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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 347 Bahasa Indonesia

Lucifer watched the situation in Aersland and he looked so pissed and furious. He then stood up and broke the throne with his forearm as he grunted. His eyes were dead serious as he breathed heavily.

“I should have known that you’re not going to let me have it that easily,” Lucifer said as he spread his wings. “But this is fine. Luciel is smart and anticipated it by bringing her sisters down there,” Lucifer continued as he walked out of the palace to get fresh air.

Lucifer protected the Empyrean World and made sure if there was anyone or anything that tried to enter his world, he would notice it.

“(Luciel, you don’t have a lot of time. Take care all of them at once,)” Lucifer spoke to Luciel telepathically.

“(Yes, father,)” Luciel answered.

(In the Aersland World)

Luciel was moving faster than the speed of sound, and every time she made a move, the explosion sound was enough to deafen Mazikeen. She wasn’t only fast but she was also strong enough to punch and kick Mazikeen’s gigantic body.

“Just because your bigger, that doesn’t make you stronger,” Luciel said as she dove down and kicked Mazikeen in the chest.

Mazikeen tried to flap her wings, but the force and the pressure of Luciel’s leg prevented her from flying. She was slowly getting pushed to the ground, and she couldn’t do anything at all.

“Everyone stay close!” Rozan yelled as he created multiple earth barriers, but then Shelly pressed all the earth barriers together as she tried to combine all the iron inside. The barrier turned into a solid iron wall and was in time before Mazikeen’s ginormous wing hit them.

“Master, you need to teach me that!” Rozan said as he watched the iron wall unscathed by Mazikeen’s wing.

“This isn’t the time for you to be amazed! We need to go and help Beldathiel and the others!” Shelly said as she started running.

“My God… How are we supposed to fight her if she can easily defeat Agnez like that?” Alberta asked with a worried expression.

“Don’t worry about her, she’ll be fine. We need to kill the demons and stop the breakout. If what Jeanne said was true that these Demon Princesses aren’t a part of the breakout, then killing the demons would stop this,” Rozan said.

Before the fight began, Jeanne told everyone about her battle against a Demon Lord during the second breakout. The demon in black armor, and she realized that Demon Lord wasn’t a part of the breakout since he left when Luciel came down to Earth.

That was only a theory, and everyone had no other choice but to try it since staying near Mazikeen and Luciel would only kill them. Knowing the strongest Demon Princess was busy fighting Mazikeen, they had a higher chance of survival if they joined Beldathiel and the others.

Luciel watched as Mazikeen turned to her normal demon form. She then looked at the mess around her but noticed that the city was empty.

“Your opponent is right in front of you!” Mazikeen flew toward Luciel with her claws ready.

Luciel turned her body and Mazikeen flew past her. “Warning your enemy is the stupidest thing to do,” Luciel said and then flew toward Mazikeen. “But since it’s you, I’m not surprised since you’re not the brightest of the rest of us,” Luciel swung her sword at Mazikeen dozens of times, but Mazikeen dodged them all.

They both tried to hit each other, but they were unable to land a single hit. Mazikeen knew the more distance she had from Luciel, it only gave Luciel the advantage. She tried to be as close as possible to Luciel and forced her to fight with punches and kicks.

Luciel never thought Mazikeen would be so smart, but then she remembered that the woman who owned that body was a swordsman. She was right because Agnez had been guiding Mazikeen on how to win against Luciel since she could feel it that they were stronger than her in terms of pure strength.

Slowly but surely, Mazikeen started to get used to her own speed, but at the same time, Luciel started to understand Mazikeen’s moves. They both kept fighting until Luciel closed the distance which took Mazikeen by surprise, and then grabbed Mazikeen by the neck.

“Thanks for bringing me into the city,” Luciel said and then threw Mazikeen to the ground.

The moment Mazikeen hit the ground, the ground sunk and created a giant crater that sucked all the buildings down. Luciel looked around the city, but then arrows were fired at her, but they didn’t pierce her skin.

“Pathetic,” Luciel flapped her wing at the walls where hundreds of archers were shooting their bows at her. The wind was so fierce and sharp that all the archers got sliced into pieces.

“Luciel!” Mazikeen yelled.

Luciel averted her gaze toward Mazikeen, and she scoffed as she descended to the ground. She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at the empty test tube bottles in Mazikeen’s hands, and suddenly Mazikeen dashed toward her with the speed of light which took her by surprise.

Mazikeen stabbed Luciel in the chest, and almost pierced through Luciel’s back. She kept pushing it, but it ended up throwing Luciel far away from the city. She didn’t let the opportunity go away, and so she flew toward Luciel and tried to do more damage.

Luciel tried to recover, but Mazikeen was already right in front of her. She tried to block whatever attack Mazikeen was going to do with her arms. Mazikeen kicked her as hard as she could and sent her flying again.

“How could she become that fast and strong in an instant,” Luciel asked herself as she flapped her wing and flew up high into the sky.

As Luciel flew up high beyond the clouds, she suddenly felt a presence right behind her. She turned around but it was already too late because Mazikeen had already grabbed her wing.

“Thanks for the tip earlier,” Mazikeen smirked, and then ripped the wing off Luciel’s back. She then grabbed Luciel by the neck, and it was the first time anyone grabbed Luciel by the neck. She felt so thrilled and superior at that moment, and then she threw Luciel down as hard as she could.

Luciel hit the ground and the whole world felt the impact, even Bryndel who was hundreds of miles away from the empire could feel the earth shaking.

Lucifer watched as Luciel got defeated and couldn’t believe it even though he looked with his own two eyes. He never thought, not even once that anyone could defeat Luciel, not even the Demon Kings.

“(Luciel, I have bestowed you a new ability. Close your eyes and feel it,)” Lucifer’s voice could be heard inside Luciel’s head.

Luciel closed her eyes and felt something inside her had been opened up. She could feel a tremendous amount of power running through her body and mind. She then opened her eyes and saw Mazikeen was about to stab her in the chest with her long claws.

Mazikeen felt something divine inside Luciel’s body, and it was similar to when she saw Lucifer. She then realized that Luciel’s eyes turned bright blue. Suddenly she felt like being sucked out by an unknown force.

Luciel stood up and felt something move on her back, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw a pair of translucent wings on her back. She looked surprised, and she wasn’t the only one who was surprised by that, Mazikeen didn’t know Luciel had a pair of wings.

Luciel knew what kind of power she possessed, and knew how to use it as if it belonged to her. She then stared at Mazikeen as she pulled out the sword from her ribs.

Mazikeen who knew that it was her only chance to defeat Luciel decided to fly toward Luciel with the speed of light. She then realized no matter how fast she flew, she couldn’t get close to Luciel at all. In fact, she was still in the same position as before.

“What’s this?! I can’t move no matter wherever I go!” Mazikeen said to herself.

Luciel lifted her sword up high in the air, and it made Mazikeen nervous. Mazikeen kept trying to fly up, down, left, right, front, and back, but no matter where she went, she ended up in the same position.

Luciel swung her sword and Mazikeen suddenly stood right in front of her. Luciel then cut Mazikeen’s body in half and watched her body fall to the ground.

Luciel looked at her left hand as she walked past Mazikeen’s body and didn’t bother to check since she knew Mazikeen had already died. She looked at the city, and she suddenly was sucked in and ended up in the city in an instant.

“So this is how it feels to manipulate the space,” Luciel said with a smirk.


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