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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 372: 371: Took Them By A Surprise. Bahasa Indonesia

“Everything is about Fraternity these days. They really suck the topic dry, huh? Asmond this, Asmond that. How the hell he became so popular and strong so suddenly?” Sven asked and he sounded so jealous of him.

“I mean, to be fair, they cleared four twenty-fourth floors on their own. It’s really an amazing achievement. You can’t hate someone for achieving some feat like that,” Vincze sat down with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“I don’t hate them, it’s just-” Sven said.

“Jealous? What’s the difference? You hate Asmond because he got all the attention,” Lillith said as she walked out of her bedroom.

Sven was about to say something, but he kept his mouth shut since she wasn’t wrong.

“Anyway, are we really going to do this from now on?” Rozan asked as he looked at Manna staring at the city from the suite. She was fascinated by the technologies. “Bringing everyone into the tower? I’m not complaining, I’m just quite surprised and amazed that we all can do things together now,” Rozan looked at Brynhilde who was busy operating a smartphone next to Jeanne.

“Yes, because Luciel needs to reach level three Authority. If we snatch those four twenty-fifth floors from Asmond. It would be enough to raise her to level three based on Mykel’s words,” Agnez answered as she looked at the Dainsleif sword, or at least the shards of it. The sword shattered after the battle with Luciel.

“Snatching someone else’s hard work, sounds like we are being an asshole right now, but they’re not strong enough to kill the demon lords, so it’s ours anyway,” Rozan said as he stood up and grabbed his staff. “Should we go now? Mykel said that we should get going once we are prepared,” Rozan looked at Agnez and Jeanne.

(In the Fraternity building)

“Good work, boss,” Glen said as he stretched his arms and cracked his neck. “Do you want to spar? Since you’re done with work, right?” Glen asked as he walked next to Asmond who had just come out of his office.

“Sure. Let me change my attire first,” Asmond answered as he entered the lift with Glen. “Are the others in the gym right now?” Asmond unbuttoned the collar button as he loosened up his tie.

“Yes, everyone has been training and leveling up their skills. I think we should be able to clear the twenty-fifth floor soon,” Glen answered.

They both left the lift and walked to the lobby, but then someone was calling Asmond from the distance. It was Rufus, and he was pointing at his phone as he ran toward them.

“Boss… Agnez…” Rufus paused as he caught his breath. “Agnez, Jeanne, and the others just entered the Abaddon Tower! They said they’re going to clear the twenty-fifth floor!” Rufus continued.

“Is Mykel there with them? I can make a phone call and ask him to stop them from entering the tower,” Asmond asked as he grabbed his phone from his pocket.

“No, it’s just Agnez and the rest. If Mykel is there, I would have done it as soon as I heard it,” Rufus answered.

“What?! Why they didn’t say anything?!” Glen asked and he sounded so angry. “Boss, we should go and join them!” Glen glared at Asmond.

Asmond nodded in agreement, and he immediately informed his team to leave. The Abaddon Tower was only half an hour from they were, and it would be enough to catch up on Agnez and the others.

They hurriedly went to the Abaddon Tower, and as soon as they arrived, a notification appeared. Agnez and the others had defeated the servant of the Demon Lord, and they were all frozen still as they stared at the notification.

“Fucking bitch!” Glen shouted and startled the crowds near the tower. “Asmond, let’s go inside and ask them why they did that. We can’t just stay quiet and let this happen,” Glen pointed at the tower as he looked at Asmond.

“Let’s just wait here. We will see them once they go outside, so calm down,” Asmond said as he put his hand on Glen’s shoulder and shook it gently. “Let me call Mykel and ask if it was him who sent them into the tower,” Asmond grabbed his phone and immediately made a call.

The call was out of reach, and Asmond started to think that it was Mykel who sent them into the tower. He wanted to make sure and tried to call Lyneth, but her phone was out of reach as well. He then thought that they both might be on vacation together.

“It didn’t get through?” Roxanne asked.

“No, both Mykel and Miss Lyneth’s phones are out of reach,” Asmond answered.

“Then we should just wait here then and ask for some explanation from them,” Rufus said.

After thirty minutes of waiting, there were no sign of Agnez and the others at all. They were curious why they hadn’t come out of the tower, and why it took them so long. Glen couldn’t wait for another minute and decided to check, but then a notification appeared in front of them.

“What the fuck?! When did they leave?!” Glen was in disbelief when he saw Agnez and the others clearing the twenty-fifth floor of the Mahazael Tower. “What’s the meaning of this?!” Glen turned around to look at the other’s reaction.

Glen hurriedly ran back and approached Asmond. He suggested that they go to District 4 to the Beelzebub Tower since they also cleared the tower up to the twenty-fourth floor. Asmond didn’t hesitate and went straight to the airport.

“Asmond, do you trust me on this one?” Silas asked as they walked into the private jet.

“What is it?” Asmond asked.

“I don’t think we will be able to reach the Beelzebub Tower in time. So, why don’t we go to the Behemoth Tower instead? I believe they will be there after they cleared the Beelzebub Tower,” Silas explained as he looked at Asmond. “I just have a feeling they can teleport from one place to another,” Silas continued.

“Yes, let’s do that,” Asmond answered.

At first, Glen didn’t like the idea of letting Agnez and her team clear the Beelzebub Tower without them, but after Roxanne and the others agreed with Silas, he couldn’t do anything about it. Asmond then ordered the pilot to go to District 5 where the Behemoth Tower was at.

When they were close to District 5, Silas’ prediction was right. Agnez and the others cleared the Beelzebub Tower. They all were anxious and hoped they would make it in time, but since they flew from District 2, they still had fifteen to twenty minutes before they arrived in District 5.

“Do you think we will make it in time?” Arum asked as she sat on the edge of her seat.

“I don’t know, we can only sit tight and go as fast as we could once we landed,” Asmond answered as he looked outside the window and saw the city from the sky.

As soon as they landed, an SUV had been parked at the airport. They all jumped down from the plane and didn’t use the stairs. They entered the car and immediately drove to the Behemoth Tower.

Asmond looked at the time, and fifteen minutes had passed since Agnez cleared the Beelzebub Tower. They should have time since the Behemoth Tower was close to the airport and would take only ten minutes.

They ran into the towers as fast as they could, and it attracted the attention of the crowds who were waiting in line. They were curious why Asmond and his team were in a hurry.

They entered from the eleventh floor through the door and went straight to the fifteenth floor. It was just a vast desert, but luckily it was easy to get to the twenty-first floor from there.

The Qerth World was the world on the twenty-first floor. It was a normal medieval world with a bit of a fantasy touch where guilds and adventurers existed. Asmond asked the major of the city on the twenty-first floor. He asked about Agnez to him, and he indeed saw a big group of people just come ten minutes ago.

“A big group? How many people?” Asmond asked.

“Two hundred or even more,” The Major answered.

“What?! That many?! Did you see a woman with yellow hair and blue eyes? She had short hair, and have two swords on her waist,” Asmond asked hurriedly.

“Yes, she’s one of them. There’s a big guy holding a shield, and a woman with black hair who lead them at the front with the woman that you just described,” The Major answered.

“That’s them! Let’s go, Asmond!” Glen said as he ran to the portal.

They all went to the twenty-fourth floor and the people were staring at them with confusion since Asmond was running so fast. He didn’t realize he left the rest behind, but it didn’t matter since they would catch up on him. He then entered the portal and witnessed a Demon Lord being massacred by dragons.

He was too late because a notification appeared right in front of him.

“Agnez! Rozan! Gunnar! What’s the meaning of this?!” Asmond yelled in frustration.

They all turned around and looked at Asmond, but they didn’t show any expression to them. Asmond noticed some of those faces, Euros, Costrezeir, Manna, and the others. They weren’t supposed to be there because their worlds were inside the tower and they shouldn’t be able to move outside the tower.

“Thanks for clearing the floors for us,” Agnez smirked, and then they all left the tower, leaving the reward chests.

Asmond followed them to the portal, but when he teleported to the endless hallway, all of them disappeared.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Asmond asked in disbelief.

(In the Empyrean World)

“That’s fast,” Luciel said as she stared at the notification in front of her.

“You reached level three?” Mykel asked.

“Yes,” Luciel answered as she closed the screen. “What now?” Luciel looked at Mykel who was playing with Angra.

“What now? Now we should request the system. We are going to put you as the new head of the Devil Arcana,” Mykel answered. “There’s no turning back now,” Mykel looked at Luciel.

“I’m prepared for everything,” Luciel answered as she stood up from the throne. “Shall we?” Luciel asked with a smile.

Mykel scoffed and warped them to the Hall of Triumph.


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