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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 348 Bahasa Indonesia

Luciel walked into the city and saw thousands of knights standing in line to protect the city. When she took a step forward, her chest felt an immense amount of pain enough to bring her down to her knees.

The wings on her back disappeared, and she couldn’t move a muscle at all. The knights who saw it used the opportunity to attack her, but the moment they got close to her, they were petrified and trembled in fear because her presence alone was enough to scare them.

Luciel slowly regained her body, and immediately swung her sword at the thousands of knights in front of her. The projectile attack was enough to kill all of them in a single swoop. She then looked at the dead bodies and was curious how Lucifer would collect those souls, but then she remembered that those souls would end up in Gehenna or Empyrean.

“(Good work, Luciel. Unfortunately, the power that I bestowed is too powerful for you to handle. You shouldn’t be using it again unless it’s necessary,)” Lucifer’s voice could be heard inside her head.

“(Yes, father,)” Luciel answered as she still felt the pain in her chest.

“What the hell was that,” Mazikeen’s voice could be heard from behind.

Luciel slowly turned around and looked at Mazikeen in disbelief. Although she knew that Mykel could bring them back to life, she still couldn’t believe it.

“Asking your enemy what kind of power they possess? Are you really that stupid?” Luciel asked with a smug as she tightened her grip on her sword. “I don’t have time to talk, come if you want to die again,” Luciel said.

Mazikeen clenched her fists and then flew toward Luciel as Agnez activated [Harmony] and drew her Dainsleif sword.

Mazikeen and Luciel clashed in mid-air. Sparks flew as their weapons collided, and the shockwaves flattened the buildings below them. Agnez guided Mazikeen on how to fight with a sword to balance between the two, but it was clear they were outmatched to Luciel. Mazikeen tried her best to fight against Luciel, but eventually, Luciel’s overwhelming strength and power proved to be too much and Mazikeen was sent to the ground but didn’t show any sign of giving up.

(Near the Lucifer Tower)

“So, whose idea was it that we are safer over here? This place is worse than back there,” Gunnar asked as he looked at everyone.

Vixelleth was protecting herself with a water barrier while Beldathiel, Zherlthsh, and Glasya were dealing with their sisters. The area around the tower was either caught in flames, messed up by a strong hurricane, sunk into the ground, or destroyed by buildings that got stacked against each other.

“Wait, you guys are thinking the same as me, right?” Rozan said as he pointed his staff at those Demon Princesses and was ready to cast a spell when needed.

Jeanne and the others were petrified by the presence of all the Demon Princesses. Seeing all of them together and fighting each other was the scariest thing they would ever see in their entire lives.

“So, what now? We don’t see any demons other than those Demon Princesses. I don’t see ourselves joining their battle either,” Vincze said as he looked at how fierce and terrifying the battle was.

While they were thinking about what they should do, one of the princesses flew towards them and landed not far from them. “Be careful, humans, or you might get hurt,” She said as her veil covered her face.

Deviatris slowly turned her head toward them and slowly showed off her menacing smile. She had been watching the battle since the other sisters insisted on fighting those four to a one-on-one battle. Now that she found herself an enemy, she didn’t hesitate to play with them.

Knowing one of the Demon Princesses had set an eye on them, they couldn’t help but prepare themselves to fight.

“Do you think we can fight her?” Gunnar whispered to Jeanne.

“I don’t know, but we have no choice but to fight,” Jeanne answered as she watched Deviatris approaching them.

Deviatris lifted her left hand, and a giant tombstone was raised from the ground. The tombstone suddenly opened up like a gate, and it was a portal that connected two worlds. Dozens of demonic creatures came out of it. Dragons, Wyverns, Serpents, and even giant birds. Although all of them were decayed with only a few parts of their bodies remaining, they all looked so powerful.

Gunnar and Jeanne looked at each other, and they both knew that they had to fight these creatures. Everyone readied their stances and prepared for battle. They knew that this would be the fight of their lives, and they had to be cautious.

“Let me handle these demons,” Rozan said as he walked to the front. “Let me introduce you to my babies. Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo, come!!” Rozan activated [Beast Summoning] and five giant portals appeared right behind them.

Everyone turned around and saw five dragons fully grown fly out of the portals. They all flew right above Jeanne and the others, and immediately released fire, ice, wind, water, and lightning breath at those creatures.

“If she decided to fight us with her pets, we can do that as well,” Rozan smiled as he scoffed. “Kill them all!” Rozan shouted and commanded his dragons.

The dragons defeated Deviatris’s minions like it was nothing, and it shocked her because those minions were equal to at least the seventh or even the sixth Demon Lords. She started to get excited and decided to bring her favorite so-called pet into Aersland.

A creature flew in, covered in black cloth with four black dragon wings. The body was as big as Gunnar’s body, but the wings were ten times the size of its body. No matter how they all looked at it, they couldn’t see what was beneath the black cloth except the cold breath that it released and the glowing blue eyes from underneath.

The wings started to spark blue flashes of lightning, and it started to cover itself with the wings. The sparks got fiercer and fiercer until that pet spread its wings so widely and spread the bolts of lightning on the ground and up into the sky.

Rozan’s dragons were zapped by the lightning bolts, and it was enough to toast them and they fell to the ground unconscious. The pet’s wings dispersed the sparks, and the steam that came out of them started to catch on fire. When it tried to burn Rozan’s dragons into ashes, Rozan called them all and sent them away in time.

Gunnar and the others were frozen in fear as they watched the creature hover in the air, completely unfazed by the lightning bolts that were still spreading in the sky. It was clear now that they were facing something that was far beyond their understanding.

“We, play?” Deviatris asked as she tilted her head.

Everyone gulped nervously as they looked at Deviatris and her pet floating above her. Gerrard then walked to the front and stood right behind Jeanne.

“My crows saw the demons. They’re all inside the tower and it appears they’re ordered to not leave the tower. What should we do?” Gerrard asked.

Jeanne looked over her shoulder to look at Gerrard.

“Even if I want to kill those demons, we have three big problems in front of us. First, that creature will stop us if we decided to leave. Even if managed to run away from it, that Demon Princess will stop us. If we managed to escape from her, the last problem would be going into the tower unnoticed by the other Demon Princesses,” Jeanne answered as she looked at two other Demon Princesses who were chilling near the Lucifer Tower.

“I can take care of those problems for you guys,” Gerrard said confidently.

Jeanne furrowed her eyebrows as she watched Gerrard take a few steps back and activate the [Beast Summoning] skill.

Two portals opened and then a giant wolf and a giant crow came out of the portals. Not only just those two but there were also normal-sized wolves and crows flying out, dozens of them.

“I will take care of that Demon Princess, I will take you to the tower,” Gerrard said, and then whistled.

The giant crow flew toward Jeanne and grabbed her arms with its long talons. She was brought all the way up to the sky while Gerrard rode on the giant wolf with the wolves right behind him.

The pet looked at the giant crow, and when it was about to catch it, a lightning bolt struck right into its chest and pierced through the back. The pet was taken by surprise and then saw Shelly walk to the front with her staff and book in her hands.

“You will be my opponent,” Shelly said with a stern look on her face.

“I will help, Master,” Rozan said as he stood right behind her and held his staff with both hands.

Shelly nodded her head with understanding.

Gunnar raised his shield and axe as he stared at Deviatris.

“Do you think you can handle it, just the two of you?” Gunnar asked as he looked at Rozan.

“We both are more than enough, just handle that woman,” Shelly answered.

Gunnar nodded his head and then looked at everyone.

“Let’s try and defeat her. I know that she’s strong, but we have the number and hope that would be enough,” Gunnar said with a serious expression.

“We have defeated the army of Valkyries. This shouldn’t be that hard, right?” Sven asked as he rested his scythe on his shoulder. “We are trained for this, let’s show that woman what we are made of,”

“Humans, funny,” Deviatris said as she brought in more creatures from the tombstone. “I like,” Deviatris continued as she spread her broken and decayed wings, and then the creatures started charging toward them.


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