the Devil Arcana. She read it thoroughly, and then Nyx stood up and took a deep breath.

“Since we already achieve what we came for, I will take my leave,” Nyx said as she opened a portal.

“Who said that it’s over? There’s another thing that I want to propose,” Mykel said as he blocked Nyx’s path.

“Move, I don’t want to listen to anything that comes out of your mouth,” Nyx said as she started Mykel furiously.

“I want to nominate myself as the head of the Judgement Arcana,” Mykel said as he looked up.

The atmosphere in the hall of Arcana suddenly became heavy, even Mykel was forced to lower his head. He didn’t know what had happened, and he was curious why it turned out like that.

He tried to lift his head but it was impossible, and then he looked at Nyx who was glaring at him in disbelief. It was the first time Mykel looked at Nyx terrified like that, and suddenly a loud trumpet could be heard from above.

It was loud, and it was terrifying. It was as if a doomsday had a warning, and it would sound like that. Then suddenly a notification appeared in front of them.

[The system has accepted [Mykel Alester’s] request]

[The 20th Arcana, Judgement heeds your call]

[The voting will begin shortly]

The portal that Nyx opened disappeared, and everyone was glued to their seats. Nyx looked around her, and she immediately went back to her seat because the system ordered her to.

The space turned black as the void cloud covered it. Not a single light could pass through the clouds. They all looked up and were terrified of what was about to come.

Something dove down from the clouds in a blink of an eye and landed at the Heptagon table. The whole hall was covered in a void cloud, and nobody could see or hear anything. It was similar to when Mara came down to meet him, and it appeared she was forced to join the vote by the system as well.

“Let’s start the vote,” Mara’s voice echoed throughout the hall.

[The voting begins now]

[All the Major Arcana will vote on whether [Mykel Alester] is qualified to become the head of the [Judgement] Arcana]

[Total of vote 0/21]

[Total of vote 12/21]

[Total of vote 21/21]

[The result have been confirmed]

[16 votes are in favor]

[5 votes are against it]

[The Major Arcana has chosen you as the head of the [Judgement] Arcana!]

[You have travelled through the darkest depths of your innermost being. You now greet Judgement, and you turn to the light of the entire universe

You ascend, and you are newly reborn. All that has been asleep inside you are awoken. All that was dead has been given new life

You are free from the bond of intellectual limitation and duality. You stand firmly in your divine path of the highest good. You are Judgement]

[[Judgement] skill has evolved!]

[[Judgement] skill has been turned into [Judgement Arcana]!]

[You have attained a new skill!]

[[Forgiveness] skill has been added to your skill!]

Before Mykel could read the description of the skills he got, the void clouds disappeared along with all the Gods. He slowly moved his eyes toward the cloud that covered the World Arcana seat and saw pale arms resting on the table.

“We finally meet again, Mykel Alester,” Mara said calmly as all the clouds that covered her body slowly disappeared.

“Do you miss me?” Mykel smiled as he sat down.

“Oh, I miss you so much,” Mara smiled back.


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